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Liberty Global Brochure 2013

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Liberty global-brochure-2013

  1. 1. Connect Discover Be Free Endless Horizons
  2. 2. We work in a dynamic industry. Digital technology is fundamentally changing the way people communicate, receive information and access entertainment. At Liberty Global, we connect people to the digital world – a world of convenience and infinite choice. Our market- leading broadband, voice, and video services put millions of customers in control, enabling them to discover and enjoy endless possibilities on their own terms, and at their own pace. We remain focused on driving technological change to improve the lives of our customers. Over the past two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of technological innovation for interactive digital television and high speed broadband services. In both areas we have concentrated on developing ground-breaking new products that exploit a key competitive advantage – our fiber-rich, broadband cable networks. For example, we recently launched our next generation media and entertainment platform, Horizon TV, which is transforming the way consumers watch television and enjoy multimedia content across a range of devices throughout the home. We also provide the fastest broadband speeds that are commercially available in most of our markets – and we plan to significantly extend our performance advantage with speed upgrades happening across most of our markets. Our historical results demonstrate consistent growth for Liberty Global, both organically and through acquisitions while maintaining a strong balance sheet and an unwavering commitment to share repurchases. In June 2013, we completed the acquisition of Virgin Media, adding a base of nearly five million customers in the United Kingdom, and solidifying our position as the world’s largest international cable company. As of June 30, our cable systems served over 24 million customers in 14 countries, including 12 in Europe. We are excited about the future, as we continue to innovate and provide our subscribers with world class products and services that enable them to, in the words of our vision statement, “Connect, Discover and Be Free.” Mike Fries Chief Executive Officer, Liberty Global Foreword
  3. 3. 4 Liberty Global at a glance 6 Our role in the new multimedia world 12 Infrastructure & technology 16 The world of Liberty Global 18 Content & investments 20 Public policy 24 Corporate responsibility 28 Working at Liberty Global liberty global 3
  4. 4. Leading cable company Liberty Global is the largest international cable company with operations in 14 countries. We connect people to the digital world and enable them to discover and experience its endless possibilities. Our market-leading television, broadband internet, and telephony services are provided through next-generation networks and innovative technology platforms that connect 24 million customers who subscribe to nearly 48 million services (June 30, 2013). We employ 36,000 people. Our headquarters are located in Denver, Amsterdam and London. Our products and services • Innovative digital TV services including revolutionary media entertainment platforms Horizon TV and TiVo, as well as Video on Demand, High Definition TV, and Digital Video Recorders • Next-generation broadband internet services with downstream speeds up to 250 Mbps, generally the fastest available in our markets • Feature-rich VoIP telephony that includes unlimited usage and complimentary voice services, accompanied with mobile voice and data services in a growing number of markets • Complete range of advanced broadband internet, voice, video, and data services to business customers. Our consumer brands include Virgin Media, UPC, Unitymedia, Kabel BW, Telenet, and VTR. Our operations also include Chellomedia, our content division, Liberty Global Business Services, a commercial division, and Liberty Global Ventures, our investment fund. Our strategy Our business strategy emphasizes superior organic growth, beneficial mergers and acquisitions and a commitment to equity returns through a combination of appropriate leverage and stock buy-backs. We are internationally focused and well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for our services in our key markets. Our vision Our company vision simply stated is Connect. Discover. Be Free. Our market-leading broadband internet, voice and video services and innovative product bundles empower millions of people to discover and experience the endless possibilities of the digital world, and we're constantly striving to enhance and simplify their lives through meaningful innovation. At the same time, we are focused on bringing an amazing entertainment experience to even more customers – through significant investment in our networks and by driving incremental penetration of our advanced services. At Liberty Global, we believe that everyone should be able Liberty Global at a glance 4 liberty global
  5. 5. to explore the amazing but often complex digital world in a safe and responsible manner. That's why promoting a digital society is at the heart of our corporate responsibility (CR) strategy. We're convinced that making the most of the opportunities and benefits that our products and services create is good for our business and good for society. Liberty Global shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbols “LBTYA”, “LBTYB”, and “LBTYK”. Liberty Global is part of the Fortune 500 and Forbes Global 2000 listings, The Dow Jones Sustainability World and North American indices, FTSE4GOOD Index, and the NASDAQ Composite and NASDAQ Industrial indices. Our main brands Germany Hungary Ireland Netherlands Switzerland United Kingdom Other operations Chellomedia UPC DTH Liberty Global Business Services Liberty Global Ventures Country operations Austria Belgium Chile Czech Republic Key Facts: • Largest international cable company • Revenue: over $17 billion1 • Employees: 36,000 • Active in 14 countries, including 12 in Europe • 47 million homes passed • 24 million customers • 48 million RGUs (video, internet, and voice subscribers) 1 Revenue is presented as annualized combined reported results of Liberty Global plc and Virgin Media for the three months ended June 30, 2013. Poland Puerto Rico Romania Slovakia liberty global 5
  6. 6. Our role in the new multimedia world
  7. 7. International scale At Liberty Global our networks span many countries. The benefits of scale allow us to compete with traditional telecom providers, which often operate at the national level and wield considerable market power. By contrast, our cable networks are regional – mainly in large cities. It‘s this advantage that enables us to apply proven best practices from one region to others. Our size makes us a strong partner for the best media technology companies in the world. We work closely with them to build a range of advanced products and services. In recent decades we’ve been an important market consolidator, especially in Europe. Scale also allows us to create sustainable businesses in a world increasingly dominated by large international media players. The world is changing rapidly, with disruptive technologies and demanding consumers forcing providers to innovate at breakneck speed. For example, with 7.000 cable operators in Europe today, this market still needs further consolidation to compete effectively. Triple play The core of our offer to our customers is ‘triple play’ – at Liberty Global, triple play stands for more than digital television, internet, and telephony in a single subscription from a single provider. Of course, the ease of receiving a single bill and installing the system in one go is important. However, today’s consumers – and certainly future generations – also want ease of use, simplicity, and comfort. Innovative digital services Consumers can see the potential of new digital services, yet they will only really be convinced if they have tried them out and experienced the benefits first-hand. This is why we offer our customers new products and services as rapidly as possible. We were among the first in Europe to introduce cable-based broadband internet. Other innovations soon followed, including large-scale digital telephony (VoIP) and ultra-high speed broadband internet services with speeds up to 250 Mbps and 500 Mbps soon to be launched. We call this “Fiber Power”. We’re investing in the further migration to digital television, including Digital Video Recording (DVR), Video on Demand (VoD), HDTV, and 3D TV throughout our footprint. And we have recently launched Horizon TV, our new media, and entertainment platform in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland and Germany. This transforms the way our customers watch TV and enjoy multimedia content on a range of devices in the home. Similar rich video experiences are offered through our TiVo platform in the UK and Yelo TV in Belgium. In the years ahead we will continue to improve our digital services and introduce new ones. Our innovative products provide consumers with information and entertainment on multiple devices, whenever they want. liberty global 7
  8. 8. 8 liberty global
  9. 9. Product innovation is a core focus to strengthen our leadership position in digital video products and services. Horizon is an elegant media and entertainment platform for the home, which seamlessly integrates cable, web-based and personal content. Using a simple intuitive interface, consumers are sharing and viewing content on multiple screens and devices wirelessly anywhere in the home. Horizon puts a smart server at the heart of the digital home. This multimedia gateway sets up a wireless network that connects the TV to devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. The TV interface uses 3D graphics and images that bring content to life and make navigating simple, fast, and seamless. It also integrates access to personal media content such as photos, music and movies stored in the home or in the cloud, enabling a rich media experience on devices both in and outside the home. Horizon does for TV what apps have done for smartphones and tablets. It’s an open, scalable, future-oriented platform. We’re working with content providers such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to develop applications for our App Store, where subscribers are offered a full range of web- based apps and widgets that are seamlessly integrated via the TV user interface. We developed Horizon with world- class technology partners, including Samsung, Cisco and Intel®. Another innovation is the development of Wifi home spots for our customers. The use of Wifi is growing fast because of the explosive uptake of smartphones and tablets. Several initiatives are on their way. We are launching WifiSpots that are enabled by the Wifi modems of our internet customers – soon many internet customers will enjoy connection to unlimited wireless internet in our cable footprint in a smart and safe way. This is a free service for all internet customers with a fast and secure connection. Also Wifi Hotspots are developed for all kinds of public places, which are delivered to customers of our Business Services entities. Mobile As smartphones and tablets have brought the internet to the mobile world, we are also moving towards quadruple play. Adding a fourth, mobile, service to the package fulfils all of the customers’ media and communication needs. In an increasing number of markets, we offer mobile services through a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) agreement with mobile network operators. We have successful operations in the UK, Belgium and Chile, with other markets catching up. Mobile services typically include telephony, SMS and internet, and customers can combine these with one or more of our other services. Horizon puts a smart server at the heart of the digital home. liberty global 9
  10. 10. Business services Besides consumer products and services, we also offer a range of voice, broadband internet and data services to business customers in most of our service areas across our local fiber-based networks. Customers range from Small Office Home Office (SoHo) – generally fewer than 20 employees – to medium and large enterprises (MLE), as well as wholesale customers. A key growth area for Business Services is the SoHo segment. We offer advanced broadband internet, voice and video services, combined with Value Added Services (e.g. cloud) and dedicated Business Class Support. For medium to large enterprises, we offer network-solutions addressing their individual voice, data, and connectivity needs, e.g. customized services for hospitals and care facilities, educational institutions, government offices, and call-centers. Services include Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), webhosting, cloud solutions, audio and web conferencing, and interactive media services such as direct response and voting. Our wholesale business offers a complete range of access, voice and internet services to carriers, ISPs and mobile operators in Europe. We provide these services over our own extensive fiber-based networks, advanced data and IP network platforms and VoIP switching systems. Customer care Excellent customer care is key to our success, which is why we put so much emphasis on service innovation. We believe that by selling and marketing our services in a fair and transparent way, and by making sure our customer care service is high quality, we can retain and grow our customer base. We were one of the first companies to introduce web-care teams, which monitor social media, including web forums, blogs, and Twitter for questions and possible complaints. These teams are proactive and interactively responding to the growing number of consumers searching online for information. This service is personal and fast, often exceeding consumers' expectations. Our advanced digital media facility specializes in multi-lingual and multi-platform broadcasting in standard and high definition. 10 liberty global
  11. 11. Infrastructure technology
  12. 12. The digital home Consumers use digital services (television, internet, and telephony) more and more in a ‘triple-play bundle’ that is often provided by a single cable or telecom company. In the future, competition will intensify. Infrastructure providers are investing heavily in the quality of their networks, with important consequences for the economy and for society. At Liberty Global, we’ve invested billions of euros to ensure that our networks and support systems are future-proof. The digital home requires a reliable two-way infrastructure that has high capacity for broadband services. Most of our hybrid fiber-coax networks are superior to existing DSL, terrestrial or satellite infrastructures, particularly with regards to high- speed broadband. Technological excellence At Liberty Global we develop a lot of our own technology. The speed at which new products can be launched is crucial, and our strength lies in bringing together the right technology manufacturers and jointly developing, integrating and testing new applications and devices. We develop new products and applications with multiple suppliers using industry standards. We prefer to work in an open environment as it makes our solutions more future-proof. Working with first-class technology partners such as Cisco, Samsung, Ericsson, Intel, Nagravision, Pace, Accenture and Oracle requires considerable technological expertise, because these suppliers’ new technologies are often not directly suitable for a mass market. We have our own labs at our Amsterdam headquarters where new technologies are tested. After rigorous testing, these new technologies are integrated into existing networks by our operating companies. Increasing the intelligence of networks In the past decade, the intelligence and capacity of our cable networks have increased dramatically. We believe, in all of our markets, these truly next-generation networks are secure and future-proof. The vast majority of our networks are composed of glass fiber and, in most cases, fiber is less than 100 meters from the customer’s premises. Only the last part that connects the home to the network is coaxial cable (coax). We call these networks ‘hybrid fiber/coax’. As most of our networks consists of fiber, there's no need to replace the last length of coax with glass fiber to further increase the capacity. We deliver products and services via innovative networks that we’ve built up over the years. liberty global 13
  13. 13. Since 2008, DOCSIS 3.0 next-generation broadband technology has been introduced by cable operators across the world and successfully tested at internet speeds of over 1 Gbps, more than 50 times faster than the top broadband speeds over ADSL. Our networks are fast and extremely reliable. In the event of a failure in one part of the network, there are several options for rerouting signals. The networks of our country operations are connected to our ‘Aorta’ backbone, a Tier 1 Carrier that is one of the top-class telecom networks in the world. Over 90% of our networks are fully equipped for two-way traffic and suitable for carrying television, data, and telephony simultaneously using a variety of transport protocols. Software is added to make the networks more user-friendly and gear them more to the needs of customers. For example, users can install new services without calling in a technician and the network is suitable for two-way-services, such as Video on Demand (VoD). Technology development and labs The design and architecture of the network are developed centrally. Activities in our labs vary from high-level design, which focuses on the longevity, consistency and capacity of the network as a whole, to the low-level design needed to create cable connections. We also translate new product concepts, which we develop in cooperation with leading technology suppliers, into technical requirements and then test them using open industry standards. Network monitoring We monitor our networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, like in our European central Network Monitoring Center in Amsterdam. Keeping the network future-proof is a priority. This ensures that capacity is sufficient for future requirements and that new services can be rolled out quickly and smoothly. We centrally implement new software and technology and coordinate the integration of newly-acquired cable networks into our networks. We monitor our networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – keeping the network futureproof is a priority. 14 liberty global
  14. 14. The world of Liberty Global 12,490,200 3,765,800 4,306,400 4,165,100 14,000 cable operatorNo.1 United Kingdom Denver Headquarters London Headquarters 704,200 206,800 186,500 112,500 700 cable operator 2,887,400 973,100 867,100 689,300 3,500 cable operator 861,600 434,400 321,300 265,900 750 cable operator Puerto Rico The Americas Europe Ireland No.1 No.1 No.1 Liberty Global as of June 30, 2013 Homes Passed 46,980,300 13,881,600Internet Subscribers 11,772,100Voice Subscribers 21,877,900Video Subscribers 36,000Employees (FTEs) No. 1 cable operator (world) Chile
  15. 15. Amsterdam Headquarters 2,830,800 1,672,100 1,042,600 961,200 1,900 cable operatorNo.2 Netherlands 12,598,300 6,649,500 2,403,800 2,385,400 2,400 cable operator Germany No.2 1,349,900 565,900 438,800 187,800 900 cable operatorNo.1 Czech Republic 2,684,600 1,271,500 880,000 505,500 1,600 cable operatorNo.1 Poland 2,255,300 1,148,300 349,700 251,700 1,600 cable operatorNo.2 Romania 496,700 259,500 107,500 61,700 250 cable operatorNo.1 Slovakia 1,531,400 881,100 498,800 415,800 1,300 cable operatorNo.1 Hungary 1,317,700 527,100 418,300 334,100 900 cable operatorNo.1 Austria 2,090,900 1,425,200 636,100 438,700 1,600 cable operatorNo.1 Switzerland 2,881,300 2,097,600 1,424,700 997,400 2,300 cable operatorNo.1 Belgium
  16. 16. Content investments
  17. 17. While most of our business is cable-related, we also have a content division that offers a wide range of local, national and international channels. Furthermore, we have an investment fund that invests in promising companies. Chellomedia This is our international content division. It’s a leading international producer and distributor of TV channels and advanced digital services, such as ad sales and broadcast solutions to a portfolio of international channel operators. Chellomedia’s portfolio includes 68 channels, 48 of which are 100% owned and 20 are joint ventures and programming partnerships with leading media companies. Chellomedia reaches close to 400 million households worldwide. The channels are produced, programmed, and scheduled for local audiences, languages and markets. Many are enhanced with additional features such as HD, on-demand services, internet, and access via mobile devices. Chellomedia offers entertainment for the whole family, from children to sports fans and movie enthusiasts. It also provides a full range of TV services through its business- to-business operations, At Media and Chello DMC (Digital Media Centre), including channel management, production, creative, sales and marketing, uplink, and playout. These services for international channel brands are managed and distributed in more than 25 languages through more than 100 feeds and multiplexes. Chellomedia’s main offices are in London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Madrid, Miami and Buenos Aires, and there are regional offices plus a network of international agents in Europe, China, and South East Asia. Liberty Global Ventures This is our global investment fund. Its existing portfolio consists of companies in the content, technology, internet, and distribution space. These investments are managed by a dedicated team of professionals located in Denver, Palo Alto, London, and Amsterdam. This entity invests in early stage (pre-revenue) to late stage companies. The deal size typically ranges from US$2 million to US$20 million with ability to participate in follow-on financings. It participates in both lead and co-lead roles during the investment process. Liberty Global Ventures introduces all of its portfolio companies through an established on-boarding process into our core operations in Europe. A dedicated executive venture support in Europe helps expedite introductions, setup proof of concepts, perform market tests, purchase orders and other such facilities as needed to make the portfolio company successful. Our channels are produced, programmed and scheduled for local audiences, languages and markets. liberty global 19
  18. 18. Public policy
  19. 19. The importance of dialog Governments, the European Union (EU) and European institutions closely follow the fast-moving developments in the communications and broadcasting industry and may affect this sector through a range of regulations and policy initiatives. In order to ensure that political and regulatory decisions are taken on an informed basis and with due account for the industry’s interests, we talk to policy-makers at the EU level and nationally. Partner to governments and EU institutions We have long-term relationships with national governments and with the European institutions. In order to fully understand the environment in which we are investing and to explain the benefits we bring to consumers, national- and local economies, we engage with regulators and government officials in an on-going, constructive dialog. Dedicated EU and national presence We aim to be a credible partner in public policy discussions with national governments, the European Commission, and Members of the European Parliament. Since 1999, we have a permanent representative office close to the European institutions in Brussels. In 2012, we also opened a representative office in Berlin. As a pan-European operator, we contribute actively to achieving the political growth, liberalization and harmonization objectives of the EU communication markets and firmly believe in the positive effects of creating an internal digital market in Europe. Cable is delivering on ambitious broadband targets set by the European Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe. We are demonstrating the benefits of market consolidation and infrastructure competition, which deliver the next generation broadband infrastructures Europe needs and the innovative services that European consumers want. We are also an active member of Cable Europe, the Brussels based trade association which represents the interests of the entire European cable sector and various other high profile trade associations and organizations such as the American Chamber of Commerce and the European Internet Foundation. In addition to our representation to the EU, in almost every country in which we operate we have staff who are dedicated to public policy and government affairs – people who are firmly rooted in local communities. We have long-term relationships with national governments and key European institutions. liberty global 21
  20. 20. Liberty Global Public Policy Series In 2006, we initiated a thought leadership program designed to actively contribute to policy and regulatory debates at the EU and national levels by commissioning objective research projects. These ‘Liberty Global Policy Series’ studies, which are published on a regular basis, are typically based on in-depth analysis of industry and consumer trends and developments in our sector, highlighting various future scenarios involving policy and regulation. The series has so far included studies on Digital TV Migration Strategies, Triple Play competition for the Digital Home, Infrastructure Competition between Next-Generation Networks in Europe, Transformation of the European Video Content Market, Digital Confidence, Next-Generation Competition in Telecommunications, The New Rules of Openness, and the latest study: The Value of Our Digital Identity. Bringing growth to the European economy With cable introducing ultra-high-speed broadband internet over next-generation fiber networks, a new boost to the digital economy can be expected. In order to deliver the sustainable economic and social benefits of broadband, the European Commission – with its 2010 ‘Digital Agenda’ – aims to achieve broadband access for all European households by 2013. By 2020, all European households should have access to much higher internet speeds (download rates of 30 Mbps) and 50% or more should have access to internet connections above 100 Mbps. Cable companies will be able to meet these goals for 2013 – and for 2020 and beyond – well ahead of time. Infrastructure competition is delivering significant tangible benefits to consumers such as ever increasing broadband speeds at affordable prices. The Liberty Global Policy Series is a thought leadership program designed to actively contribute to policy and regulatory debates through reports and seminars. 22 liberty global
  21. 21. Corporate responsibility
  22. 22. One company, one responsibility At Liberty Global, we believe that corporate responsibility (CR) is good for our business and good for society. We enable people to connect, discover, and be free in an ever-changing digital world. These activities generate a responsibility to understand the impacts, both positive and negative, that our products have on the communities in which we operate, and to act accordingly. Our CR strategy has been grouped into four key areas – promoting a digital society, building trust with our customers, managing our environmental impacts, and being a responsible business. Our CR Framework, that results from engagement with our stakeholders, integrates this strategy into our operations through a range of programs. Promoting a digital society In order to promote a digital society, we are helping people develop the skills and confidence they need to get online. We do this through a range of programs that facilitate digital inclusion and protecting children using the internet. Working alongside strategic partners, including governments, civil society, and industry peers, is fundamental to our approach. We address the challenge of digital inclusion by widening access, enhancing skills and creating opportunities for individuals and communities. From enabling underprivileged families to access the internet and giving seniors the skills they need to get online, to helping youngsters discover science and innovation opportunities. Across everything we do, we believe in the importance of protecting children through education and empowerment programs and tools. We implement protective features embedded into our services and develop e-safety toolkits, lessons and videos with clear information on how to reduce the risks as well as enjoy the benefits of being online. We implement protective features embedded into our services and develop e-safety toolkits, lessons and videos with clear information on how to reduce the risks as well as enjoy the benefits of being online. liberty global 25
  23. 23. 26 liberty global
  24. 24. Building trust with our customers Building trust starts with our customers having confidence in our products. We aim to have our brands occupy a respected and trusted position in the marketplace, so protecting our customers’ personal information is a critical element of our business. We also ensure that privacy risks are taken into account at the design stage of every project. Managing our environmental impacts The environmental priorities we have identified with our stakeholders are energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions and electronic waste. We’re working on reducing ‘e-waste’ by refurbishing customer set-top boxes and modems, and we’re optimizing the performance of our networks and buildings so we can drive down our energy consumption and achieve efficiency savings. Being a responsible business Being a responsible business begins with a commitment to act with honesty and integrity, in accordance with high ethical standards. Through the People Agenda, our strategic HR roadmap, we are investing in our employees to build a more resilient business, while implementing a robust approach to assess the environmental and social performance of our suppliers worldwide. We also invest in communities directly via employees’ donations and volunteering, as well as via corporate contributions to charitable organizations. We’re working on reducing ‘e-waste’ by refurbishing customer set-top boxes and modems, and we’re optimizing the performance of our networks and buildings. liberty global 27
  25. 25. The place to be Every day, millions of customers rely on us so they can communicate, be entertained, interact and learn about the world around them. Through our international scale and passion for innovation we empower people to discover the endless possibilities of the digital world – a world in which people are able to connect, discover and be free. What we offer We apply the same passion to creating possibilities for our own people – delivering motivation, inspiration and opportunity. • We motivate them with challenging and meaningful work. • We create dynamic, inspiring workplaces that reflect our diverse culture. • We offer development opportunities so our employees can grow, achieve and excel. • We offer our employees the opportunity to be proud; proud of themselves and proud of their company. Our employees' development, motivation, health and wellbeing are critical to our business. We aim to create a dynamic, talented workforce that reflects our diverse customers and a culture of innovation in which our 36,000 employees can grow and feel supported. Committed to our people At the heart of this commitment to our employees is ‘The People Agenda’, Liberty Global’s multi-year people strategy. It sets forth the future direction for developing and investing in our people across three key areas: Talent, Leadership and Culture. Working at Liberty Global Over fifty different nationalities make up a truly diverse international workforce. 28 liberty global
  26. 26. Employment (FTEs) Liberty Global Headquarters 1,300 (Denver, London, Amsterdam) Cable operations Europe 29,100 Cable operations the Americas 4,200 Other (incl. Chellomedia) 1,400 Total 36,000 The People Agenda ensures our employees are supported in their careers, have the tools to work and develop and are engaged in our business, because engaged employees deliver superior business performance. Through the activities of the People Agenda, we aim to provide all our employees with the skills, opportunities and support they need to help them reach their full potential at all levels of the organization. We have a range of employee development programs, such as Fast Forward – focusing on our emerging leaders. This fulfills our need for leaders who enable growth, are innovative and able to embrace the opportunities and challenges of this amazing industry. We also provide graduate training and ongoing personal development programs, reflecting on our commitment to employee development as a top priority. At Liberty Global, we encourage an inspiring and supportive culture that enables our employees to give their best. Truly international Over 50 different nationalities make up a truly diverse international workforce at our headquarters in Denver, London, and Amsterdam, where we work closely together We create numerous development opportunities to help us attract and retain a diverse group of talented people. with our country operations. The innovative nature of our company creates numerous opportunities for people with the right skills and experience. Looking for talent Often it’s our creative imagination that defines the limits of new developments. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for talented people. We offer opportunities in a variety of disciplines, including sales and marketing, customer care, product development, multimedia services, technology, programming and finance. Talent Ensuring we have the best talent Culture Defining an inspiring culture Leadership Developing world class leaders People liberty global 31
  27. 27. Liberty Global Denver office 12300 Liberty Boulevard Englewood, Colorado, 80112 USA T +1 303 220 6600 F +1 303 220 6601 London Office 38 Hans Crescent London SW1X 0LZ United Kingdom T +44 20 7190 6300 Amsterdam office Boeing Avenue 53 1119 PE Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands T +31 20 778 9400 F +31 20 778 8419 EU Representation Avenue des Arts 41 1040 Brussels Belgium T +32 2 739 1433 Berlin Representation Leipzigerplatz 1 101117 Berlin Germany Austria UPC Austria Wolfganggasse 58-60 1120 Wien Austria T +43 1 960 68 0000 F +43 1 960 68 2070 Belgium Telenet NV Liersesteenweg 4 2800 Mechelen Belgium T +32 15 333 000 F +32 15 333 999 Chile VTR Reyes Lavalle 3340, Piso 9 Los Condes Santiago 5623101 Chile T +56 2 310 1107 Czech Republic UPC Ceská Republika Závišova 5 140 00 Praha 4 Czech Republic T +420 2 6110 7111 F +420 2 6110 7100 Germany Unitymedia Kabel BW Aachener Straße 746-750 50933 Cologne Germany T +49 221 3779 2201 Hungary UPC Magyarorszag 30-36 Kinizsi str. Budapest H-1092 Hungary T +36 1 456 2600 F +36 1 216 0058 Ireland UPC Ireland Building P2 Clontarf, Dublin 3 Ireland T +353 1 245 8419 F +353 1 245 8242 The Netherlands UPC Nederland Kabelweg 51 1014 BA Amsterdam The Netherlands T +31 20 775 5731 F +31 20 775 6724 Poland UPC Polska al. Jana Pawla II 27 00-867 Warszawa Poland T +48 22 241 6900 F +48 22 241 6901 Puerto Rico Liberty Cablevision Luquillo Industrial Park Road 992, km 0.2, PO Box 719 Luquillo Puerto Rico 007730719 USA T + 1 787 657 3050 ext. 3000 Romania UPC Romania 62 D, Nordului St. District 1 014104 Bucharest Romania T +40 31 101 8100 F +40 31 101 8101 Slovak Republic UPC Broadband Slovakia Sevcenkova 35 Bratislava Slovak Republic T +421 2 5942 2704 F +421 2 5942 2200 Switzerland upc cablecom Zollstrasse 42 CH-8021 Zürich Switzerland T +41 44 277 9999 F +41 44 277 9588 United Kingdom Virgin Media Media House Bartley Wood Business Park Hook Hampshire RG27 9UP T +44 1256 752000 F +44 1256 754100 UPC DTH 2, Rue Peternelchen L-2370 Howald Luxembourg T +352 26 84 7021 Liberty Global Business Services Boeing Avenue 53 1119 PE Schiphol-Rijk The Netherlands T +31 20 778 8555 Chellomedia 38 Hans Crescent London SW1X 0LZ United Kingdom T +44 20 7184 5300 E W 32 liberty global
  28. 28. We’ve come a long way… Just 10 years ago, who could have imagined the rich variety of information we would have at our fingertips as we move into the second decade of the 21st century? Digital technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. All over the world TV, telephone, and internet are connecting people and ideas. The boundaries between media are fading fast, and consumer choice is redefining the way we access information and communicate. Nowadays, consumers decide what they want, when, and where. Our vision at Liberty Global is to provide the tools which enable everyone to access this amazing digital world. That's why we say: Connect. Discover. Be Free. This brochure is qualified in its entirety by our public filings, available on our website or through the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. You are encouraged to read these materials for further information. © 2013, Liberty Global All rights reserved. Reproduction or publication in whole or in part is prohibited without approval of Liberty Global. While every reasonable care is taken in compiling this publication, Liberty Global, the author(s), editor(s) or publisher(s) do not accept any liability whatsoever for possible errors or omissions or the consequences thereof. Forward-Looking Statements This document may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, including our insights and expectations regarding competition in our markets, the impact of our MA activity on our operations and financial performance, our expectations with respect to the timing and impact of our introduction of advanced products and services such as Horizon and other information and statements that are not historical fact. These forward-looking statements may involve certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these statements. These risks and uncertainties include the continued use by subscribers and potential subscribers of the Company’s services, continued growth in services for digital television, changes in technology, regulation and competition, our ability to achieve expected operational efficiencies and economies of scale, our ability to generate expected revenue and operating cash flow and achieve assumed margins, as well as other factors detailed from time to time in the Company’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission including our most recently filed Form 10-K. These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this brochure. The Company expressly disclaims any obligation or undertaking to disseminate any updates or revisions to any guidance and other forward-looking statement contained herein to reflect any change in the Company’s expectations with regards thereto or any change in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based. Information presented as of June 30, 2013