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GBI Research, a leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research, “Lubricants Industry to 2017 - Developing Markets Expected to Lead Future Demand Growth”. The study, provides an in-depth analysis of the Global Lubricant Industry and highlights the various concerns, shifting trends and concerns around the globe. The report provides forecasts for the Lubricant Industry to 2017.

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  • Indian Automotive & Industrial Lubricants Market : Presented by Saphire Blue Industries Pvt Ltd., Jaipur. ## Trend & Opportunities
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  • I am interested at your work. We are a petrochemical company, working in the GCC and North Africa, now we are moving to Egypt to start our new Lubricants oil factory from used oil. we are in the process of preparing a market study and business plan,
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Lubricants industry to 2017 developing markets expected to lead future demand growth - Reports Corner

  1. 1. RCReports CornerLubricants Industry to 2017 - Developing MarketsExpected to Lead Future Demand Growth
  2. 2. DescriptionDescriptionReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.comGBI Research, a leading business intelligence provider, hasreleased its latest research, “Lubricants Industry to 2017 -Developing Markets Expected to Lead Future Demand Growth”.The study, provides an in-depth analysis of the Global LubricantIndustry and highlights the various concerns, shifting trends andconcerns around the globe. The report provides forecasts for theLubricant Industry to 2017.
  3. 3. Brief SummaryBrief SummaryReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.comMatured Developed Lubricant Markets Move into Decline,Promising Outlook for Developing MarketsIn recent years, debthas meant that developed US and European economies havemoved into decline, while there is a promising outlook for thelubricants market in emerging economies in the regions of Asia-Pacific and Middle East and Africa in coming years. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for the largest share of global lubricantsdemand with 42% of the overall lubricants market in 2012. By2017, with the exception of Europe and North America, all regionsare expected to increase their global share, with the Asia-Pacificregion expected to account for 46%, while the Middle East andAfrica and South and Central America are expected to account forrespective shares of 11.6% and 8.9% of the global lubricantsmarket. Europe and North America are expected to account for16.7% of global lubricants demand each by 2017.
  4. 4. Brief SummaryBrief SummaryReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.comAsia-Pacific is Largest and Fastest Growing Regional LubricantsMarket The Asia-Pacific region is the largest and fastest growingregional lubricants market worldwide. The region accounted for ashare of almost 42% of the global lubricants market in 2012. Asia-Pacific is expected to register the highest growth of any regionworldwide, to reach 17 million tons by 2017. Other regions suchas Middle East and Africa and South and Central America are alsoexpected to contribute substantially to the growth of the globallubricants market by 2017. Increasing consumption in emergingeconomies such as China and India is no surprise to the industry.Foreign lubricant marketers, base stock manufacturers andadditive suppliers are establishing their operations in thesecountries, encouraged by the steady growth rate. Rebound ofMotor Vehicle Market Provides Welcome Boost for LubricantsIndustryMotor vehicles are one of the largest markets forlubricants.
  5. 5. Brief SummaryBrief SummaryReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.comIn 2012, motor vehicles accounted for almost 56% of globallubricants demand. The global automotive industry is now on thegrowth path after a setback caused by the financial crisis. Globalmotor vehicle sales, which dipped in 2008 and 2009 due to theeconomic crisis, re-gained momentum in 2009. The industry isnow actively pursuing innovative new technologies, productionand business techniques. According to the InternationalAssociation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), the totalnumber of global vehicle sales amounted to 81.7 million units in2012, increasing by approximately 5% over the previous year(OICA, 2013). Improvement in global vehicle sales figures can beidentified in every region, with the exception of Western Europe.Asia has recovered well compared to the West, which is reflectedin the growing automobile sales numbers in the region. WithinAsia, Thailand registered strong growth, when vehicle outputincreased by 70.3% over the previous year to reach 2.5 million
  6. 6. Brief SummaryBrief SummaryReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.comunits in 2012. Production activity also increased in the NorthAmerican market. With global vehicle production and salesactivity slowly gaining momentum, it is expected that this willprovide a welcome boost to the global lubricants industry incoming years.Shell Remains the Lubricant Market Leader for theYear 2012Shell Lubricants retained its position as the leadinglubricants supplier globally in 2012. The company accounts foraround 13% of the global market in terms of finished lubricantsales in 2012. The company manufactures and manages a widerange of products for automotive and industrial applications.Shell’s global presence, strong Research & Development (R&D)activities, strategic investments in blending plants, andrelationship with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) haveall contributed to the company’s leadership in the lubricantsmarket.
  7. 7. Brief SummaryBrief SummaryReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.comIn the recent past, Shell announced a number of strategicinvestment plans. Shell continues to invest in technology andpartnerships that support new product development andmaximize fuel efficiency, thereby benefiting customers.
  8. 8. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com1 Table of Contents1 Table of Contents 51.1 List of Tables 71.2 List of Figures 92 Introduction 103 Base Oil Market 113.1 Base Oil Fundamentals 113.2 Base Oil Categories 113.3 Base Oil Properties 123.4 Base Oil Production 133.5 Base Oil Market, Global, Capacity, 2012 143.6 Base Oil Market, Global, Capacity by Region, 2012 153.7 Base Oil Market, Global, Demand by API Group, 2005-2020 173.8 Base Oil Capacity, Major Players 183.9 Base Oil, Planned Capacity Additions 18
  9. 9. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com3.10 Base Oil Price Trends, 2012 213.10.1 Base Oil 150SN Free On Board Price Trends, Q1 2012-Q4 2012 213.10.2 Base Oil 500SN Price Trends, Q1 2012-Q4 2012 233.10.3 Base Oil BS150 Free On Board Price Trends, Q1 2012-Q4 2012 243.10.4 Base Oil 150SN Cost and Freight India and North East Asia Price Trends, Q1 2012-Q4 2012 253.10.5 Base Oil 500SN CFR India and North East Asia Price Trends, Q1 2012-Q4 2012 263.10.6 Base Oil BS150 CFR India and North East Asia Price Trends, Q1 2012-Q4 2012 274 Overview of the Lubricants Industry 284.1 Lubricants 284.2 Formulation of Lubricants - Refining and Blending 284.2.1 Refining of Crude Petroleum 294.2.2 Desirable Properties of Lubrication Oils 304.2.3 Blending with Additives 304.3 Lubricants Classification and Industry Definitions 314.3.1 General Classification of Lubricants 31
  10. 10. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com4.3.2 Classification of Lubricants according to Application 324.3.3 Classification of lubricants by additives 324.4 Industry Composition 334.5 Marketing 345 Global Lubricants Industry, Key Trends and Challenges 355.1 Shift Towards High Performance Lubricants Attracts New Investment 355.2 Brazil, Russia, India and China Building Demand for Lubricants 355.3 Re-refined Base Oils and Lubricants Are Gaining More Interest 365.4 Premium Lubricant Products Show Promise of Increasing Demand 375.5 Adulterated and Fake Lubricants Cause Concern for Manufacturers and Marketers 376 Global Lubricants Demand to 2017 386.1 Relationship Between Lubricant Demand and Gross Domestic Product Growth 416.2 Global Motor Vehicle Outlook 436.3 Global Industrial Outlook 476.4 Global Lubricants Demand by Region, 2000-2017 48
  11. 11. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com6.4.1 Lubricants Market, Asia-Pacific 486.4.2 Lubricants Market, Americas 506.4.3 Lubricants Market, Europe 546.4.4 Lubricants Market, Middle East and Africa 566.5 Global Lubricants Demand by Market, 2008-2017 587 Key Emerging Countries’ Lubricants Market 597.1 Brazil 597.1.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 597.1.2 Lubricants Demand, Brazil, 2004-2017 597.1.3 Lubricants Industry, Brazil, Competitive Market 617.2 Russia 627.2.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 627.2.2 Lubricants Demand, Russia, 2008-2017 627.2.3 Lubricants Industry, Russia, Competitive Market 637.3 India 64
  12. 12. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com7.3.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 647.3.2 Lubricants Demand, India, 2006-2017 647.3.3 Lubricants Industry, India, Competitive Market 667.4 China 677.4.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 677.4.2 Lubricants Demand, China, 2000-2017 677.4.3 Lubricants Industry, China, Competitive Market 697.5 Sri Lanka 707.5.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 707.5.2 Lubricants Demand, Sri Lanka, 2009-2017 717.5.3 Lubricants Industry, Sri Lanka, Competitive Market 737.6 Pakistan 757.6.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 757.6.2 Lubricants Demand, Pakistan, 2011-2017 757.6.3 Lubricants Industry, Pakistan, Competitive Analysis 76
  13. 13. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com7.7 Bangladesh 777.7.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 777.7.2 Lubricants Demand, Bangladesh, 2008-2017 777.7.3 Lubricants Industry, Bangladesh, Competitive Analysis 797.8 Thailand 807.8.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 807.8.2 Lubricants Demand, Thailand, 2008-2017 807.8.3 Lubricants Industry, Thailand, Competitive Market 827.9 South Korea 837.9.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 837.9.2 Lubricants Demand, South Korea, 2010-2017 837.9.3 Lubricants Industry, South Korea, Competitive Market 857.10 Indonesia 867.10.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 86
  14. 14. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com7.10.2 Lubricants Demand, Indonesia, 2011-2017 867.10.3 Lubricants Industry, Indonesia, Competitive Market 887.11 Nigeria 897.11.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 897.11.2 Lubricants Demand, Nigeria, 2011-2017 897.11.3 Lubricants Industry, Nigeria, Competitive Market 917.12 Egypt 927.12.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 927.12.2 Lubricants Demand, Egypt, 2011-2017 927.12.3 Lubricants Industry, Egypt, Competitive Market 937.13 Turkey 947.13.1 Lubricants Industry, Overview 947.13.2 Lubricants Demand, Turkey, 2004-2017 947.13.3 Lubricants Industry, Turkey, Competitive Market 968 Lubricants Industry, Industry Structure 97
  15. 15. Table of ContentsTable of ContentsReports Cornerwww.reportscorner.com9.3 Abbreviations 1049.4 Bibliography 1059.5 Contact Us 1069.6 About GBI Research 1069.7 Disclaimer 106
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