AMI4CCM revised submission presentation
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AMI4CCM revised submission presentation



This is the presentation which Remedy IT gave to the OMG MARS working group regarding its revised submission for AMI4CCM

This is the presentation which Remedy IT gave to the OMG MARS working group regarding its revised submission for AMI4CCM



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AMI4CCM revised submission presentation AMI4CCM revised submission presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Asynchronous Method Invocation for CORBA Component Model (AMI4CCM) Revised Submission mars/2012-03-30Copyright © 2012 Page 1
  • Document numbers mars/12-01-01 (Asynchronous Method Invocation for CORBA Component Model (AMI4CCM) revised submission) mars/12-02-20 (AMI4CCM revised submission - Machine- readable IDL) mars/12-02-21 (AMI4CCM revised submission - inventory file) mars/12-03-01 (Asynchronous Method Invocation for CORBA Component Model (AMI4CCM) revised submission) mars/12-03-02 (AMI4CCM revised submission errata)Copyright © 2012 Page 2
  • The RFP asks for Extend CCM with a standardized way of doing asynchronous method invocation using the connector concept. Provide a callback model where the user component is called back with the received reply or exception in case of a failure. Allow to be used with simplex and multiplex receptacles Allow multiple invocations to be outstanding to the same server component Explain how AMI4CCM will be deployed and configured.Copyright © 2012 Page 3
  • Global overview Asynchronous invocations for CCM – Does not require CORBA AMI support but is modeled based on CORBA AMI – Details of asynch invocation hidden from component business logic Set of implied IDL rules – Creates implied connector and interfaces used by component business logic – Requires annotation through pragmas AMI4CCM connectorCopyright © 2012 Page 4
  • Relationship to CCM AMI4CCM is an extension to CORBA Component Model Is in itself not a attempt to migrate from CORBA Component Model to a Common Component ModelCopyright © 2012 Page 5
  • Pragmas Standardize pragmas make it possible to enable AMI4CCM at a fine grained level – #pragma ami4ccm interface "<fully qualified interface name>" – #pragma ami4ccm receptacle "<fully qualified receptacle name>"Copyright © 2012 Page 6
  • Implied IDL conversion Conversion of user IDL to a set of implied IDL interfaces: AMI4CCM sendc interface and reply handler Similar to the CORBA AMI implied rules and naming but only uses local interfaces and no valuetypes See section 7.{3,4,5} for the detailsCopyright © 2012 Page 7
  • AMI4CCM Connector Connectors are defined in IDL AMI4CCM implementation can generate a concrete AMI4CCM connector module CCM_AMI {   // Base class for all AMI4CCM connectors   connector AMI4CCM_Base {   };   // Templated Connector module for AMI4CCM. Expects   // two template arguments, the original interface and   // its AMI4CCM counterpart   module Connector_T<interface T, interface AMI4CCM_T> {     porttype AMI4CCM_Port_Type {       provides AMI4CCM_T ami4ccm_provides;       provides T ami4ccm_sync_provides;       uses T ami4ccm_uses;     };     connector AMI4CCM_Connector : AMI4CCM_Base {       port AMI4CCM_Port_Type ami4ccm_port;     };   }; }; // Creating a concrete AMI4CCM module CCM_AMI::Connector_T<StockManager, AMI4CCM_StockManager> AMI4CCM_StockManager_Connector;Copyright © 2012 Page 8
  • Deployment viewCopyright © 2012 Page 9
  • Example implementation Example implementation available as part of CIAO (x.0.7 and newer support the revised submission) Supported by CoSMIC, Artisan, and Zeligsoft as CCM/D&C modeling toolsCopyright © 2012 Page 10
  • Next steps V2V AB FTFCopyright © 2012 Page 11