'33 things I know about Art Direction' UPDATED 2012


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Here is the 2012 updated presentation all young Art Directors should view.
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  • @SmithAd
    Dave I just down loaded it for myself and it was fine. Do you want to try it again, and if you still have problems we'll try something else. Cheers DB
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  • Very motivational piece David. I downloaded the presentation but the PDF appears to be corrupt. Can you email me a link to download it? dave@getsmith.com thanks! Dave
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  • Thanks!
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  • @ah_livia 'GOLD at the Presentation Olympics awesome.' Thanks I'll be on the look out for my sponsorship deals now.
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  • Well crafted presentation! Relevant tips, awesome visual examples, and the “Surfing Simpsons” were a nice, fresh touch! David, do you hear that? It’s the Australian national anthem playing because you just won GOLD at the Presentation Olympics!!!!
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'33 things I know about Art Direction' UPDATED 2012

  1. Updated 2012David Bell
  2. The proof.
  3. 3. Be acreative sponge. Never stop feeding your mind.
  4. Must reads.
  5. One of the best. wideas.com www.directne
  6. nline.comwww. creativity-o
  7. 6.Don’t polish turds. Best to move on as soon as you can.
  8. 7.Does it smell? Play with the senses.
  9. Smell
  10. Sight
  11. Touch
  12. Touch
  13. Sound
  14. Sound
  15. Sound
  16. Taste
  17. Now subtract.
  18. 9.Workwith thebest.And letthem dotheir job.
  19. onFind a great writer and hang e.to him or her for dear lif
  20. 11.Takethe timeto learnorigami.
  21. Personalise your campaigns.
  22. V isit this site and have a play. ntro.php itlist.com/i www.thedexterh
  23. The Picasso fake
  24. ‘Ascending & Descending’ - M.C. Escher 1960
  25. ‘The Treason of Images’ - Rene Magritte 1928
  26. 15.Grids are good.The GoldenSection andthe theory ofcomposition.
  27. 1505
  28. 1505
  29. 2000
  30. 2000
  31. Today
  32. Follow thesebasic rules and you’llbe on your way.
  33. Same pic, just different lines.
  34. The classic postcard is thecheapest form ofdirect mail. But it can still deliver great ideas.
  35. Coupons can still be relevant.
  36. 20. Inspiration is allaround you. Keep it safe.
  37. 21.“If it looks right. It is right.” Mr. Robert Waters My High School Art Teache r
  38. Try differe nt view. Look at nyour work i a mirror.
  39. 22.Colour is anArt Director’ssecret weapon.
  40. desire
  41. motion
  42. emotion
  43. The Economistmasthead may havebeen the inspirationfor the campaign look?
  44. 24.Haveanothercreative outlet.
  45. 25.Watch theWebbys.
  46. 26.Avoidvisual cliches.
  47. The exception
  48. The real deal
  49. The exception
  50. The exception
  51. A good camera hasalwa ys been an importantto ol for Art Directors.
  52. 28.Alwayshave theproduct onyour desk.
  53. And eatthe product.
  54. 29. Don’t fear white space.
  55. App le are the masters ofcontem porary white space.
  56. 30.The bestpath to the latest design trends is in your hands. Magazine design.
  57. 31. What to show Don.
  58. 1. Be on time, be enthusiastic and positive. Be yourself.Read Don’s site and have a few solid questions to ask him.2. Begin with a great idea, and end with an even better one.3. Turn good ideas, into great campaigns. 4. BE BRUTAL: Three great ideas, always beats thirty three average ones.
  59. 5. You’re an Art Director, so presentationand style are very important. Portfolio Vs iBook Vs iPad? (Remember Don was a writer, so consider your audience carefully.)
  60. 6. Show a good range of work, across multiple channels, products and brands.7. Always adapt your book for your audience and rehearse your presentation.8. Show at least one fully art directed campaign. 9. Talk about your creative interests outside of advertising. 10. Listen carefully to all the feedback and act on the advice that feels right for you.
  61. 32.And neverforget. ‘Big ideas are your last legal means of an unfair creative advantage.’ D. Bell
  62. 33.Lov e your job.
  63. Just like thenew iPhone 5, ‘33 things I know about Art Direction’ was updated 12 Sept 2012. ow-about-art-direction /Reosurfer/33-things-i-kn e.net www.slideshar