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Pleo Case Study: Turning Holland's largest leisure/travel eCommerce group into a Mobile First company
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Pleo Case Study: Turning Holland's largest leisure/travel eCommerce group into a Mobile First company


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Emesa is Holland's largest eCommerce group, with 5 million weekly visitors and 95 million visitors per year across 5 leisure and travel websites. In the summer of 2013, Emesa appointed Pleo to help …

Emesa is Holland's largest eCommerce group, with 5 million weekly visitors and 95 million visitors per year across 5 leisure and travel websites. In the summer of 2013, Emesa appointed Pleo to help them become a Mobile First company, starting with its hero site

Case study presented at Google Performance (Amsterdam) in May 2014.

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  • 1. Presented by: Maarten de Lange | Mobile Marketing Manager | Renate Nyborg | Founder & CEO | Pleo How became a Mobile First company Thinking with Google, 3 June 2014
  • 2. Case Study Drivers for Change 1 2 3 Strategy & Activities Cornerstones of Success Tweet me @renate
  • 3. After 10 years of growth from Email marketing and Desktop PPC – our landscape had evolved… Tweet me @renate
  • 4. Consumer Habits were Changing Mobile disrupted every industry – Newspapers, Music, Taxis, Travel… Tweet me @renate
  • 5. 25% of’s Web Traffic was Mobile Mobile and tablet visitors made up 25% of returning and new website visitors – despite not having a mobile website 200k MAUs per month on native iOS and Android apps, driving 4X conversion compared to mobile web visits Tweet me @renate
  • 6. Our mission was to make a Mobile First Company From PC Leader to Mobile Giant Tweet me @renate
  • 7. How did we get there? Tweet me @renate
  • 8. Pleo helps companies, ranging from startups to commercial organisations, to innovate, disrupt and grow in order to reach their full potential. Tweet me @renate
  • 9. Pleo’s Philosophy Unlocking the potential of VakantieVeilingen’s existing assets, customer behaviours and employees Tweet me @renate
  • 10. Turnaround Programme (18 months) PHASE 2 Ecosystem Development PHASE 3 Smart Marketing Tweet me @renate PHASE 1 Mobile Acceleration Plan
  • 11. •  Web traffic •  App usage •  Paid media Kick Off Process (6 weeks) •  Strategic report on Global & Netherlands trends in mobile, social, eCommerce and travel Landscape analysis •  One on one meetings with’s Private Equity investor, CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO •  Workshops with App Development agency & internal delivery team (e.g. paid media manager) Data Analysis Stakeholder Interviews •  KPIs: App Downloads, CAC, Mobile DAUs/MAUs, Conversion Rate, App Store rating, etc •  Recommended management structure and hires to become a Product Centric, Mobile First organisation •  ANALYTICS: App Analytics, Weekly/Monthly Reporting •  MARKETING: Paid Media, App Store Optimisation (ASO), App Customer Service •  PRODUCT: Product UX/UI tweaks, Rapid Prototyping Business Goals Work Streams Tweet me @renate
  • 12. Business Goals ACQUISITION drive app registrations ENGAGEMENT increase mobile DAUs /MAUs CONVERSION grow revenues on mobiles DOWNLOAD! BID! WIN! Tweet me @renate
  • 13. Formed the ‘Mobile Power team’ in order to drive rapid progress around key objectives Service2Media App Developers Renate Nyborg Strategy & Product Lead Andre Buren CTO Marc Jutten Technical Product Manager Maarten de Lange Mobile Marketing Manager PLEO Design & Prototyping Tweet me @renate
  • 14. Phase 1: Mobile Acceleration (6 months) 29 August 2013 Appointed mobile product specialists Pleo (UK) to lead app strategy and mobile first roadmap August 2013 Signed deal with Localytics, the in-app analytics company that eBay uses, in order to get deep insight into app user behaviours 8-10 September 2013 ASO & Analytics training and strategy are delivered to the Mobile Power team 17 September 2013 Advised on company structure and resources required to become a Mobile First company October 2013 Launched responsive website November 2013 Prototyped SocialPlan, a feature that allows users to plan with friends and filter by date, weather and and interests October 2013 Signed deal with Apptentive, a tool to improve app customer service and ratings December 2013 Prototyped BucketList, a marketing driven feature to drive mobile DAUs, conversion and app downloads Tweet me @renate
  • 15. Phase 1 focused on understanding and optimising for Mobile Behaviours Tweet me @renate
  • 16. App Users bid on INSTANT ACTION Significant differences in purchasing behaviours between web and app usage. People are more likely to buy ‘instant action’ activities in categories like Beauty, Evening Out and Day Out. This follows trends in mobile search. Tweet me @renate
  • 17. App Users bid MORE FREQUENTLY Tweet me @renate Especially if they use both the App and Website… Sweet spot
  • 18. Phase 2: A New Ecosystem – Mobile First SEARCH DISCOVERY SEARCH DISCOVERY PC Web •  Lead generation •  Convert PC searches •  Convert mobile web/app searches •  Promotion via Google Ads/SEO Tweet me @renate Mobile Web •  Lead generation: <1 hour conversion •  Drive bids on PC •  Drive mobile app downloads •  Promotion via Google Ads/SEO Apps •  Drives discovery •  In-app marketing: e.g. notifications about relevant offers based on past bids and purchases •  Promotion via Google/Facebook paid media and App Marketing Email •  Drives PC and mobile web traffic •  Drives mobile app downloads •  Deep-link auctions in the Apps
  • 19. Tweet me @renate Today our traffic comes mostly from Mobile 42% 21% 37% Platform & Device Web - Desktop Web - Mobile App - Mobile As of May 2014, 58% of our bids come from Mobile Devices On sunny days mobile even drives 66% of all bids!! 34% 66% 30th March 2014 (sunny day!) Desktop Mobile
  • 20. Tweet me @renate VV Apps drive Optimal Performance In May 2014 Apps drove 37% of overall traffic, generating 44% of bids and 44% of revenues
  • 21. Tweet me @renate Growth in app BIDS 19% 22% 26% 28% 31% 32% 33% 35% 39% 37% 35% 37% 37% 39% 41% 42% 44% 81% 78% 74% 72% 69% 68% 67% 65% 61% 63% 65% 63% 63% 61% 59% 58% 56% Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Okt Nov Dec Jan Feb Mrt April May APP WEB App bids grew up from 19% (Jan 2013) to 44% (May 2014).
  • 22. Tweet me @renate Growth in app REVENUES App earnings grew up from 15% (Jan 2013) to 44% (May 2014) of total revenues. 15% 18% 22% 23% 26% 27% 28% 32% 34% 34% 35% 41% 40% 40% 41% 42% 44% 85% 82% 78% 77% 74% 73% 72% 68% 66% 66% 65% 59% 60% 60% 59% 58% 56% Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Okt Nov Dec Jan Feb Mrt April May APP WEB
  • 23. Cornerstones of Success What allowed this project to succeed? Tweet me @renate
  • 24. Tweet me @renate External Forces An external partner (Pleo) led the path to becoming Mobile First. Mobile is usually VERY political because it touches every department – the CEO, CIO, CMO and CTO can all feel it’s “theirs”. Working with an external party can help cut through and get sh*t done!’s Private Equity lead collaborated closely with Pleo, providing complete access to traffic/user data and financials Power of Case Studies: Pleo advisor Frank Meehan (ex Board member at Spotify, Siri and Summly) provided direct insight into the way that Facebook and Yahoo! put product at the heart of their company, and became Mobile First organisations. This helped convince Board members Pleo delivered Monthly Board Presentations, updating on the changing landscape and performance metrics within the organisation. The conversation about radical change must happen at Board and C-Level
  • 25. Internal Forces Tweet me @renate Maarten de Lange (who was then a category marketing manager) was a powerful and driven evangelist for mobile who pushed the project forward with senior management Created a four person ‘Mobile Power Team’ that worked with Pleo – a tight unit that was nimble and able to move fast. The team worked Agile, with an optimisation call each Thursday Work with existing people: rather than waiting to hire mobile specialists: we freed up Maarten and Marc Jutten – who were empowered by a product oriented CTO
  • 26. Thank You!