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E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
E commerce
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E commerce


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  • 1. e-commerce
  • 2. What is meant?
    Electronic commerce
    Buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet, especially the World Wide Web
    Different from e-business for it solely focuses on buying and selling
    Considered as the sale aspect of e-business
    From 1999-2008 sales in e-commerce constitutes 4% of the world total sales
  • 3. Better to be Online!
    Easy search and retrieval of desired object
    Ease in comparison between object and shops
    Less tiring
    Transcends time
    Enables the business activity to enter the global market
    Cuts down cost
  • 4. Better to be Offline!
    Privacy issue and disclosure of information
    Perishable goods, NO ENTRY
    False information
    Delivery time can be an agony.
    Spam messages
  • 5. Division of E-commerce
    Also called as electronic retail or e-retail
    Retailers use Web to sell products and services
    This division directly refers to the one we see, the 24 hour virtual mall.,, Social Networks
  • 6. Division of E-commerce
    Market research
    Ability of companies to gather data from their prospects through registration form, questionnaires or order forms
    But this is a privacy issue, whether if it is really for market study
  • 7. Division of E-commerce
    Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    Exchange of business data using an understood data format.
    Involves data exchange from parties that do know each other
    EDI is expected to be replaced by one or more standard XML formats such as ebXML
  • 8. Division of E-commerce
    Email, fax and internet telephony
    Used as a media to reached prospects and established customers.
    Internet telephony and fax is usually done in business to business transaction
    Companies and their email of newsletters to subscribers
    Opt-in-email allows user to voluntarily receive mail updates
  • 9. Division of E-commerce
    Business-to-Business Buying and Selling
    Companies were able to reach the right people in the other company for more information
  • 10. Resources
    Shelly, Gary B. … [ et. al.]. Discovering Computers 2008: Complete. Boston, MA: Thomson Course
    Technology, 2008.
  • 11. Division of E-commerce
    The Security of Business Transactions
    This includes:
    1. authenticating business transactors
    2. controlling access to resources such as Web pages for registered or selected users
    3. encrypting communications
    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is one of the most widely used security technology.
  • 12. Types of Electronic Commerce
    B2B (Business to Business)
    Open to all interested parties such as commodity exchange
    Pre-qualified participants
    Negotiated contracts as to how much will be bought
    B2C (Business to Consumer)
    With intermediary
    Without intermediary, termed as online shopping (via Multiply)
    First come, first serve basis
  • 13. Online banking and Online Trading
    Online banking allows users to pay bills and view their bank accounts and statements from their computers
    Online trading allows users to invest without using broker, often with a lower transaction fee
  • 14. I am a Billionaire, how can I Spend my Money Online
    Music, videos, news, sporting events and games.
  • 15. I am a Billionaire, how can I Spend my Money Online
    Airline, hotel, and car reservations
  • 16. I am a Billionaire, how can I Spend my Money Online
    Buy stuffs such as clothes, accessories, gadgets etc.
  • 17. I am a Billionaire, how can I Spend my Money Online
    Health and Medicine