Movie Theater Advertising & Promotions Product Placement in Films, TV Shows          And Music Concerts       CONNECTING B...
Hollywood Branding & Hollywood Branded A Powerful             Partnership             Offering Unlimited                  ...
Hollywood Branding              BRANDED CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & DISTRIBUTIONAt Hollywood Branding, we work with your company...
Hollywood Branding                       PRODUCT PLACEMENT & BRAND INTEGRATIONIt’s a proven fact: when people see their fa...
Hollywood Branding                                  CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT CAMPAIGNSThere is no question about the extraord...
Hollywood Branding                                               PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNSAt Hollywood Branding, we believe th...
Hollywood Branding                                                               SOCIAL MEDIAOver the last several years, ...
Hollywood Branding                                                         PUBLIC RELATIONSPUBLIC RELATIONS in media is a ...
Hollywood Branding                                                         MEDIA MONITORINGDo you know what is being said ...
Hollywood Branding                                         REPORTING & ROI STRUCTUREHollywood Branding creates customized ...
Hollywood Branded                                           CLIENT & STUDIO REFERRALSJUST A FEW THINGS OUR CLIENTS HAVE SA...
Hollywood Branding         9107 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor             Beverly Hills, CA 90212Renato Lopes, National Multi...
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Product Placement Media


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Movie Theater Advertising & Promotions
Product Placement in Films, TV Shows
And Music Concerts.

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Transcript of "Product Placement Media"

  1. 1. Movie Theater Advertising & Promotions Product Placement in Films, TV Shows And Music Concerts CONNECTING BRANDS WITH CONSUMERSTHROUGH THE POWER OF CELEBRITIES & ENTERTAINMENT
  2. 2. Hollywood Branding & Hollywood Branded A Powerful Partnership Offering Unlimited Branded Entertainment OpportunitiesHollywood Branding and Hollywood Branded are entertainment marketing agencies comprised of industry-leading strategists who ensure their clientele are atthe forefront of celebrity driven trends, and collectively deliver expertise across relevant music, digital, television, feature film properties and strategic brandpartnerships. The agency develops innovative ways for brands to engage in a dialogue with consumers including promotional campaigns and sponsorships, storylineintegrations and product placement, branded content, celebrity testimonials, social media, PR, and branded 3D and holographic music concerts.Entertainment marketing provides an image-enhancing tool which allows your brand to stand out from the competition. Through these activities the appearance ofa larger national - or even global - footprint can be created. Our agencies offer an entertainment marketing program initiative comprised of a variety of services forbrands of all sizes and category types. Aside from aiding in consumer awareness, our entertainment marketing program provides you with marketing tools andpresentations which your marketing and sales team can share with potential retailers and consumers, capitalizing on your newly-created celebrity appeal.Our agencies offer more than 30 years of combined experience in entertainment and marketing, with expertise across a variety of corporate sectors, from appareland automotive to financial services, packaged food and beverage, medical, personal care, publications, quick serve restaurants, retail, technology and travel. Thebrand division, Hollywood Branded, creates and executes strategies and business solutions for corporate clients such as Beam Global, BlackBerry, Dearfoams, FourLoko, Morgan Motors and Philips. The production division, Productions Branded, creates marketing strategies and brand partnership solutions for entertainmentclients such as DreamWorks, Paramount, NBC/Universal and Millennium NuImage. Hollywood Branding in Partnership with Hollywood Branded offers: Targeted & Planned Approach To Entertainment Marketing | Access To Top Productions, Celebrities AndQuality Placements | Advanced Inventory Control | Detailed Reporting & ROI Measurement | InnovativeWays To Extend Your Campaign | Movie Theater Advertising and Promotions | Branded Music Concerts Utilizing the Latest 3D and Holographic Technologies Hollywood Branding l 9107 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor l Beverly Hills, CA 90212 l 424.201.5464
  3. 3. Hollywood Branding BRANDED CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & DISTRIBUTIONAt Hollywood Branding, we work with your company to create branded content that best positions your products andservices. Our production team creates entertaining content that allows full control of brand positioning and marketingmessages. Building on the frameworks of product placement and brand integration, branded content allows full controlof messaging points and content development. Hollywood Branding will insure that our production team createsentertaining content that will be embraced and desired by your targeted consumers, and which will be distributed andmarketed via the most appropriate outlets. We will source complimentary brand partners to help offset overallproduction costs.Custom TV Documentaries, TV Series & Feature Films: We will create a thirty, sixty or ninety minutedocumentary, TV episodic series, or a full length feature film around your marketing platforms. The content can live ontelevision (network, cable, or syndication), online, or appear in theaters and/or DVD. International distribution rightscan also be sold, helping to offset production costs or further future content creation fund. Web Series – Webisodes: A web series is a number of short video features called ‘webisodes’ released on the Internet or mobile phone. This Freightliner Documentary relatively new form of digital media may feature anything from a dramatic, Hollywood Branded brought in brand serial storyline to a ‘how-to’ informational guide. Producing and distributing partners to help offset filming costs a web series is relatively inexpensive by traditional standards and allows and create partnerships. content creators to reach a potentially global audience, who can access the show 24 hours a day. We can produce sponsored microsites with blogs, messaging boards and viral widgets, which can expand the brand’s presence and consumer engagement,. Interactive Viral Marketing Campaigns: Your customers are picking and choosing what they watch online. Great content gets passed on to others when the message is strong. We help you create a marketing strategy that involves developing an online message thats novel and/or entertaining enough to prompt consumers to pass it on to others. This spreading of the message across the Web is at no cost to the advertiser. Viral content may take on the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, e-books, brandable software, images, or even multi-media (MMS) text Syneron Commercial Shoot messages. Advergaming/Video Games: Advergaming is the practice of using video games to advertise a product orSyneron hired Hollywood Branded to brand message within the ‘world’ of the game. Pre-post roll advertising, coupon downloads, blog sponsorships andproduce a :30 commercial and print ad prizing offer brands additional opportunities to connect with the players. Online games have a strong word of mouthfor a new campaign for Velashape II. component and are becoming the most visited aspect of brand websites. BRANDED CONTENT SERVICES INCLUDE: Full Management & Execution Of Content Development | Development Strategy | Competitive Research | Post Production Corporate Brand & Promotional Partners | Marketing | Distribution
  4. 4. Hollywood Branding PRODUCT PLACEMENT & BRAND INTEGRATIONIt’s a proven fact: when people see their favorite celebrities holding, wearing or even standing near certainproducts in movies or television shows, they will buy them. People see a brand’s logo, hear a verbalmention or recognize a product in an entertainment property, and they want it. At Hollywood Branding, weget your products onto the sets and integrated into these productions, so your company can increaserevenue and value.Over the life of a film, beginning with its theatrical run, premium cable appearances, other televisedbroadcasts, home video rental and online viewing, cost-per-thousand exposures continues to decrease,eventually declining to mere pennies on the dollar. Every year our agency creates integrationopportunities and placements within hundreds of feature films and television episodes, yielding thousandsof individual on-screen exposures. MAD MEN – CANADIAN CLUB WHISKEYOur staff places products for our clients in the following entertainment properties:TV Sitcoms - TV Dramas - TV Reality Series - TV Talk Shows - T Movies of the Week - TV GameShows - TV Regional News Music - Music Videos - Mobile - Web Series - Feature Films - VideoGames - Branded 3D and Holographic Music ConcertsHow It Works:With over 30 years of combined team experience, our management team has developed a dependablereputation and strong relationships with producers, unit production managers and prop masters on the setsof movie and television shows. Our team is on various set locations every day, interacting with productiondecision makers and presenting educational marketing materials on your brand. These materials help thecrew to fully understand your brand and the on-screen relevance and storyline capabilities.Exposure may include verbal mentions, storyline messaging, insert shots, branded box or product hands NHL 10 – BLACKBERRYon placement with an actor, signage or placement of other branded and wardrobe items. We negotiate theopportunity for your company to participate, then coordinate all the logistics, including the distribution ofyour products to the production sets and evaluate the opportunity with detailed ROI reports uponplacement confirmation. All products that are non-consumable are returned upon the completion of NHL 10 - BLACKBERRYfilming to our office, to be sent out again on another set or returned to you, unless the placement is a pre-arranged as a trade-out to the production.The Difference Between Product Placement & Brand Integration:Product Placement: Typically occurs without paying a fee to the production, by our agency arranging forloan or trade out of gifted items to the production.Brand Integration: Requires a fee to be paid for the placement of the brand in the production and/or aquantity of the product line to be gifted in a high amount, such as with talk show audiences. In exchange NO STRINGS ATTACHED - DEARFOAMSfor the fee, brand messaging points and attributes are highlighted. Fees may range from $10,000 to$150,000 + paid to the production. BRAND INTEGRATION & PRODUCT PLACEMENT SERVICES INCLUDE: Research Relevant Properties | Creation of Brand Production Overview | Education of Production | Presentation of Opportunity Negotiation | Coordination of Needs | Activation of Integration | On Set Supervision | Warehousing & Inventory Control Video & Still Capture | Reporting & ROI Presentation
  5. 5. Hollywood Branding CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT CAMPAIGNSThere is no question about the extraordinarily high level of influence of celebrities in our society. The clothes that they wear one day fly off the shelves the next day.When celebrities say they like a certain product, the sales of that product increase by double digit percentages. At Hollywood Branding, we can secure celebrities tohelp increase your sales increase through perceived celebrity endorsement.We are aligned with publicity houses, management firms, talent agencies and music labels that allow us directaccess to roster celebrities. In addition, our brand agent team is on movie and television sets on a daily basis,with direct access to celebrities through the productions they are currently filming. Hollywood Branding workswith you to define your celebrity campaign needs, and research appropriate celebrities and events who will bestmotivate consumers purchase, by evaluating their awareness, appeal, and relevance to your image and thecelebritys influence on consumer buying behavior. Photographs and testimonials of a celebrities love andenjoyment of your product will boost sales and garner press, as well as provide you with a marketing tool. Wework with your brand team to determine the most appropriate celebrity talent based on market analysis,budgetary guidelines, creative development, and scheduling requirements.In addition, Hollywood Branding has access to all of the film festivals and award parties, premiere and wrapparties, privately hosted parties and celebrity lounges – everything from Hollywood’s hottest entertainmentevents to major sports events - and we have direct access to the celebrities who attend. GRETCHEN ROSSI - SYNERONCelebrities can be acquired by Hollywood Branding for commercials, print campaigns, promotions, media events,personal appearances, speaking engagements and social media. Celebrity endorsement typically consists of awritten, spoken or pictorial statement, showcasing the virtue of a brand by a celebrity who uses his or her statusin society to promote a product, service or charity.The amount a celebrity is paid is based upon the campaigns’ reach, and how actively they will participate. Insome instance, such as gifting lounges, straight trade out via gifting of your brand will allow us to securephotographs and verbal testimonials. In other cases, fees will be paid to the celebrity or to a charity cause thecelebrity is affiliated with. Celebrities will often take a licensing fee percentage of sales profits generated by theirparticipation. Fees paid to celebrities may range from the low teens to millions based upon celebrity caliber andoverall scope of the program. JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT - DEARFOAMS CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT SERVICES INCLUDE: Research & Identification Of Relevant Celebrities | Creation of Brand Marketing Materials | Education of Celebrity Management & Celebs Solicitation | Talent Rate, Term & Legal Negotiations | Contractual Guidance | Project Coordination | Presentation Of Events Direct Seeding | Lounge Sponsorship | Event Display Build Out | Graphic Layout | Staffing | Talent Wrangling Photography Celebrity Addresses & Contact Information | Event Summary | Testimonials | Photos | Social Media | PR
  6. 6. Hollywood Branding PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNSAt Hollywood Branding, we believe that promotions between our corporate clients and the worldof entertainment increases brand awareness. Promotional campaigns can be developed with orwithout a product placement, and can trigger consumer activation that placement can’t byitself. Promotional campaigns increase viewer recognition and recall, helping to increase yoursales. Promotional support of an entertainment property can entice distributors in expandingyour retail footprint, resulting in new and larger consumer exposure.Our promotional opportunities include crossover campaigns in traditional advertising and media,in-store retail campaigns, world premieres, radio prizing, in-store point of sale materials, co-branded movie ticket campaigns, private screenings, sweepstakes, licensed product lines andpremiere parties. We also partner complimentary corporate brands together to reach anexpanded audience.Brands can utilize currently planned media buys to leverage entertainment propertypartnerships – with no added costs beyond creative development.Partnering with an entertainment property at an early-stage in development will help guaranteeand assure your placement or integration finds success. It will also enable you to leverage thekey points of your marketing objectives. We will research and identify relevant entertainment BURIED PREMIERE SPONSORSHIP - BLACKBERRYproperties, strategize with both you and your media agencies in regards to what elements areavailable to be leveraged, oversee activation of promotional elements and present a case studyupon completion. DISNEY’S A CHRISTMAS CAROL DVD, REBATE & RADIO PROMOTION - DEARFOAMS PROMOTIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE: Research | Negotiation | Letter of Intent | Activation | Management | ROI & Case Study Presentation
  7. 7. Hollywood Branding SOCIAL MEDIAOver the last several years, the social web has exploded with people connecting online through social networking sites,blogs posts, photo/video sharing and commenting. People like sharing their opinions about everything from sports toentertainment, music, celebrities, products, services and companies.With over 500 million users on Facebook, over 145 million users on Twitter, over 60 million users on LinkedIn and over 57million users on MySpace, people are connecting with others on their social networking sites several times a day. They arepassionate about not only sharing information but also telling others what they think and how they feel about thatinformation.Companies are starting to join the online social media conversation, and Hollywood Branding is working with brands tomake sure their messages are on target.The best way to make web elements go viral online is to produce great content that people want to share. At HollywoodBranding, we work with our clients to develop social media strategies and campaigns that people want to share. Slipperfairy.com Slipperfairy.com SLIPPER FAIRY CAMPAIGN - DEARFOAMS VIRGIN AMERICA CAMPAIGN - DEARFOAMS SOCIAL MEDIA SERVICES INCLUDE: Custom Content Campaign Development | Education On Current Trends | Research | Development & Activation Celebrity Support Via Twitter & Facebook | Celebrity Photos | Celebrity Testimonials | Contests | Viral Game Development Manage Brands Social Media Pages Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
  8. 8. Hollywood Branding PUBLIC RELATIONSPUBLIC RELATIONS in media is a natural extension to your marketing campaigns. Hollywood Branding recognizes the need for a strategic and comprehensivepublic relations plan, and offers your brand the ability to harness the power of the media to promote to both consumers and the trade, as well as extend yourentertainment marketing program into a comprehensive sales marketing tool through our established and constantly growing relationships with targeted consumerand trade media.Our public relations division offers a structured retainer relationships with clients who were seeking a core strategic agency focus of public relations - either inaddition to their entertainment marketing program, or as a stand alone agency service.We subscribe and utilize numerous public relations media tools, have access (and the persistence to reach) any and every editorial contact in existence, and offerour clients televised media monitoring in national programming. We maintain solid media contacts across key industry, trade, consumer, vertical, online, ethnic,national and regional print publications, television productions and digital sites, all of which are paramount in building your successful media campaign.You will have a dedicated agency point of contact who will oversee our team’s public relations efforts and whom is available to you daily. We offer a boutique settingthat allows us to be nimble, creative and proactive - and capable of achieving all of your public relations objectives while far-surpassing your goals. PRINT MAGAZINE PRESS NEWSPAPER PRESS DIGITAL PRESSPUBLIC RELATIONS SERVICES INCLUDE:Writing Press Releases | Securing Required Clearances For Pictures | Sourcing Media Outlets | Submitting Materials For PlacementMonitoring Resulting Activity | Securing Styling On Celebrity Magazine Covers | Arranging For Advertorial & Editorial Coverage
  9. 9. Hollywood Branding MEDIA MONITORINGDo you know what is being said during television shows about you and your company? Hollywood Branded has a state of the art recording and monitoringfacility, which allows us to record unlimited hours of broadcast programming every day. Our Video Monitoring Service allows us to monitor all televisionprogramming and provide comprehensive tracking of both visual and verbal mention of your company. We store and have access to up to two years of TVprogramming, and can do historical searches for your company and/or your competitors’ brand mentions and ad campaigns.We provide clippings of each of your televised hits as either a digital clip or broadcast transcript as part of our detailed reporting service. This service can beretained on a monthly basis or per project.Our Media Monitoring Services Include:  Managed Monitoring: Oversee your daily television monitoring.  Physical Exposure / Product Placement: Meticulously review television programming to determine your product exposure within the content.  Real-time Alerts: Our state of the art system provides real-time alerts of all verbal mentions of your company within recorded programming.  Daily Alert Updates: Send you daily alerts when you receive a broadcast hit.  Historical Data: Keep historical television broadcasts to allow us to retrieve both your company and your competitors’ hits.  Reporting: Compile your hits in a highly polished and branded report that provides video, text and comments.  Download Hits: Allows you to download segments as a QuickTime, WMV or MPEG file in either broadcast quality or web resolution.  Order An Edited DVD Or Digital File Of Hits: Compile professionally edited reel of your hits.  OnlineGallery Of Hits: Store your segments on a branded, polished and password-protected website to provide around the clock, anywhere-in-the-world viewing of your hits.
  10. 10. Hollywood Branding REPORTING & ROI STRUCTUREHollywood Branding creates customized documentation that provides you with detailed marketing and status reports. These materials are created to allow you toeasily share the success of your entertainment marketing program within your entire company, as well as to assist with public relations efforts. Our Return onInvestment (ROI) and reporting materials are considered by brands and media agencies to be the most comprehensive within the industry.Our 24/7 interactive website allows your team access to all of your entertainment marketing program’s reporting and video materials. Your EntertainmentMarketing Activity Report is broken down by entertainment marketing service and distribution outlet, detailing current status.  Brand Placement & Integration, Promotions, Celebrity Gifting & Events, et al.  Exceptionally newsworthy information is presented as a separate and easily distributed document.REPORTING:  Our monthly update report will include information on current productions filming with your brand, as well as reporting feedback on opportunities which we are currently negotiating and pursuing, and those opportunities which have been declined.  A detailed evaluation overview for each confirmed branded entertainment campaign is provided, which includes:  Video and still imagery of the placement.  A comprehensive ROI metric which is based upon brand measurement needs.  Each placement receives an Individualized Placement Score valuing the quality and value.  Measurement Factors Include: Exposure type, Length, Usage, Logo exposure, Messaging points.  Metrics Summary: Total Placement Value, Viewer Impressions, Viewer Retention, Positive Brand Feeling, Influence to Purchase, and year end CPM analytics. EXPOSURE RECAP STATUS REPORTING ROI RECAP
  11. 11. Hollywood Branded CLIENT & STUDIO REFERRALSJUST A FEW THINGS OUR CLIENTS HAVE SAID…”Great Results. Expert. Creative. Personable. Good Value. Knowledgeable. Professional.Dedicated. Client Service. Trusted. Reliable. Respected. Capable. Seasoned. Intuitive. Guiding Force. Courteous. Detail Oriented. Energetic.Leader. Get Things Done. Intelligent. Enthusiastic. High Integrity. Prompt. Responsible. Tenacious. Connected. Follow Through. Wonderful.Passionate. Extra Mile. Diligent. Impressive. Business Ally. Committed. Responsive. Strategic. Talented. Hard Working. Marketing Expert.Outstanding. Excellent Asset. Great Work. First Rate. Excellent ROI. Absolutely Great. Will Hire Again…”“I just saw the premiere last night, and I want to thank you for an awesome “Committed and responsive…worked hard to best position Philips withjob. It was one of those projects that serendipitously came together. Our CEO branded placement based on corporate guidelines and target demographics…and his wife also saw the screening with important CEOs and talent in tow knowledgeable about the ins and outs and the who‟s who inside the studiosduring our sponsored dinner post party. He was VERY happy with the and production companies…active network in the entertainment world andplacement and it looked wonderful.” - BLACKBERRY knew what programs were about to be piloted and had us in mind for new programming with products that would be a good fit…Easy to work with, fun“In an industry that is at best lax about accountability…ensured that we were and friendly. Knows the ins and outs of organizing promotions that make anconstantly updated and worked tenaciously to achieve our objectives. Industry impact for clients. Not only goes the extra mile, but also a pleasure to workconnections and insider knowledge instrumental in ensuring that Gallo brands with.” – PHILIPSappeared in a variety of film and television vehicles, the total of which exceededour expectations. I would certainly hire again.” - E&J GALLO “Always prompt and responsible. In our business important changes happen within moments notice…always counted on to handle the emergencies in aThank you all so much. This is a fabulous placement! I can‟t wait to share it timely and professional manner.” - DREAMWORKSwith my organization... I couldn‟t be happier with this spot!! - DEARFOAMS “Delivered very successful results with respect to our brand integration“Very professional, courteous and extremely detailed oriented. A pleasure to initiatives...helped augment some of our business-to-business strategies. Waswork with.” - 20TH CENTURY FOX CLIP LICENSING the ideal connective tissue between our community and the Hollywood community.” – NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION“…more than great…very dedicated to client service, „service‟ being theoperative word, deep understanding of the entertainment business and “Very professional and trusted partner for a number of years…quicklyleverages that to the client‟s benefit. I highly recommend.” - FIJI WATER attained great results…creativity is great; knowledge of the entertainment business first rate…outstanding” – KELLOGG’S“Very creative, knowledgeable, professional who offered valuable ideas andopportunities to support the VW brand” - VOLKSWAGEN AG “This team is nothing short of impressive. They said they could deliver…and they did…and with consummate professionalism. They are at the very top of“One of the most professional I have ever worked within the product placement my list to call for promotional efforts that the studio outsources on futurebusiness…complete understanding of Burger King and the market-place in projects.” – SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENTgeneral. Follow through terrific…recommend without hesitation.” – BURGERKING “Instrumental in taking us from introduction to a deal….tenacious, professional, and creative…is always a pleasure to work with.” - STARZ NETWORK“An expert in the field, works diligently to understand and help define clients‟business objectives to achieve measureable results…impresses with depth of “OMG! That‟s so awesome! I‟m so excited. That‟s too awesome! THANK YOUknowledge, professionalism, and smart strategies…powerful business ally.” – SO MUCH! Honestly, I‟m in awe that you were able to get this forVOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA us….amazing!” - DEARFOAMS“I remain impressed by the unbridled professionalism and corporate creativity. “Tremendous enthusiasm and passion…Ideal to speak with aboutWe hired to service a major package goods company for product placements partnerships and product placement.” – WALT DISNEY STUDIOS MOTIONand felt she reinvigorated their role in this space.” – STARCOM PICTURES “Thanks so much for everything yesterday; you were fantastic to work with“What a wonderful job Hollywood Branded did at the Gifting lounge...the set up the whole way through.” - JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!looked amazing. I watched and listened as our brand was introduced tocelebs…a fabulous job. I was very impressed all around with the attention todetail, professionalism, and commitment to the brand. It says a lot about acompany when the people that represent them are Top Notch. I look forward toall of the great results that I know will come from this event. Thank you for allof your help in getting this done and thank you for having such an amazing anddedicated team to work with Eleven Eleven.” – ELEVEN ELEVEN WATCHES
  13. 13. Hollywood Branding 9107 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212Renato Lopes, National Multicultural Brand Director V | 407.497.9316
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