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Marketing Training Document   Intl

Marketing Training Document Intl



International Brand Marketing Training

International Brand Marketing Training



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    Marketing Training Document   Intl Marketing Training Document Intl Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing Training Proposal
    • Table of Contents
      • Project Overview: Scope & Objectives 3
      • EAI Process for Building Great Brands 4–12
      • Marketing Workshops Overview: Learning Objectives 13–21
      • Sample Curriculum: Marketing Excellence Fundamentals 22–24
      • Customization Approach 25–31
      • Past Ennis Associates Training Clients 32–33
      • Ennis Associates International Experience 34–36
      • Ennis Associates Contact Information 37–38
      Page # 2
    • Proposal Overview
      • Delivering profitable growth is essential to your Company’s continued success. Building highly skilled marketing capabilities will ensure this goal is achieved.
      • Project Scope
      • Comprehensive training program customized to your Company
      • Focus on Marketing Core Competencies to drive growth
      • Project Objectives
      • Create Core Marketing Competency workshops tailored to the specific needs of your Company’s marketing teams
      • Present training that embeds your “Company Way”
    • Introduction EAI – Process For Building Great Brands
    • Ennis Associates, Inc. Overview
      • Founded in 1975, firm specializes in developing / presenting marketing workshops to Consumer Packaged Goods industry
      • Consultant on core marketing competency topics
      • Outstanding reputation as experienced / knowledgeable Brand Marketing training organization
      • Broad spectrum of CPG clients – Many with Global operations
      • 600 workshops attended by over 9,000 marketers during past 20 years
    • EAI Values
      • Mission
      • To provide global best practices marketing training complimenting our client Company’s marketing philosophy.
      • Vision
      • To be respected throughout the world as the standard of excellence in professional marketing training.
    • EAI – 4 Prime Directives of a Brand Marketer
      • Build Long-Term Brand Equity
      • Deliver Agreed to Financial Results
      • Achieve Sustainable Competitive Market Position
      • Build Relationships / Partnerships Across Organization
    • EAI – 10 Steps To Building Great Brands
      • Complete a robust Category and Brand Analysis;
      • Achieve Profound Understanding of the Brand’s Prime Target Consumer;
      • Discover a compelling Consumer Insight to guide all strategic business decisions;
      • Understand the true Growth Drivers for generating consistent business results;
      • Develop a focused Brand Strategy that exploits company core competencies;
      • Create a differentiated Brand Architecture / Positioning Statement;
      • Ensure consumer communication is consistent with Brand’s Equity/Strategy;
      • Develop customer plans that build the category and support the Brand’s Equity;
      • Create Integrated Execution Plans that connect with the Prime Target Consumer;
      • Achieve Financial Success by consistently delivering Goals.
    • EAI Process For Building Great Brands
      • Our methodology of applying a disciplined process for Building Great Brands is based on a sound Market Strategy & Planning Framework which generates results.
    • EAI – Market Strategy & Planning Framework Consumer Penetration & Consumption Trends Strategic SWOT Annual Activity Calendar Evaluation of Key Market Measures Sales & Marketing Coordinated Execution Formal Reviews Financial Health Brand Strategic Framework Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Target Consumer Understanding Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Target Consumer Understanding Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Consumer Segments Served Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Consumer Segments Served Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Strategic SWOT Consumer Segments Served Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer Segments Served Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Short-Term Brand Growth Drivers Strategic SWOT Consumer Segments Served Consumer & Shopper Insights Target Consumer Understanding Financial Health 10 Feedback and Improvement Consumer Plan Vision Statement Strategic Imperatives Long Term Brand Growth Drivers Consumer Strategic Platform Brand Equity Statement Business Objective Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategies Annual Objectives & Strategies Integrated Marketing Mix Elements:
      • Product
      • Brand
      • Pricing
      • Communication
      • Consumer Promotion
      • Retail Channels
      Integrated Consumer Executional Plan Growth Drivers Category Sales & Share Trends Key Competitors Category Situation Analysis Trade Channel Trends Segment Sales & Share Trends Implementation Brand Situation Analysis Business Objective Marketing Objectives Marketing Strategies Annual Objectives & Strategies
    • EAI Competitive Advantage – Client Feedback
      • Achieves a common language & set of disciplines that participants apply in real world situations;
      • Clear communication skills deliver deeper understanding of core marketing concepts;
      • Presentation style effectively drives profound thinking & stimulates breakthrough action;
      • Focus on marketing tools / processes that drive key insights into building brands long-term.
    • Project Leader / Senior Facilitator: Tim Ennis
      • President, Ennis Associates, Inc.
      • Background:
        • Sales & Marketing (Coca-Cola) – 7 years
        • Marketing / New Products (Nabisco & Becton Dickinson) – 11 years
        • Marketing Training / Consulting – 13 years
      • Focus on strengthening core competencies of marketers & functional teams
      • Areas of Expertise:
        • Brand Equity / Strategy Development
        • Consumer Insights Identification
        • Marketing Mix Core Competencies: (Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Promotion, New Products, Strategic Annual Planning)
    • Marketing Workshops Overview Learning Objectives & Key Topics / Activities
    • Workshops Offered By Ennis Associates
      • Marketing Excellence Fundamentals: Overview & Understanding
      • Brand Equity: Management & Positioning
      • Market Strategy & Planning: Annual Business Plans
      • Creative Strategy & Execution: “Breakthrough” Communication
      • Promotion Development: Integrated Promotion Planning
      • Consumer Understanding: Market Research & Consumer Insights
      • Innovation: New Product Ideation & Concept Development
    • Marketing Excellence Fundamentals Overview & Understanding
      • Learning Objectives
      • Appreciate importance of “Brand” and Brand Equity;
      • Achieve a deeper understanding of the Market Strategy & Planning Framework;
      • Understand true business Growth Drivers & identify the Brand’s Critical Success Factors;
      • Learn the differences: Objectives – Strategies – Tactics.
      • Key Topics Covered
      • Category & Brand Situation Analysis (Business Drivers, SWOT’s)
      • Consumer Understanding (Segmentation, Consumer Portrait, Insights Process Steps)
      • Consumer Strategic Platform (Brand Positioning & Strategy)
      • Annual Brand Planning (Flow, Process Steps)
    • Brand Equity Management & Positioning
      • Learning Objectives
      • Understand importance of Brand Equity to the Company’s competitive strength and profitability;
      • Develop differentiated Brand Architecture & Positioning Statements to focus the brands competitive premise;
      • Take responsibility for building brands (All aspects of marketing mix).
      • Key Topics
      • Brand Equity (Consumer Meaning, Importance of the Brand Essence)
      • Brand Architecture Template (Key Elements, Development Process)
      • Brand Positioning (Role to the Brand, Development Process)
      • Brand Equity Communication (Execution Through the Marketing Mix)
    • Market Strategy & Planning Annual Business Plans
      • Learning Objectives
      • Become expert at identifying true growth drivers for Category / Brand;
      • Increase proficiency at articulating Critical Success Factors to create a clear roadmap for building the Brands strategy;
      • Enhance skills in identifying focused Marketing Strategies to guide annual tactical planning activities;
      • Develop fully integrated Executional Plans that are customer focused.
      • Key Topics
      • 3 Distinct Planning Stages (Situation Analysis, Objectives/Strategies, Execution Plan)
      • Key Business Planning Tools (Strategic SWOT, Short-Term Growth Drivers)
      • Strategic Platform (Business & Marketing Objectives, Strategies, Scorecard)
    • Creative Strategy & Execution “Breakthrough Communication”
      • Learning Objectives
      • Improve advertising leadership ability leading to brand building & strong agency partnerships;
      • Cultivate effective skills in developing Creative Briefs using the Company’s template insightfully;
      • Become proficient at identifying the Creative “Big Idea”;
      • Develop skills in evaluating agency Communication submissions.
      • Key Topics
      • Key Thrust of Great Advertising / Communication (Disrupt, Engage, Convince)
      • Creative Brief Development (Guiding Principles, Step-by-Step How to Prepare)
      • Evaluating Submissions (Strategic “Big Idea”, 5 Step Evaluation Process)
      • Agency Management (Communicating with Both Account & Creative Team)
    • Promotion Development Integrated Promotion Planning
      • Learning Objectives
      • Appreciate how Promotion impacts the long-term health of the Brand;
      • Become skilled in all key elements of the Promotion Planning process;
      • Appreciate the range of tools, online and off-line, for strategically reaching the prime target consumer;
      • Be proficient at creating fully integrated communication plans with Sales.
      • Key Topics Covered
      • Consumer Behavior Changes to Influence (Source of Annual Volume)
      • Promotion Objectives (4 Categories of Promotion Objectives)
      • Promotion Strategies (Identify Target Audience & Desired Action you seek from them)
      • Integrated Promotion (Consumer & Shopper Marketing, Category Management)
    • Consumer Understanding Market Research & Consumer Insights
      • Learning Objectives
      • Appreciate how to identify & fill knowledge “Gaps” about consumer / customer needs;
      • Create effective Research Briefs with clear Action Standards;
      • Develop skills in using the 6-Step Insights Process;
      • Understand the primary research methodology options and when to use each.
      • Key Topics Covered
      • Market Research Process (Key Steps & Strategy Identification)
      • Consumer Insights Process (Conducting an Insights Session with 6-Step Process)
      • Research Brief (Component Parts and How to Prepare)
      • Research Agency Management (Communicating with Marketing Research Agencies)
    • Innovation New Product (NPD) Ideation & Concept Development
      • Learning Objectives
      • Apply Insights & Breakthrough thinking in managing New Product / Line Extension Projects;
      • Develop skills in applying the 5-Step New Product Development (NPD) Stage-Gate Process;
      • Understand 5-Step Process for generating “Breakthrough” NPD Ideas;
      • Gain expertise in Concept Development & Product Testing.
      • Key Topics Covered
      • 3 Cornerstones of NPD Success (Focused Strategy, Structured Process, Resources)
      • Drivers of Project Momentum (Role of the Project Champion & Executive Sponsor)
      • Cross-Functional Collaboration (Leverage Company Capabilities & Resources)
      • Marketing Concept Board (Component Parts & How to Develop)
    • Sample Curriculum Marketing Excellence Fundamentals Overview & Understanding
    • Marketing Excellence Fundamentals - Sample Curriculum
      • Brand Equity Definition :
        • Cause-Effect Chain Model
      • Brand Scorecard – Tool
      • Market Strategy & Planning Framework:
        • Category Understanding:
          • Category Drivers
        • Target & Brand Understanding:
          • Short-Term Growth Drivers
          • Strategic SWOT Analysis
          • Consumer Segmentation
          • Consumer Portrait
      • Consumer Insights Process:
        • 6 key steps to identifying an Insight
      • Consumer Strategic Platform:
        • Vision Statement – Brand
        • Strategic Imperatives
        • Long-Term Brand Growth Drivers
      • Brand Architecture:
        • Attributes, Product Benefits, Emotional Benefits, Driving Beliefs, Personality, Brand Essence
      • Positioning:
        • Role & Importance to the Brand
        • Marketers definition and consumers definition of Positioning
      • Positioning Statement Format
      • Positioning Statement Details:
        • Focusing your Target Audience
        • Selecting your Frame-of-Reference
        • Defining your Leverageable Point-of-Difference
        • Choosing your Consumer End Benefit
    • Marketing Excellence Fundamentals - Sample Curriculum
      • Market Research – Key Principles :
        • Effectively using Market Research
        • Identifying Knowledge “Gaps”
      • Advertising – Generating “Breakthrough”:
        • Advertising Strategy & Creative Brief
        • 5 step Creative Evaluation process
        • Building Agency Partnerships
        • Advertising Testing
      • Media Planning:
        • Role of Media in the Communication Process
        • Targeting – The Consumer Portrait
        • Media Brief
      • Packaging Development Process:
        • The Strategic Role of Packaging
        • Packaging and Building Brand Equity
        • Packaging Brief
      • Promotion Planning Process:
        • 4 Categories of Promotion Objectives
        • Targeted Promotion Strategies:
          • Target Audience, Desired Actions, Timeframe
        • Promotion Brief
      • Objectives & Strategies:
        • Business Objectives
        • Marketing Objectives
        • Marketing Strategies
      • Integrated Consumer Executional Plan:
        • Identifying the Best Mix of Tactics
      • Annual Brand Planning Process:
        • 3 Distinct Stages of Planning
        • Annual Brand Plan Template
    • Customization Approach Seamless Integration With Company Philosophies
    • Key Advantages
      • Internal interviews are used to develop curriculums that addresses marketing training needs important to your Company
      • Workshop curriculums are reviewed with management to ensure they meet all Project Objectives
      • Company advertising, promotions, media and case histories are integrated into each workshop
      • Confidential planning issues can be discussed in class
      • Workshop facilitators are available to review individual marketing problems by brand and/or product categories
      • Ennis Associates utilizes a 4 Phase approach to building a customized program to address your specific needs
    • 4 Phase Customization Approach
      • Phase 1
        • Data Gathering, Analysis & Recommendation Process
      • Phase 2
        • Create Customized Development Programs - Training Manual & Materials
      • Phase 3
        • Delivery of Workshops - Core Competency Marketing Training
      • Phase 4
        • Training Evaluation & Updating
    • Phase 1: Data Gathering, Analysis & Recommendation
      • Initiate extensive data collection process. Executional approach:
        • Meet key managers to identify development needs of the marketing team;
        • Document gathering to identify current practices & terminology;
        • Comprehensive training curriculum developed, submit for management review & approval.
      • Key Deliverable
      • Comprehensive workshop outlines, tailored to organization needs
    • Phase 2: Create Customized Development Programs
      • Executional approach:
        • Develop training materials including manuals, presentations, case studies, and process & models templates;
        • Revise materials as needed, gain final leadership approval.
      • Key Deliverable
      • Workshop Presentation / Process Models / Templates
    • Phase 3: Delivery of Workshops
      • Executional approach:
        • Present training workshops with key members of the organization;
        • Conduct program evaluation to ensure key learning’s embedded within organization.
      • Key Deliverable
      • Completion of initial training for all marketing personnel and related functional teams
    • Phase 4: Training Evaluation & Updating
      • Executional approach:
        • Review key learning’s obtained during workshops;
        • Modify program if needed to better deliver objectives;
        • Gain management approval, prepare program materials for execution during the next fiscal year.
      • Key Deliverable
      • Fully updated training workshops
    • Past Ennis Associates Training Clients
    • Past Ennis Associates Clients
      • Abbott Laboratories
      • Allied Domecq
      • Bayer Corporation
      • BIC Corporation
      • Bristol-Myers Squibb
      • Constellation Wine
      • Church & Dwight
      • CIBA Vision
      • Coca-Cola
      • Dial Corporation
      • E & J Gallo
      • Energizer
      • Fisher-Price
      • Georgia Pacific
      • Gerber Products
      • J. Wray & Nephew
      • Kellogg’s Company
      • Mars Advertising
      • McCormick & Co.
      • Mead Johnson
      • Merial Ltd.
      • Nabisco Foods
      • Nestle USA
      • Reckitt Benckiser
      • Sara Lee Corporation
      • United Pet Group
      • Vivendi Universal
      • Warner Brothers
      • William Grant & Sons
      • Wyeth
    • International Training Workshops Integrating Global Best Practices With Local Country Needs
    • Extensive International Experience
      • Ennis Associates’ seminars & workshops have been conducted in over 40 countries
      • Emphasis on accommodating national cultures, traditions and marketing practices in communicating Global Best Practices
      • In all cases, marketing examples of a given nationality are incorporated in the presentation where available
      • High comfort level with local translation services in all countries
    • Extensive International Experience
      • Tim Ennis has personally conducted seminars and workshops in the following countries:
      England France Germany Guatemala Hong Kong Indonesia Italy Jamaica Japan Malaysia Mexico New Zeeland Philippines Singapore 36 Argentina Australia Bahrain Canada Chile China Ecuador South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand United Arab Emirates Venezuela Vietnam
    • Ennis Associates Contact Information
    • To Contact Ennis Associates
      • For more information you can contact Ennis Associates as follows:
      • Our phone number is 800-914-4194 (586-552-4617)
      • Our email address is [email_address]
      • Our website address is www.ennisassociatesinc.com
      • Our fax number is 800-914-4594 (586-552-4619)