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  • 1. Reproductive parts of flowering plants  Flowers usually have male and female parts. The male part of the flower is made up of 2 parts they are anther and the filament. the female part of the flower is made up of three parts they are the stigma, the style and the ovary.
  • 2. Pollination  Pollination is the process by which pollen grains are transferred from the anther to the stigma. Some animals such as insects ,birds help in pollination. Wind can also help in pollination to transfer pollen grains.
  • 3. Fertilisation  Each pollen grain contains 2 male sex cells, which travel through the pollen tube to the female sex cell held in the ovule. After fertilisation ,the ovule develops into a seed and the ovary forms a fruit.
  • 4. Dispersing seeds  Seeds need to dispersed away from the adult plants. The adult plants needs air, water ,sunlight, and mineral salts to survive. Seeds can be dispersed by wind,water,animals or by splitting open.
  • 5. Germination  If seed is not dead ,it will germinate when it gets enough water , air and warmth A seed does not need light to germinate. When a root grows out of a seed ,it shows that the seed has germinated
  • 6. Quiz time !  Name them. What is the four stages in plants? The stages are pollination, germination, fertilisation and dispersal. What is fertilisation? Fertilisation is the process in which a male sex cell fuses with the female sex cell. How many ways are there in dispersing seed name them? There are four ways. They are animals,wind,water and spilitting open What do you need for germination? It need water ,air and warmth.
  • 7. Video time!  Sexual Reproduction In Plant - YouTube
  • 8.