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  • Sun Tzu, “The Art of War”
  • In guerilla marketing, the world is your billboard / 30-second TV spot / lower-third. Guerilla marketing begins with out-of-the-box ideation. To develop on-target, unexpected, effective guerilla campaigns, throw convention to the wind and get your creative juices boiling. The heart of every successful guerilla campaign is creativity. Without it, you ’re conventional… or worse yet, annoying.
  • A billboard is expected. On your way to work, there are always the same billboards—with bright colors, maybe a catchy line that makes you smile. It ’s expected. The German housewares manufacturer, Miele created a campaign that transformed a typically static flat billboard surface into so much more. To satirically demonstrate the power of their vacuum’s suction, they draped an actual hot air balloon over a billboard with their vacuum cleaner sucking the balloon into the the billboard.
  • When brainstorming guerilla initiatives, it ’s easy to become fantastical and impractical. If you’re a smaller company with budgetary constraints, pasting a 20-foot soccer ball to the side of a building might not be the best consideration. Being reasonable, intelligent and unexpected stretches your creativity to develop a very effective guerilla campaign without an exorbitant budget.
  • Lining the street with coffee cups does no one good. It ’s not intelligent, too abstract, not relatable and a pedestrian inconvenience. But if you utilize your environment in an unexpected, intelligent way–like Folgers, when they used the steam from manhole covers to show the steam from their coffee–you’re making more meaningful impressions.
  • Though interactivity is not a staple in all guerilla campaigns, it brings the consumer / company relationship to a more meaningful space.
  • I hope you all found the information and ideas I shared today helpful. In closing, I invite you to take down my contact information and contact me with any questions.
  • Guerilla marketing by larry de vincenzi

    1. 1. guerrillamarketingencountering your brandLarry marketing strategistLarry DeVincenziBRAND DIRECTOR | BIGGEST LITTLE GROUPRENO-TAHOE AMA5.2.2013
    2. 2. The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as anunconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energyand imagination rather than a big marketing budget.Typically, campaigns are unexpected and unconventional;potentially interactive; and consumers are targeted in unexpectedplaces.The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique,engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, andconsequently turn viral.The BasicsWhat Is It?
    3. 3. The OriginsThe term was coined anddefined byJay Conrad Levinsonin his book“Guerrilla Marketing”.
    4. 4. Levinson’s DefinitioThe foundations of guerrilla marketing:Geared for the small business brand and entrepreneurial thinking.Based on human psychology instead of experience, judgment, andguesswork.Instead of money, the primary investments of marketing should be time,energy, and imagination.The primary statistic is amount of profits, not sales.Concentrate on how many new relationships are made each month.Create a standard of excellence with an acute focus instead of trying todiversify by offering too many diverse products and services.Instead of concentrating on getting new customers, aim for more referrals,more transactions with existing customers, and larger transactions.Forget about the competition and concentrate more on cooperating withother businesses.
    5. 5. Guerrilla marketing involves unusual approaches such asUnexpected Marketistreet giveaways of products,pr stunts, etc.any unconventional marketing intended to getmaximum results from minimal resources.intercept encounters in public places
    6. 6. More innovative approaches to Guerrilla marketingnow utilize mobile digital technologies.The Digitalto environmentally engage theconsumer and create amemorable brand experience.
    7. 7. The Successful5 Required ElementsCreativityUnexpectedMore With LessMaximize Your SurroundingsInteractive
    8. 8. Meile Makes It Memora
    9. 9. Less Is More
    10. 10. Environment Is Everyth
    11. 11. Engage Your Bran
    12. 12. Questions? AnswerQA&
    13. 13. Larry DeVincenziBrand Director775.771.7004larry@biggestlittlegroup.comBiggestLittleGroup.comOn Facebook search for biggest little groupOn Twitter: BiggestLittleGpintegrated communications agency