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Summer theater marketing_opportunities_a

  1. 1. Theater Marketing OpportunitiesHOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPAÑOL | 6800 S.W. 40 ST. | SUITE 225 | MIAMI, FL 33155
  2. 2. Hollywood Branding InternationalA Branded Entertainment Powerhouse CINEMA NETWORK – EVERY MOVIE THEATER IN THE U.S. Big screen advertising and in-lobby promotions and activations PRODUCT PLACEMENT AND BRAND INTEGRATION Hollywood movies, Indie films, TV shows, music concerts, music videos, branded online TV channels, sporting events, award shows, NEW IN 2012 BOOKS AND E-BOOKS! GLOBAL THEATRICAL BROADCASTS Theatrical distribution of sports and entertainment content spanning 42 countries – LIVE STREAMING, 2D, AND 3D PRODUCTION – ENTERTAINMENT NATION Award winning camera crews and production services for music concerts and sporting events HOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPANOL A bi-lingual team of marketers who marry brands with Spanish language or Latino-targeted assets. HOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPAÑOL | 6800 S.W. 40 ST. | SUITE 225 | MIAMI, FL 33155
  3. 3. Hollywood Branding InternationalA Branded Entertainment Powerhouse
  4. 4. Summertime is our…PRIME TIME!!!Leverage the historical high peak season to reach your target.This chart shows a red line which is the average movie going over 10 years.
  5. 5. Summertime is our…PRIME TIME!!! Here’s a selection of the movies scheduled to be released.Men in Black 3 5/25/2012 SonySnow White and the Huntsman 6/1/2012 UniversalRock of Ages 6/1/2012 Warner Bros.For Greater Glory 6/1/2012 ARCMadagascar 3 6/8/2012 ParamountI Hate You, Dad 6/15/2012 SonyJack the Giant Killer 6/15/2012 Warner Bros.Magic Mike 6/19/2012 Warner Bros.G.I. Joe: Retaliation 6/29/2012 ParamountThe Amazing Spider-Man 7/3/2012 SonyIce Age: Continental Drift 7/13/2012 20th Century FoxThe Dark Knight Rises 7/20/2012 Warner Bros.The Bourne Legacy 8/3/2012 UniversalTotal Recall 8/3/2012 SonyDiary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days 8/3/2012 20th Century FoxRivals 8/10/2012 Warner Bros.The Odd Life of Timothy Green 8/15/2012 Walt Disney StudiosPara Norman 8/17/2012 Focus Features
  6. 6. Powerful Advertising Opportunity Break through the clutter and reach this captive audience! We are unbiased media planners who find the best theater locations for your target. We have relationships with the 30+ vendors who own the advertising inventory on U.S. movie screens. In addition, we work with hundreds of independent theaters nationwide. We negotiate rates far below rate card. We save time and money with our customized research and buying power. We can provide Nielsen standard measurements for impressions, gross impressions (reach x frequency), attendance, and affidavits for POP. We make it easy! We handle all the details. One call. One solution. HOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPAÑOL | 6800 S.W. 40 ST. | SUITE 225 | MIAMI, FL 33155
  7. 7. Movie Theater Advertising…Delivers! Moviegoers respond to Ads. Recall Moviegoers who saw in-theatre advertising are more likely to remember the ad than consumers who saw it on TV Purchase Intent SV moviegoers who recalled the in-theatre spot said they are likely to purchase the advertised product Motivation Moviegoers are more likely to be motivated by ads, meaning they feel the ad increased their interest in the brand and they would talk to others about a point brought out in the adSource: Screenvision Impact Study, TNS, Taylor Nelson Sofres, November 2004; Lieberman Reseasrch Group, In-theatre Exit Research, weighted average of 25 studies from 2008, n=6,457; ages range from 14-65.
  8. 8. Movie Theaters provide a Multi-dimensional Platform On-Screen and In-Lobby Promotions 3D Digital Spots (NEW) – 3D commercials that run before the feature film Digital Spots – commercials that run before the feature film Slide program – three 10-second ads that run before the feature film Concessions – popcorn bags & buckets, soda cups, kiddie packs In-lobby signage- Plasma lobby screens, posters, floor graphics, window clings Print products – flyers, coupons, mini-applications Internet – banner ads placed on entertainment websites Experiential activations – brand ambassadors, sampling, kiosks, demonstrations, POS, car and motorcycle displays HOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPAÑOL | 6800 S.W. 40 ST. | SUITE 225 | MIAMI, FL 33155
  9. 9. Hollywood Branding en Español Theaters selected based on your Geographic and Demographic guidelines!TOP 100 HISPANIC ZIP CODES A national cinema network linking every movie theater in the top 100 Hispanic zip codes Hundreds of movie theater locations Over 1,300 movie screens offering Spanish language Marketing OpportunitiesTOP 5 HISPANIC MARKETS Reach over 23 million moviegoers 678 theater locations 4,229 movie screens HOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPAÑOL | 6800 S.W. 40 ST. | SUITE 225 | MIAMI, FL 33155
  10. 10. Hispanics are the highest movie-going demographic!Attending theaters at a rate almost double that of other groups.
  11. 11. Theater Marketing OpportunitiesAdvertising placed at select theaters showing Summer Blockbusters! ON-SCREEN ADVERTISING With the objective of leveraging the powerful draw of summer films, Hollywood Branding en Español will build an On-Screen Media Plan based on your geographic, demographic and budgetary parameters. Hollywood Branding en Español is the only entity that has identified all of the Movie Theaters located in the Top 100 Zip Codes where over 50% are Latino Residents.
  12. 12. Theater Marketing OpportunitiesIn-Lobby and Face-to-Face promotion at theaters visited by your target! CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT In-Lobby components include: • Posters • Clings • Standees • Banners • Plasma Screens • Danglers • Counter cards • Trailer Vision (where available) Consumer engagement opportunities: • Sampling • Demos • Displays • Exit Sampling / Polling • Giveaways…and more!
  13. 13. Theater Marketing Opportunities Movie related items are powerful Promotional Incentives and Giveaways!To enhance both your Pre and Post Marketingefforts, Hollywood Branding en Español willsecure movie related items including:Ticket Passes, Free Popcorn and Beverages aswell as Branded Concession Merchandise thatwill provide a great long lasting impression!!! HOLLYWOOD BRANDING EN ESPAÑOL | 6800 S.W. 40 ST. | SUITE 225 | MIAMI, FL 33155
  14. 14. Theater Marketing Opportunities Leverage Select Theaters for Multi-City Events!Hollywood Branding en Español cansupport your overall PR & Marketingefforts by performing these services: Management of pre-release events Local and national radio promotions River Oaks – Houston Paragon Grove – Miami Designated publicist for the efforts Creation of micro-site , Facebook page, and Twitter accounts Out-of-Theater Advertising Online marketing via entertainment websites, social media and fan websites On or Near Site Branding and Promotions Arclight – Los Angeles Ziegfeld – New York City Gene Siskel Film Center – Chicago * This is a sampling. Hundreds of theaters are available in any U.S. market.
  15. 15. Hollywood Branding International Entertainment Nation Hollywood Branding en Español 9107 Wilshire Blvd. Trump Building 6800 SW 40 Street 10th Floor 40 Wall Street – 28th Floor Suite 225 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 New York, NY 10005 Miami, FL 33155 V | 424.201.5464 V | 646.308.1563 V | 305.965.3378