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Each and every one of us could have the next great idea – it’s time to start building the framework and network for success. Thank you for joining us August 8th. This was part 1 of our Women’s Leadership Program! The digital YOU! Learning how to build and manage your career in the era of mobility

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  • How do you define your brand? – The age of mobility means easy access and digital lasts foreverTherefore, 2. how do you differentiate your personal brand from your digital brand? Do you?It’s never just as easy as coming up with a brand, always challenges to overcomeHow you communicate and interact gives off an impression, regardless and digital makes it more complicatedWhat’s the answer? Careful consideration to PersonalityProfessional value and aspirationsCommunication style
  • Although this may seem as a no-brainer, everything that you experience influences your brand. Everything from how you handle situations to how you communicate is constantly being perceived in one way or another. Speaking to the fact that this is a “Women’s mentoring series”, there is an inherent difference in the ways in which men and women communicate (although this is up for debate). This leaves a lot of room for interpretation, but is also your opportunity.
  • Challenges to your in-person brandRetail and digital are male-dominated
  • Combine slide 5 & 4
  • could be giving up company secrets or their competitive advantageYou could be violating a client NDAJust because you may not use Facebook for work, that doesn’t mean your friends may not.Use your Friend Lists, Remove yourself from Facebook search results, Remove yourself from Google, Monitor photo and video tags, Protect your albums, Prevent Stories from showing up in your Friends’ news feeds, Avoid embarrassing wall posts
  • Activity – sketch out yourself, what profiles exist?Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, BlogsHow do you communicate differently via each of these channels?[Be prepared with pens and notebooks]
  • Ntai Activity overview
  • Remodista's The digital YOU!

    1. 1. The digital YOU! How to Build and Manage Your Brand in the Age of Mobility Sponsored By: Artisan and 24Seven Hosted By: Acquity Group’s Power of X
    2. 2. Agenda Your digital brand Challenges to building your personal brand Building your personal and digital brand Branding activity Success stories Networking 2
    3. 3. Your digital brand  How do you define your personal brand in the age of mobility?  How do you differentiate your personal brand from your digital brand?  How do you overcome challenges to your brand? Answer: With careful consideration to your personality, professional value and aspirations, and communication style
    4. 4. Taking advantage of challenges as learning experiences  Your experiences shape your growth. We want to help you make sure that your experiences are opportunities for growth, particularly as it relates to being a female in the workplace  Although this information may seem obvious, there is an inherent difference in the ways in which women and men communicate  It is important to understand these differences and identify how to bridge the gap
    6. 6. Overcoming Stereotypes and Generalizations 6  While not prominent, stereotypes and generalizations about women in the workplace can occur and damage your brand.  In order to be prepared for and avoid those generalizations, we must identify and understand them first.
    7. 7. Break the stereotype 7 Women are less confrontational •Do •Constructively confront issues head-on •Speak up if you have something to say •Stick up for yourself, your ideas and beliefs when being challenged •Be confident and assertive •Do not •Be passive-aggressive •Play a passive role •Let people bully you into agreeing with them •Let others undervalue your contribution •Become complacent with the way you are treated if you feel it is unfair Successful women have to be “bitchy” •Do •Be assertive •Stay open to colleague’s ideas •Value team relationships and dynamic •Do not •Bully colleagues into agreeing with you •Be overly confrontational and opinionated
    8. 8. Break the stereotype 8 Women do not handle stress well • Do • Be honest with your colleagues about your limits • Ask for help when you are overwhelmed • Do not • Be afraid to test your limits – you might surprise yourself with how well you can perform under pressure Women are more sensitive • Do • Express when you think someone has treated you unfairly or unprofessionally • Be objective rather than emotional • Do not • Take criticism too personally • Let your emotions drive your communication
    10. 10. 10 Combination of who you are NOW and who you want to be TOMORROW Take a seat, a quiet moment and figure it out yourself Think about people’s touch-points with you and how you can exude your brand through these How do you do it?
    11. 11. 11  Mentors  Colleagues  Friends  Boss  Direct Reports  Performance Reviews  Anyone with who you can have a trusting conversation  Like draws like, so if you first choice is not available, look nearby Resources to help guide YOU
    12. 12. Your digital self  You must actively create your brand instead of passively acquiring it  The perception of your brand via digital channels can be perceived differently than in-person  By demonstrating your thought leadership in-person as well as through digital channels, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your leadership by sharing your personal and professional knowledge with others Tips  Ensure your communication is direct with a touch of your personality  Should demonstrate your value through the qualities you exude through both digital channels and in-person 12
    13. 13. Applying your brand to digital channels How do you separate business from personal? Should you separate the two? Tips: • Differentiate your approvals and access on Facebook • Post smart • Keep it confidential • Be intelligent • Be prepared • How about you?
    14. 14. Where is your digital self?
    16. 16. What does success look like? 1. Respect from your colleagues 2. A good team dynamic 3. The ability to hold your own and a healthy level of confidence 4. A reputation of having a good business-fun balance 5. Ideas that are taken seriously (have a seat at the table) 6. Willingness to take risks 16
    17. 17. Tips 1. Be professional 2. Don’t gossip 3. Dress the part 4. Stay classy 5. Be conscious of your attitude 6. Find a mentor 7. Avoid being taken advantage of 8. Always aim to achieve higher 9. Go to happy hour 10.Hold your own and be confident 11.Persevere 12.Don’t be “That Girl” “Six Typical Mistakes Women Make at Work”
    18. 18. HOW DO YOU GET THERE?
    19. 19. Guest Speakers in Retail and Digital Kristie Heins Fox, SVP of Technology, Edelman Christina Garcia, Senior Manager of Retail Systems, OfficeMax Alexis Hiller, Marketing Communications Manager, Baker Furniture Kathryn Kerrigan, eCommerce Manager, The Room Place Video
    20. 20. The digital YOU! How to Build and Manage Your Brand in the Age of Mobility Sponsored By: Artisan and 24Seven Hosted By: Acquity Group’s Power of X Amanda Kranz, Digital Strategist, Acquity Group Kelly Stickel, Founder and President, Remodista Presentation Created by