Reading – hardback and e book trends


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Growth in eBooks foreshadows eBook dominance as preferred choice for reading. ePublsihing growth fueled by declining prices for eReaders and tablets. Great outlook for career opportunities in self publishing and eBook marketing

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  • Reading – hardback and e book trends

    1. 1. Using targeting and technology there are definiteopportunities for the savvy proactive entrepreneur.It’s time to write your eBook!(or provide marketing services to ePublishers) © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    2. 2. eBook Trends And Opportunities According to PCWorld it is not a matter of whether eBooks will surpass paper books in unit sales but a mater of when.  Based on Associated American Publishers data US total net book sales of all types amounted to $27.9 billion in 2010  Currently eBooks represent a little over 1/5 of books sold world wide.  It is the phenomenal growth rates that make surpassing paper inevitable  eBook revenue share has grown from .6% in 2008 to over 16% in 2010 to $878 million per Paid Content  Publishers Weekly puts eBook sales first quarter 2011 at $233 million,  Sales have been growing over 150% quarter  A Yankee Group study projects eBook sales of $2.7 billion in 2013  67% of US libraries offer some form of access to eBooks – from the American Library Association SOURCES:, Publishers Weekly, MediaPostNews American Library Assoc. © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    3. 3. eBook Trends And Opportunities  Connected to and feeding eBook sales is the growing eReader and Tablet markets and their respective declining cost. © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    4. 4. eBook Trends And Opportunities In the meantime paper book sales have been declining around 23 – 25% per quarter since 2011Source: Publishers Weekly, © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    5. 5. Who owns Reads eBooks?From The Rise Of The E Reader, Pew Research © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    6. 6. © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    7. 7. eBook Trends And Opportunities From the Pew Research Center survey- As of February 2012, 21% of Americans had read an eBook and  Owners of eReaders read an average of eight books a year more than people without the devices  24 books a year for people that use eReaders vs. 16 books per year for traditional readers  Those using eReaders do not abandon traditional books  Of eReaders surveyed in a 2012 USC Dornsife/L.A. Times only 10% said they would abandon paper books Source: © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    8. 8. eBook Trends And Opportunities  Trends in declining prices for eReaders and eBooks will fuel even faster growth for eBooks  According to Amazon in July 2011 of the over 9500,000 eBooks in Amazon inventory around 800,000 are priced $9.99 or lower  Analysts have long held that an eReader price of $100 is the threshold that will lead to general acceptance  Kindle, which dominates the eReader market has options in the market with special offers that bring prices down to $79 and $99  While paper books will remain fundamental the stars are aligning for digital reading to over take paper books in 5 years or less. Source: PCWorld Australia Analysts have long held that an eReader price of $100 © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    9. 9. eBook Trends And Opportunities Resources to jumpstart your eBook publishing and marketing initiatives (in no particular order and not an endorsement)       © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
    10. 10. eBook Trends And Opportunities  Business opportunities  Demand for eBooks user-friendly design, publishing and marketing technology results in open opportunity for self-publishing  Technology is opening the door for integration of audio and video into eBooks which will increase popularity  Like eMagazines there will likely be entrepreneurs that take advantage of integration of advertising and sponsorship in eBooks © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1