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The uk decorative diy market to 2016 - Reports Corner


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This report provides an in-depth examination of the UK retail market for decorative DIY covering market data, key retail players and consumer behavior.

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  • 1. Reports CornerThe UK Decorative DIY Market to 2016 RC
  • 2. Description This report provides an in-depth examination of the UK retail market for decorative DIY covering market data, key retail players and consumer Reports Corner
  • 3. Brief Summary Product Synopsis This report provides an in-depth examination of the UK retail market for decorative DIY covering market data, key retail players and consumer behavior. Introduction and Landscape Part of Conluminos home retail research programme, this report provides detailed and comprehensive insight into what consumers are buying across the decorative DIY category, what theyre spending, where theyre shopping and why. The report also reviews leading players in the market and assesses their future prospects. Strategic analysis helps you to understand what actions your business needs to take in the market to win over the next five Reports Corner
  • 4. Brief Summary Key Features and Benefits The report covers: Market values: We provide overall, sector, category and product market values to give you a detailed overview of market potential; current and historic values are included. Future forecasts: On a sector and category level we provide future forecasts over a five year timeframe; at product level we provide a directional forecast over a two year time window Market shares: Market shares for the leading retailers are included at category level. A future outlook is also provided for the main players to help you understand the future direction of market Reports Corner
  • 5. Brief Summary Retailer profiles: The leading retailers are profiled: critical metrics like store numbers, financials and, shares are provided along with an analysis of current strategy and future outlook. Consumer profiles: Statistics on whos shopping for what are provided; these give a clear view on the most important consumer segments and groups. Strategic dynamics: The overall dynamics of the decorative DIY category are provided; this gives an understanding of the drivers of demand both currently and over the next five Reports Corner
  • 6. Brief Summary Ideation and innovation: Using all data and analysis, we provide broad suggestions for winning strategies that successful businesses will need to employ in the decorative DIY market. Key Market Issues 1. Understand how the markets performing This report forecasts what the size of the decorative DIY market will be over the next few years and give an indication of the sources of growth. In todays turbulent market knowing where things are likely to go is essential for planning. 2. Explore the trends in the market The report is written and complied by experts in the retail market. Rather than just presenting a mass of raw data, this expertise ensures the report explains why certain trends and patterns exist. In turn this allows you to understand the context of the market which aids your own decision Reports Corner
  • 7. Brief Summary 3. See what actual consumers think about your brand The report contains analysis direct from the very people that shape demand: consumers. A whole range of consumer dynamics are included, explaining purchase triggers, brand and retailer preferences and conversions, and purchase considerations. In short they allow you to understand what people think about your brand or store. 4. Use the reports to shape strategy The reports just leave you hanging. They contain practical tips and advice on how to succeed in the market and are a source of ideas. The analysis and insight help you with planning, strategy and exercises such as repositioning or brand Reports Corner
  • 8. Brief Summary Key Highlights THE MARKET The more austere environment has benefitted some small domestic appliance sub-categories. With consumers spending a greater amount of time both dining and socializing at home, the look and feel of the home environment has become more important. Entertaining guests has created a house proud attitude among consumers which has been a boon to sales of cleaning appliances. The austere consumer has also cut back on using laundry services in a bid to tighten household costs. In turn consumers are seeking good quality irons as they do more laundry at Reports Corner
  • 9. Brief Summary THE CATEGORIES As a relatively cheap and easy way to refresh a home, paint (+2.8% in 2011) has proved the best performing category, with wallpaper (+1.0%) underperforming it but also fairly resilient. However, tiling (-3.5%) has been one of the weaker areas of decorative products, due to being viewed as a relatively permanent, expensive way of re-decorating. THE CONSUMER Unlike other areas of DIY, female shoppers outnumber males for many decorative products. As a softer, more aesthetic category, it is an area women shop more actively and feel more comfortable about. Decorating products also has a more even penetration across affluence levels than other areas of DIY, as it offers low budget options for updating and refreshing Reports Corner
  • 10. Brief Summary THE RETAILERS Retail sales of decorative products are dominated by the DIY sheds and BandQ leads the way with a 24.5% share in 2011. However, while these retailers will continue to dominate, as generalists with fairly mature offers they will see their share eroded by smaller, more focused Reports Corner
  • 11. Table of Contents 1. The market, 1.1 Headline summary, 1.2 Issues in the market, 1.3 Size and growth of the market, 1.4 Distribution channels, 2. Retailers, 2.1 Headline summary, 2.2 Shares for key retailers, 2.3 Position of retailers now and forecast, 2.4 Comparisons of key retail metrics, 2.5 Profiles of key retailers (Amazon, Argos, Comet, Dixons, John Lewis, Tesco), 3. The consumer, 3.1 Headline summary, 3.2 Who is shopping and what theyre buying, Reports Corner
  • 12. Table of Contents 3.3 Why theyre buying, 3.4 Where theyre buying from, 3.5 What brands theyre Reports Corner
  • 13. For more information For more information please visit our website 2016/ Reports Corner
  • 14. RC Thank You Contact us: Reports Corner