Permission Marketing ppt


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Tips and observations on whether your recipient is truly looking forward to your emails and tweets whether you are a business, acquaintance or friend. Do you really have someone's intentional permission to send them messages?

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Permission Marketing ppt

  1. 1. Permission MarketingDid I really give you permission to market me?**Useful tips for friends and family too © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  2. 2. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? • That question, is equally relevant to acquaintances and friends as it is to business marketers. • Put another way—Did I give you permission to • Email me? • Tweet me? • Forward to me? • If so is the permission valid? • Am I getting what I was promised? © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  3. 3. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? • Is the case to me to pay attention to you, whether made by your messaging or prior reputation was the case based on • Value for me? • Relevance to me? • I don’t care about your business or your personal goals • Your product, mission and needs are irrelevant to meeting my © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  4. 4. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? Core marketing and communications mantra is alive, well and more relevant today than ever Mantra:With every subject line or sentence you write know that your recipient is asking So what? What does this mean to me? What need of mine does this help me meet? How is this useful to me? Does it entertain me? Why should I bother? Whether it is an email, an eNewsletter or a Tweet these are questions the writer must know the recipient is asking themselves as they decide whether to open or read further in the communications pushed to them © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  5. 5. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? As you review the eNewsletter, or email or Tweet you are about to create, or forward, you need to be able to answer these questions from the recipient’s perspective It is NOT about you Whatever doesn’t pass this test eliminate it If your reputation or initial communication makes a promise to; Save me time Grow my business Demystify my taxes Help me raise healthier kids Your content/message needs to deliver on that promise again and © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  6. 6. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? Delivering on your promise is how you earn my trust build my anticipation for your next communication. Over time it will make it much more likely that when the time comes that you ask me to take action --- I © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  7. 7. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? Put Up, Or Shut Up If you promise relevant (to me), valuable newsletter content deliver it If you promise an incentive to get me to sign up for your newsletter or open your email—free iPad, healthy meal tips for a month, real leads to college scholarships to help me save on tuition ---- deliver it When you deliver what you promise you create the habit of me opening your messages and looking forward to © 2012 Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1
  8. 8. DID I REALLY GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET ME? • If you don’t deliver on your promise • –If your message is all about you • What you want to tell me rather than what is relevant to me • About what you want me to do rather social meeting my need than media for social impact • A joke you find funny but demonstrates you don’t know who I am • You are getting me in the habit of NOT reading your communications. • You are helping me filter • You are getting me in the habit of hitting DELETE when I see your name or your company’s name © Follow me on Twitter @reneewilliams1