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RENAissance WoMan Productions presents...

  1. 1. Interacting with a World of Impact! Season One Media Kit
  2. 2. Authentic, Exposed, Inspires! The Rena Nicole Show utilizes television, public programs and resources to be at the forefront of entertainment and education for youth and adults alike. Hosted and produced by visionary, Rena Nicole Morabe Lutz, The Rena Nicole Show is an inspiring educational travel + web show designed for earth-savvy people from all walks of life. The show features interviews with eco- conscious individuals ranging from local community gardeners to impact-positive pioneers, as well as tips and products to help people raise environmental awareness and become role models involved with creating a more sustainable planet for our children and our children’s children.The Rena Nicole Show has rapidly become THE place for people who are seekingalternatives and resources that speak to their values and love of our planet. Whetherviewers are implementing their own systems of reducing, reusing or recycling, learningwhat “Back to Earth” really means, visiting some of the locations and programs RenaNicole has experienced, or interfacing with The Rena Nicole Show on Facebook orTwitter, The Rena Nicole Show inspires viewers to be come a part of the global solutionto every environmental woe, making the world a better place for every living creature tothrive.
  3. 3. The Rena Nicole Show offers many unique ways for viewers to gain the benefitsof our programming ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and ANYWAY they want it. Theability to access The Rena Nicole Show through the variety of platforms we offeris fast, easy and convenient. The Rena Nicole Show can be enjoy in a number ofways including:  KCMC27, 28 & 29 - Wednesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 10am. Available in Hayward, Castro Valley, Union City, San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Fremont and Alameda.  AT&T U-verse: Channel 99 - Search "Hayward/Chabot".  Xfinity: Comcast 28 - Check out The Rena Nicole Show in your local TV Guide listing!  - See tidbit teasers or full-length episodes of The Rena Nicole Show, as well as vlogs and tips for viewers to take note of anytime, day or night.  Apple iTunes - Viewers can download episodes of The Rena Nicole Show onto their Mac Books, iMacs, iPhones or iPads.  Yahoo! TV Widget - View The Rena Nicole Show via Yahoo! directly through to your TV, cell phone or computer.  Social Media - The Rena Nicole Show values building community and connecting through interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, enabling the sharing of ideas and information for positive world-wide change.  Online Syndication - The content of The Rena Nicole Show, its sponsors and interviews continue to spread like pollen throughout the internet via our "Kiss of Approval" listing on The Rena Nicole Show is uniquely placed on over 30+ different websites all with built-in communities who enjoy our content.  Your Local Magazine Stand- The Rena Nicole Show would also like to introduce its more readers’ digestible version as GREENRENA Magazine. Catered to a slightly mature audience, this saucy, Save the World periodical will have you at the edge of your seat with the latest styles, full-length episodes of The Rena Nicole Show in written dialogue format and other interesting articles and insights for your tangible entertainment! Printed on sustainable inks using 100% recycled materials , of course!
  4. 4. Age of Viewers DEMOGRAPHICS • Creative High School Students 13-18 •Forward-thinking College Graduates •New Parents 18-24 •Alternative Lifestyle Practitioners 25-49 •Contributors toward a Greater Good •Eco-Friendly 50+ •Environmentally-Conscious Male Viewers Female Viewers 32% 68%TV+Online: The Rena Nicole Show Cumulative Viewership 650,000KCMC 28: The Rena Nicole Show Cumulative viewership of Adults 18+ 250,000KCMC 28: The Rena Nicole Show Cumulative Viewership of Households 230,000 STATISTICS EXPANDED*500,000 average number of viewers per episode with continued growth: •200,000 via KCMC28 •300,000 online, syndicate websites, subscribers, etc.*5,000+ rapidly growing list of subscribers (Rena Nicole’s Email Blasts, Vlog/Showsubscribers, Twitter Followers, Facebook Friends.)*250+ Progressive Pioneers (established and aspiring), innovators and influencers willhave gained immense creditability and validation from being on The Rena Nicole Showas a featured presentation.*Minimum Triple Digit growth expected with the development of the Green Rena App.
  5. 5. Broadcast Television ProgramThe Rena Nicole Show has an excellent spot on KCMC28 everyWednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 10am, covering a widearea of the East Bay Area including Hayward, Castro Valley, Union City,San Lorenzo, San Leandro, Fremont and Alameda. Each episode of TheRena Nicole Show plays for one-month totaling eight airings.30 Minute Program focusing on a particular contributor from a variety of topics“Interacting with a World of Impact!”HOSTED BY: Rena NicoleSHOW SEGMENTS: Rags & Riches Revel in Repast Rate the Restaurant Righteously Raw Regarding the Renown Recognizing the Revolutionary Revelry with Rena NicolePermanent Particulars: Every show features a different city/town or online entity. Topics vary depending upon the resources available in that featured community. Interactive engagement with unique guests who have their own passion for making the world a better place. Season 1 airs weekly on KCMC beginning February 2013.
  6. 6. Heather Tremain Miguel Elliot Aphrodite’s Closet Living Earth StructuresTiffany Lee - Designer Jon Parkes- Purveyor Loreon Vigne CompoClay CompoClay Isis Oasis Mitchell Fox - Chef Andrew Fox - Owner Chuck Diguida Source Restaurant Source Restaurant Estuary Art Attack
  7. 7. This fun and interactive website features short, web-enabled versions of thetelevision show, a listing of resources based on location and type, a usersdatabase, vlogs, podcasts, thought-provoking articles, guidelines frompractitioners and so much more on a fresh, web-based interface. • Free Subscription •User-friendly interface •Interactive segment pages •Recommendations, Resources and Teaching Tools •Expert Profiles and Guest Articles •Program Event Photos and RSVP System •VIP Members-Only Exclusive access to Full-length, un-cut Episodes • Web-only Shows •and Products featuring the Green Rena graphic comic.There is something for everyone on The RenaNicole Show and its complementary content is available in every mediaform, and is geared toward an earth-conscious dynamic.Green Rena Email Blasts and Teaching ToolsThe Green Rena BL ASTS Your Email! •E-Blasts delivered to subscribers twice per month •Includes the most up-to-date information on shows, events, tools, news and articles from The Rena Nicole Show.Teaching Tools •Downloadable Webinars exclusively from RENAissance WoMan Productions, producers of The Rena Nicole Show. •E-Zine that compliments the television show and include additional articles, sponsor offers, and an interactive component featuring resources and tips from A Day in the Life of Rena Nicole.
  8. 8. Enter-Acting with a World of Impact!A no-holds-bar approach to exposing the troubles impacting ourworld, The Rena Nicole Show solicits progressive pioneers, artists,activists, educators and innovators who have a passion for protectingour planets resources and living in harmony with the naturalenvironment around them. The purpose of the series is to enliven asense of urgency, fun, excitement and alternatives that viewers maynot be aware of in their local community or near their traveldestination.Events Include •Discounts on tours Rena participates in. •Exclusive "Meet and Greet" sessions with Rena Nicole of The Rena Nicole Show •Limited "Back-stage passes" to meet artists featured on The Rena Nicole Show •Online Q&A with special guests during live interviews •Professional Speakers •Supporting Charities and Community Opportunities •Participator PrizesSeries EventsApril 2013 Televised Show at Green Festival, New York CityMay 2013 Televised Show at Green Festival, ChicagoTBD 2013 Televised Show at Green Festival, Washington, DCTBD 2013 Televised Show at Green Festival, Los AngelesNovember 2013 Televised* Show at Green Festival, San Francisco
  9. 9. The Rena Nicole Show is passionate about protecting our planetsvital resources and makes sure that people are aware of thepolluting products and practices that are out there, and provides funand friendly alternatives and solutions that help to create a moresustainable and healthy world.Every episode, a unique innovation, community occasion or non-profit is featured during the “Blatant Broadcast" segment of theshow. Following the compelling story of the organizations rise tofame is a call to act, inviting our viewers to purchasealternatives, attend events or make a contribution in the form ofdonations, both monetary or otherwise, for the benefit of keepingthe products and services Value-Based organizations provide.How we make all this PossibleLike any business, our production company has a bottom-line inorder to provide the top notch programming that we deliver to thepublic on behave of those people and businesses who what tospread the word about what they are up to. With that in mind, amajor portion of the programming we provide comes from you, like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators who want to spread the wordabout your awesome products and services that are helping topreserve our natural resources and make the world ahealthier, better place.What we will Do for youTruth be told, we are first and foremost a Production Company, andwe pride ourselves for being YOUR provider of Online VideoMarketing services, including videooptimization, transcription, annotating, social bookmarking, backlinking and much more!See the next page for a sample of our services…
  10. 10.  Initial Consultation &  Upload Your Transcript Scheduling  Add Annotations R & D for your optimal  Redesign Your Channel keyword(s)  Create Social Surge Online Video Production  Facebook  Twitter (Optional) On-Site Production with Crew  Pinterest Provide all Video  Tumblr equipment including  Embed on Your Blog  Cameras  Social Bookmarking  Lighting Kit  Get Video Responses  Audio Equipment  Get Comments with Optimize Your Videos Your Keyword on Youtube  Build Backlinks to Video Optimize Your Filename & Channel Optimize Your Title  Embed on Other Optimize your Properties Description  Leverage Playlist Choose Your Category  Be A Video Response Optimize Your Tags  View- Boosting Pick Your Thumbnail Software Call-to-Action Overlay  Adwords for Video Start View-getting  Get Subscribers Process  Review Analytics
  11. 11.  Initial Consultation  Upload Your Transcript & Scheduling  Add Annotations R & D for your  Your Channel optimal keyword(s)  Create Social Surge Shoot the Videos  Embed on Your Blog Optimize Your  Social Bookmarking Filename  Get Video Responses Optimize Your Title  Get Comments with Optimize your Your Keyword Description  Build Backlinks to Video & Channel Choose Your Category  Embed on Other Properties Optimize Your Tags  Leverage Playlist Pick Your Thumbnail  Be A Video Response Call-to-Action  View- Boosting Overlay Software Start View-getting  Adwords for Video Process  Get Subscribers  Review Analytics $1995 $4995
  12. 12.  Post your video on our public  Provide you with Rena broadcast network (250,000+ Nicole’s “Kiss of views in the San Francisco Bay Approval” designation Area) - 30 Minute Feature for sticker as a go-to spot TV & for your specialty Full-Length Feature Targeted to business products and OUR Executive Members AND services. given to you to use as you  Add your business to our please “Kiss of Approval” Post your short video as a Business directory on feature on The Rena Nicole Show website  Transcribe video into a Walk you through the step-by- written-dialogue step process to create an article/blog post for your Affiliate link through your reader-types website that our website will  Feature your article in link to through which we will GREENRENA Magazine continually be promoting your  Design and Create One ⅓ products and services for 1 page 2.25”x9.25” Ad for FULL YEAR! your business to be used Develop a podcast from the in GREENRENA Magazine. video to reach your auditory  Post your ad on our audience. Pinterest Post Podcast on LiveStream &  Give you the PDF to use Stitcher Radio wherever else you see fit $7995 $9995
  13. 13.  IfI can help You Succeed, then our World becomes a Healthier place for our Children If everyone gets “Green”, then it is No longer a Fad, it’s a Lifestyle.I want people to know that how you are operating your business is the way that EVERY business should be operating!
  14. 14.  For more information or to get your questions answered... Rena Nicole 2601 Blanding Avenue, Suite C262 Alameda, CA 94501 415-886-RENA (7362)
  15. 15. Authentic, Exposed, Inspires!
  16. 16. A RENAissance WoMan Production For more information * 415-886-RENA (7362) *