Innovation in Food and Drinks Packaging: Opportunities in added value and emerging technologies


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Innovation in Food and Drinks PackagingOpportunities in added value and emerging technologiesReport Overview...Food and drinks packaging is in a period of rapid change. Growth in the food and drinks packaging markets of developing economies is expected to increase in conjunction with their rising GDP's, the changing nature of consumer lifestyles and the increased amount of packaged food and drink. Emerging issues such as sustainability and recent increases in raw material prices are also having a significant impact. Understanding trends and issues within the food and drinks packaging market is important due to their significant effect up on manufacturers, retailers, and distributor costs and logistics. 'Innovation in Food and Drinks Packaging: Opportunities in added value and emerging technologies' is a report published by Business Insights that provides added value by exploring innovations in food and drinks packaging from both packaging and food and drinks manufacturer perspectives. This report also delivers an overview of competitor activity and an assessment of the strength of trends and market forces moving forward. Key Findings...Glass is the most common material used for new products launched with food safety packaging and this has been relatively stable over the period 2005 to 2008. The next most common material in this category is plastic. Soft drinks (23.5%), took the highest share of food and drinks launched in innovative packaging between 2005 and 2008, closely followed by alcoholic drinks (23.0%). Nanotechnology, interactive packaging, intelligent and active packaging, multi-sensory packaging, and edible packaging are developing innovations that are likely to have an impact on the future of food and drinks packaging. The most commonly used packaging materials in new food and drinks product launches in 2008 in were Plastic (33.2%), glass (11.7%) and cardboard (11.5%). Use this report to...' Understand how regulations are influencing NPD in food and drinks packaging and discover how competitors are responding to new challenges set by these regulations with this new report. ' Gain insight into the most up to date packaging technologies including nanotechnology, natural polymers and edible coatings, and evaluate the pros and cons of these new packaging technologies to decide whether these may be appropriate for your organization. ' Identify the key trends in food and drinks packaging and the impact that they are expected to have on the food and drinks market in the future. ' Enhance your product development strategies with this report's analysis of green, convenient and supply chain efficient packaged food and drinks product launches by region, category and material. Key issues...Changes to labelling regulations. Recent debate and regulation on food and drinks labeling means detailed information is becoming a requirement in some regions. This is having an impact on the size and design of food and drinks labels and packs in general. The Economic climate. More difficult economic times are one of the factors encouraging consumers to shop in discounters and/or switch from branded items to private labels. In a related effect, the downturn is promoting changes in format and size of packs. The effect of rising prices. The increase in raw material prices has led to some packaging manufacturers passing on price increases to their customers, making cuts within their operating expenses, and in some cases changing the design/format of the packaging material or package itself. Your questions answered...' What major trends are impacting food and drinks packaging development' ' How are companies using green packaging materials to lend credibility to their ethical policies' ' Who are the top food and drinks packaging manufacturers' ' What innovative materials are being used within food and drinks packaging' ' Which new technologies, materials and design principles are driving innovation wit

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