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Hexta Inova Secunova Prestige (Eng)
Hexta Inova Secunova Prestige (Eng)
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Hexta Inova Secunova Prestige (Eng)


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Hexta Inova Secunova Prestige (Eng)

  1. 1. Industry ® ®GatesFencing systemsBarrier systemsColumnsAll-round protection foryour property!We can plan and installcomplete gate, fence andbarrier systems designed exactlyto your specifications. Thanksto our in-house maintenanceservice, you are guaranteedexcellent long-term performanceand value retention. Requestour free information brochures:INOVA standard gatesINOVA columnsINOVA car-park and gate barriers INOVA Industrial sliding gates Stand 03/06, KJM GmbH Werbeagentur, Münster ®Berlemann Torbau GmbHUlmenstraße 3 Security through innovation48485 NeuenkirchenGermanyTel.: +49 5973 9481-0Fax: +49 5973 9481-50Internet: www.berlemann.deE-mail: info@berlemann.deSubject to technical changes or corrections.
  2. 2. ® INOVA quality: One step ahead in security ® Protecting your investment, your An innovation that pays Its no wonder that in just a few Depending on the width of your entrance, you assets and your security, for itself! years INOVA sliding gates have can choose between different gate types and permanently and reliably: that is Since the innovative design of become one of the market designs. the task to which INOVA sliding INOVA sliding gates means that leading products throughout gates are ideally suited. What many of the components of Europe: countless customers in INOVA 160 MI, 160 ETI, 160 ESI makes them so outstanding is the conventional gates (some of industry, public services and the Lower beam height 160 mm unique, patented design: the drive them prone to breakdown) such private sector have complete Lower beam depth 165 mm unit on INOVA sliding gates is as stud chains, toothed racks confidence in INOVA sliding Opening width up to 6000 mm housed invisibly inside the lower or drive unit covers, are simply gates. Drive power 0.18 kW beam, instead of being mounted no longer necessary, the INOVA 200 MI, 200 ETI, 200 ESI on the inside edge of the gate manufacturing, installation and Lower beam height 200 mm leaf itself, as is the case with maintenance costs are all Lower beam depth 165 mm conventional gates. dramatically reduced. Opening width up to 8000 mm This cantilevered design, brilliant For you, that means maximum Drive power 0.37 kW in its simplicity, has already won security combined with excellent several prizes, and justifiably so, value for money! INOVA 280 MI, 280 ETI, 280 ESI given the numerous advantages Lower beam height 280 mm it offers: Lower beam depth 205 mm Opening width up to 12000 mm • Particularly reliable, because Drive power 0.75 kW far fewer components are INOVA 380 ETI, 380 ESI, 400 ETI, 400 ESI needed compared with Lower beam height 380 or 400 mm conventional sliding gates INOVA Lower beam depth 205 mm • Drive unit is totally protected You can rely Opening width up to 16000 mm against the elements, dirt and on us! Drive power 0.75 kW debris • Highly reliable in use • Stylish appearance, because the drive unit is concealed Prizes: invisibly within the lower beam. • Seifriz Prize 1996 • Minimal foundation work is • Münsterland Innovation required Prize 1997 • Gate runs perfectly smoothly • Bavarian State Prize even in snow and harsh working environments INOVA 160 INOVA 200 INOVA 280 With a maximum opening width of 16 m per gate, when 2 are installed opposite each other, opening widths of up to 32 m are possible. INOVA sliding gates can be installed quickly, easily and cheaply, because the gates are supplied fully pre-assembled. The drive unit and safety devices are ready for use when they are delivered, and all only the foundation work and pre-cabling is necessary. There is a tensioning element ® Extremely quiet in Emergency operation Inovamatic microprocessor Electrical drive fitted in Height-adjustable roller Intelligent control system To do this, there are five contact in the design of the gate to provide the operation even in a power cut control lower beam support for accident prevention strips fitted on the gate itself necessary tensioning and allow for later Reducing noise levels is a way To ensure that the gates can Protected from the elements, the The electrical drive unit on Where conventional gates To minimise the risk of accidents and on the guide column. adjustments. of protecting the environment, continue to be operated electronic controls are cleverly INOVA gates is fitted in the require two rolling wheel or damage to property, INOVA so thats why INOVA gates run smoothly even in a power cut, enclosed within a purpose made lower beam, invisible from the supports, INOVA needs only gates stop automatically particularly quietly. This is the gear unit on INOVA sliding section of the guide column. outside and protected from one – the drive unit acts as the whenever they come across achieved by the extensive use gates can easily be set to This lockable section of the tampering and the weather, yet second support. This results in obstructions or are subjected of roller bearings in polymer manual operation, so that the column can be easily opened easily accessible for significant material and cost to resistance. guide rollers. The results are gate can simply be opened and closed when maintenance maintenance. An AC-powered savings. obvious: the gate opening and and closed by hand. or adjustments are necessary. worm gear unit provides direct closing cycles are practically power transmission to the gate.2 silent. 3 4
  3. 3. ® ® More intelligent The latest manufacturing than the rest techniques for maximum longevity Every INOVA sliding gate embodies the expertise that comes from years of intensive research. Even as the design was still being developed, sophisticated computer simulations were used ® to analyse the distribution of forces within the components when they are in operation – Durable corrosion even extreme stresses can be protection realistically simulated in this Top-quality, environmentally-friendly way. double powder coating for long- Then, on the ultra-modern series lasting, resistant surfaces. production line for the gates, the findings and specifications from the development department are consistently applied. This results in small steel profile production tolerances and minimised material requirements, which in turn hot dip galvanisation (cleaned) gives, cost savings and high V2A special steel (blasted) functional reliability for all bonding powder coating components – even under top-coat powder coating extreme loading conditions. Computer-aided, ultra- piece, in a single process, with ® All the main production processes in the manufacture All sliding gates are delivered fully assembled – all that is needed on site accurate roller design the bearing shafts for the roller of INOVA sliding gates have been entirely automated is some small-scale foundation work, and then the gate can be put into The latest computer technology wheels being cast at the same – this means relatively low production costs and operation immediately. means that a degree of time as the support. The result: high production accuracy with small error tolerances. Cost-effective design and maximum functional reliability: these are the tangible manufacturing precision can be quiet operation and a long benefits on which the international market success of INOVA sliding gates achieved that was inconceivable service life, while the cost of is based. until quite recently. The computer- materials is reduced. designed roller support on INOVA gates is cast in one5 6 7
  4. 4. ® The most important parts are invisibleWhether you require So that best use can be madeindividually coded hand-held of all control functions, thetransmitters for the vehicles in modular electronic controlyour fleet, or your sliding gates system on INOVA sliding gateshave to open and close can be extended to suit yourautomatically on certain days needs. The high-performanceof the week or at certain times, power output unit ensures fault-or if you need high-security free long-term service.access control – INOVA sliding The control system for INOVAgates offer the perfect cantilevered gates is housedcombination, including all the within the guide column. Duelatest control functions: to its height, above ground, this assures maximum• remote control protection against water• automatic timed ingress. opening/closing Freely programmable signal• induction loops outputs keep you reliably• card reading systems informed about the current• safety light barriers status of the gate (OPEN,• contact strip monitoring CLOSED, GATE moving). ® ® INOVA gates always do their Placing the electric drive unit inside the lower To guarantee trouble-free long-term use, all INOVA job reliably, regardless of beam makes the system secure, avoiding gates are subject to strict end controls at the whether they are operated by unwanted tampering. However, if any factory. That includes a realistic load test on a means of a complex control maintenance work is needed on the drive unit, specially constructed test installation which the system or by the key-operated it can be easily accessed. sliding gates must pass before delivery. switch in the control column.8 9
  5. 5. ® Security and elegance combined ® First impressions are vital – so thats why its important That is why there is such a wide range of design on the top beam of the gate (industrial) is a narrow Industry that your business partners, visitors and employees options available to you: surface finish in all RAL aluminium strip which stops the high-quality surface get the "right" impression as soon as they enter your colours, all kinds of infill materials (e.g. perforated coating from being rubbed off by the guide rollers site! panels, mesh, bars), customized security devices at the side. such as spike protection, and pedestrian gates and INOVA sliding gates offer you far more than total fencing designed to match the sliding gates. protection – they are a calling card for your company. As you would expect from INOVA products, everything is well thought out, down to the last detail:10 11
  6. 6. ® ® Basic specification Series production specification 380/400 280 200 160 TYP MI TYP ETI TYP ESI INOVA Industry ® Manual Electric drive Electric drive INOVA Industry ® ® ® ® ® 160 200 280 380/400 (dead mans handle control) (impulse control) Opening width 2.0 to 6.0 m 4.0 to 8.0 m 6.0 to 12.0 m 12.0 to 16.0 m Guide column Total gate heights available 1200 to 2400 mm 1200 to 2400 mm 1200 to 2400 mm 1200 to 2400 mm (Type MI also available (incl. 100 mm ground clearance) for cementing in) Direction of opening Left or right Left or right Left or right Left or right (seen from outside) Gate leaf Gate leaf Gate leaf Gate leaf Integrated electric drive No Bar infill 25 Bar infill 25 Bar infill 25 Bar infill 25 INOVA 160 (0.18 kW) INOVA 200 (0.37 kW) INOVA 280/380 and 400 (0.75 kW) Anti-wear strip Anti-wear strip Anti-wear strip Anti-wear strip Control No Tensioning device Tensioning device Tensioning device Tensioning device Dead mans handle control Inovamatic 400 Safety device No No EN 12453 Double receiver post, Double receiver post, Double receiver post, Double receiver post, (can also be supplied (can also be supplied (can also be supplied (can also be supplied Schutzzaun bauseitig for cementing in) for cementing in) for cementing in) for cementing in) 5 contact strips 2 light barriers Operating panel inserted Manual Key has to be turned in the Assembly kit Assembly kit Assembly kit Assembly kit on both sides of the direction of 8 concrete dowels 8 concrete dowels 8 concrete dowels 8 concrete dowels guide column movement and held; the gate only moves in the required direction while the key is held. Colour: double Colour: double Colour: double Colour: double 2 key-operated buttons 1 key-operated button OPEN/STOP/CLOSE powder-coating, RAL powder-coating, RAL powder-coating, RAL powder-coating, RAL OPEN/CLOSE 1 key-operated button 6005, 7030, 7035, 6005, 7030, 7035 6005, 7030, 7035 6005, 7030, 7035 OPEN/EMERGENCY STOP /CLOSE 9010, 9005 or 7016 9010, 9005 or 7016 9010, 9005 or 7016 9010, 9005 or 7016 1 channel remote control No Not permitted 434 MHz Acceptance: TÜV (Technical Inspection Authority) Type approval Initial type testing for compliance with EN 13241-1 Documentation: assembly instructions, operating instructions / inspection certificate Foundation plan: INOVA standard plan External operation No Not permitted See optional extras12 13
  7. 7. ® MI ETI ESI ESI Optional extras Tailor-made solutions for Inovamatic Inoflex Intermediate heights special requirements Intermediate widths Intermediate height and width Foundation plan to comply with local circumstances, architects planSpecial sheet metal infill Fence connector both sides Anti-climb protection Special RAL colours Special gate infill materials Spike strip 40 mm high along the length of the Fence connectors, both sides upper beam Anti-climb protection (serrated metal strip) at heights over 1.8 m Special colours from the RAL/DB card Reflective warning strip, red/white, on both sides of the lower beam Drilling template (assembly aid) Receiver post with base plate to be secured with dowels (dowels incl.) Side gate for pedestrians, 1.0 m wide with profile cylinder lockWarning strip, red/white Pedestrian access gate Intercom system Sloping ground at right height for gate frame Visitors announce Mortise lock installed for 2nd profile cylinder (fire brigade) Swing gate at the side their arrival to the Electric gate opener with profile cylinder porter or in the lock to match the main office Hydraulic mounted gate closer TS 400 sliding gate Hydraulic built-in gate closer tube Intercom system, supplied separately max. ±3% Key safe F3100 (125x75x75) fitted in the guide column Sliding gates up to 2 m high adjusted to the terrain, max. 3% incline,Flashing light including brake for emergency stop, special foundation plan Revolving light Protective cage for lights Code reader Flashing light (guide column) Shows when gate is in motion Enter a numerical code to operate (accident the gates control system Revolving light on pedestal (guide column) prevention) Protective cage for revolving light Code reader Safety contact strips, additional GATE TYPE Additional 1 channel manual transmitter, touch control 4 channel remote control incl. 1 hand-held transmitter – targeted OPEN/STOP/CLOSE controlSafety contact strips 1 channel hand-held 4 channel remote control 4 channel hand-held or separate control of up to 4 INOVA gates/barriers by touch control transmitter system transmitter Specific control Additional 4 channel manual transmitter – targeted control To open and close the gate by radio OPEN/STOP/CLOSE Key-operated switch OPEN/STOP/CLOSE*, additional signal or separate control of up to 4 INOVA gates Key-operated switch OPEN/EMEGENCY STOP/CLOSE*, additional by touch control Key-operated switch preset for 2nd profile cylinder (fire brigade)* Push-button switch OPEN/STOP/CLOSE, surface-mounted, additional Soft-start device (recommended for frequent load changes) Weekly timer switch (switches automatic mode OFF/ON)Key-operated switch Key-operated switch Key-operated switch Push-button Annual timer switch (as above, but takes account of public holidays) Open/Stop/ Open/Emergency Card reader Key-operated switch Close stop/Close with 2 profile cylinder Open/Stop/ Special INOFLEX SPS microprocessor control The desired travel (legally required) Key locks Close direction is initiated operated control Push button 2 channel induction loop detector by the user. The device with Emergency 1 Open/close for control with stop button Stop button to employees additional key Induction loop for laying under paving immediately stops immediately stop the 2 Open/close for operated enable the movement of gate travel in either fire switch. Light barrier, separate transmitter/receiver, additional the gate in either direction. brigade, Gate control using your own mobile phone direction. suppliers *Built into the receiver post, inside or outsideSoft-start device Weekly timer Annual timer Non-contact card reader Inoflex SPS control Induction loop Additional light barrier OPEN/CLOSE by mobile phone Like the weekly timer but also takes The gate opens on recognition of a Opens and closes the gate For average 150 Opens and closes the account of public holidays code. Closing is automatically openings per day gate at set times on a automatic. recurring weekly cycle Control the gate with your mobile phone14 15