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Presentation International Trade Show Of New Technologies [Modo De Compatibilidad]

Presentation International Trade Show Of New Technologies [Modo De Compatibilidad]






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    Presentation International Trade Show Of New Technologies [Modo De Compatibilidad] Presentation International Trade Show Of New Technologies [Modo De Compatibilidad] Presentation Transcript

    • 1
    • M O RO C CO – T H E CO U N T RY With a privileged geographical position in the North of Africa as a regional hub, Morroco has recently passed through substantial goverment reforms for a growing market in demand of more goods and services.Business Environment• Great political and institutional stability based on a continuous process of democratization• Institutional support and attractive legal framework• A policy of structural reforms and liberalization of the economy• An educated, qualified and cheap labour force• Geographical proximity to Europe• Sound infrastructure• A total of 16 Regional Investment Centers to ensure speedy company registration and business troubleshooting• Inflation and debt under control Surface 710 000 km² Population 31,4 million inhabitants GDP (2009) 732 Md MAD (65 €bn ) Growth Rate(2009) 5,2% Unemployment 9,1% (2009) 2
    • I N V E ST I N G I N R E N E WA B L E E N E RG I E SMorocco is a major destination for the programs of the IFIs(International Financial Institutions) and the EU, tariff dismantling istaking place under the Association Agreement with the EU and theconsequent simplification of the trading scheme creates veryimportant business opportunities. The World Bank provides an annual grant of about $ 700 million to Morocco. Morocco was one of the top market reformers in the Middle East and North Africa between 2000 and 2010, according to the new World Bank report and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). Morocco cut the cost of starting a business, complying with tax regulations, and doing property transfers, all measures that can help support job creation, an urgent challenge across the whole region. Morocco has also organized the environment to attract companies and investors, the Moroccan government promulgated a law for renewable energy, creating a dedicated agency to construct the solar plan, which is the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy. 3
    • I N V E ST I N G I N R E N E WA B L E E N E RG I E S Morocco is the largest energy importer in North Africa with an inversion of €8 billion of in 2008 and with an enormous potential for renewable energy : Coastline: 3,500 km. Electricity consumption: 5 kWh / m² /day Windpower potential: Over 25,000 MW, of which only about 5,000MW are exploited. Biomass production: 9 million hectares of forestsRenewable energies will account for 42% of Moroccos electricity generation capacity by 2020, EnergyMinister Amina Benkhadra said on 2011, May 31st, at conference in Oujda. The government will invest DH73billion (€6,4 billion) to install a new power output of 3,640 MW by 2015.Morocco is a major destination for the programs of the IFIs (International Financial Institutions) and the EU,tariff dismantling is taking place under the Association Agreement with the EU and the consequentsimplification of the trading scheme, which cerates very important business opportunities.In short, Morocco is an interesting destination for inversions in renewable energies. 4
    • T H E T R A D E S H OWLOCATION • The Royal Mansour Le Meridien Hotel of Casablanca, with a unique strategic, operational and organizational location, Le Meridien was also chosen for its high reputation in the organization of international events.DATES AND SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES • September 19: • Cocktail and reception of visitors and exhibitors. • From September 20th to September 22nd, 2011: • Official Opening of theTrade Show. • Instalation of exhibition halls and stands. • Open workshops. • B2B meetings. • Conferences and seminars.EXHIBITORS • The exhibitors are Moroccan and internationally known companies, fully committed with the renewable energy sector and with a clear positioning as leaders in this sector. 5
    • T H E T R A D E S H OWGeneral DescriptionWith the motto "Renewable energy for a clean environment“, the International Trade Show of NewTechnologies Energie & Ecologie is not only one of the largest events held in a large economiccapital of northern Africa, but also a platform for meetings between investors and operatorsinternationally known and Moroccan private and public operators in the energy sector.The Trade Show allows you to:• Discover new technological solutions in the renewable energy sector,• Learn about tax regulations,• Get to know the advances in research and development of green energy,• Meet the leaders, manufacturers and service companies in the energy sector,It is a unique opportunity…… to discover innovation in the field of : photovoltaic and thermal solar energy, wood, biomassand biogas, wind energy, hydropower, geothermal energy, services, transport and commercialdistribution of energy, etc.… to make networking with exhibitors conference participants and visitors, as well as projectdevelopers, industrialists, public and private agencies related to renewable energy projects,visitors, mass media and the general public. 6
    • THE TRADE SHOW - OBJECTIVE PUBLIC • Research & technology. Biogas / Biomass • Transport, storage and handling. • Technical consultancy. Wood Energy • Turnkey renewable energy solutions. • Installation, commissioning, logistics and distribution. Wind Energy • Developers, equipment manufacturers and supply, building solutions. • Multi specialized manufacturers Distribution • Manufacturers specialized in electric material. • Research & technology.Geothermal Energy • Energy consultancy, equipment manufacturers and supply. • Turnkey renewable energy solutions. Hydraulics • Equipment manufacturers and supply. Research & • Marine energy. Development • Research & technology (new technologies). Servicios y • Associations, ffinancial services, consultancy organizaciones • Research & technology. • Photovoltaic power plants, equipment supply, installation / commissioning. Solar photovoltaic • Turnkey solar systems, equipment manufacturers and retailing.Solar Thermal Energy • Turnkey solar thermal energy plants. (STE) • Equipment manufacturers and retailing. 7
    • SPONSORING Catalogue Size Price• Official Format • 2 and 3 metres • 25,000 DHS H.T. A5 • 4 metres • 22,000 DHS H.T.• Official Format • ½ page, • 7,000 DHS H.T. A5 full colour • 10,000DHS H.T. • 1 page, • 12,000DHS H.T. full colour • 2 pages, full colour Advertising Panels Price/item • 4x3 metres during 1 • 80,000 DHS H.T. month in Casablanca Banners Price/item • Format 6x1 metres • 1,500DHS H.T. 9
    • S TA N D SModular Stands Equipment PriceFrom 9m2 Table • 2,500 DHS H.T. 3chairs Internet Light Company´s Logo ADVERTISING OFFERS Posters Price/item• Size 40x30 cm, full colour • 30 DHS H.T 110gr of paper (box) 10
    • ADVERTISING OFFERS Logo Projection in the Show Room Price/item• 3 days • 50, 000 DHS H.T Cinema Projection Screens Price/item• 3 days • 100, 000DHS Logo Insertion on the Website Price/item• From the contract signing • 200, 000 DHS 11
    • C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O NMme Loubna Ahayoumen Renata LodarEP Hassani Project CoordinatorDirector Forum Development Morocco Coserex- SpainTel: +212(0)522 491 829 Tel. +34 902430535, Fax. +34 961261044Fax: +212 (0)522 491 824 E-mail: r.lodar@coserex.comE-mail: Contact@Energie-Ecologie.net Fanpage Coserex in Facebookmorocco@coserex.com www.coserex.comwww.coserex.com www.energie-ecologie.net 12