Religare Health Insurance- Network Hospital In Madhya Pradesh


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Religare Health Insurance- Network Hospital In Madhya Pradesh

  1. 1. Religare Health Insurance Network Hospital In Madhya Pradesh
  2. 2. Bhopal Ajwani Eye Hospital (Sindhi Colony) 115, Sindhi Colony, Bhopal Pincode: 462001 Phone: 0755-2745800/2745400/2745700 Batra Hospital (MP Nagar Zone 2) No.17,Zone-1, M.P.Nagar, Bhopal Pincode: 462016 Phone: 0755-4272672/4274155 Anant Shree Hospital (Raisen Road) #40-A,Sector,Inderpuri,opp. Bhel, Gate No. 1,Above Canera Bank, Bhopal Pincode: 462021 Phone: 0755-4262151 Career Institute of Medical Sciences (Bhel) Opp. Dushera Maidan, Govindpura, Bhopal Pincode: 462023 Phone: 0755-2488090
  3. 3. Chirayu Health And Medicare Pvt Ltd (Bhopal) 6 Malipura, Bhopal Pincode: 462001 Phone: 0755-2737401/02/03/04/05 Hejela Hospital (Kotra Sultanabad) Geetanjali Complex, Bhopal Pincode: 462003 Phone: 0755-2773392/93 Noble Multi Speciality Hospital (Bhopal) 269/1,Opp Police Station, Misroad, Bhopal Pincode: 462026 Phone: 0755-4060000 R.K.Hospital & Research Centre (Indirapuri) 226 C, Indirapuri, Bhopal Pincode: 462021 Phone: 07552750754/4260605/3259102 Sharda Hospital & Diagnostic Centre (Sultanabad) Sujyoti Hospital (Gulmohar Colony) 189-A,Aradhana Nagar, G-3/358,E-8 Gulmohar Colony, Kotra, Bhopal Near Savoy Complex, Bhopal Pincode: 462003 Pincode: 462039 Phone: 0755-2427363 Phone: 0755-2774376/78
  4. 4. Dewas Apex Care Hospital & Resarch Centre Pvt. Ltd. (A.B. Road,) 177-A, Kalani Bagh, Dewas Pincode: 455001 Phone: 07272-251127 Saluja Hospital (Dewas) 122,Civil Lines, A B Road, Dewas Pincode: 455001 Phone: 07272-252663 Dewas Hospital & Research Centre Pvt Ltd (Dewas) 231, A B Road, Dewas Pincode: 455001 Phone: 07272-220600 Sanskar Hospital & Research Centre (KalaniBagh) A-52-53,Kalanibagh, A B Road, Dewas Pincode: 455001 Phone: 07272-253939/253940
  5. 5. Gwalior City Hospital & Research Centre (Bahadurpur) Jail Road, Gwalior Pincode: 474012 Phone: 0751-2491480 Kalyan Memorial Hospital (Morar) Baradari Crossing, Gwalior Pincode: 474006 Phone: 0751-4006733 Global Speciality Hospital (Gwalior) Behind Hotel Sita Manor, Gandhi Road, Gwalior Pincode: 474001 Phone: 0751-2433710 Maheshwari Nursing Home (Padav) 85,Laxmi Bai Colony, Gwalior Pincode: 474002 Phone: 0751-4012551/52
  6. 6. Sahara Hospital (Lashkar) 19-A,Basant Vihar Lashkar City, Gwalior Pincode: 474001 Phone: 0751-2336290 Upadhyay Hospital & Research Center (Gwalior) Idgah Road, Kampoo Lashkar, Gwalior Pincode: 474009 Phone: 0751-2410717 Indore Anand Hospital & Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. (Sindhu Nagar) No.7,Sindhu Nagar, Bhanwarkuan Main Road, Indore Pincode: 452002 Phone: 0731-409212022 Centre For Sight (Jaynagar) Plot No. 124,Sector AB, Scheme 54,In Front of hotel Golden Gate VI, Indore Pincode: 452010 Phone: 0731-4001400
  7. 7. Arihant Hospital And Research Centre (Gumasta nagar) No.283-A, Indore Pincode: 452009 Phone: 0731-2785172 Charak Hospital Pvt. Ltd. (Indore) Film Bhawan,Rani Sati Gate, J.N.Road, Indore Pincode: 452001 Phone: 0731-4008700 Curewell Hospital Pvt. Ltd. (Indore) 19/1 C, New Palasia, Indore Pincode: 452001 Phone: 0731-2434445 Bombay Hospital (Ring Road) No.94/95, Ring Road, Indore Pincode: 452010 Phone: 0731-4077000 Choitram Hosptial & Research Centre (Manikbag) Manik Bagh Road, Near Digambar School, Indore Pincode: 452014 Phone: 0731-2362491 Greater Kailash Hospital (Sainath Colony) 11/2 Old Palasia, Indore Pincode: 452018 Phone: 0731-4051160-65
  8. 8. City Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd. (Jawahar Nagar) No.209, Jawahar Nagar, Indore Pincode: 452007 Phone: 07313012767/2340666/2340777/2340888/ 2349577 Convenient Hospitals Ltd.-CHL Apollo Hospital (A.B.Road) Near L.I.G.Square, A.B.Road, Indore Pincode: 452008 Phone: 0731-2549090/4072550 Itarsi Dayal Multispeciality Hospital (Itarsi) 426,Dr.Rameshwar Dayal, Lakkad Ganj,Near B.S.N.L.Hospital, Itarsi Pincode: 461111 Phone: 07572-470134 Mata Mandir Hospital (Itarsi) Itarsi Main Road, Nyas Colony, Itarsi Pincode: 461111 Phone: 07572-241306
  9. 9. Jabalpur Aditya Super Speciality Hospital & Trauma Centre (Napier Town) Opp. Little Kingdom School, MLB School Road, Jabalpur Pincode: 482002 Phone: 0761-2401000 Bombay Hospital & Research Centre (Rani Tal) Gole Bazar,Rani Tal, Jabalpur Pincode: 482001 Phone: 0761-2610520 Vasan Eye Care Hospital (Jabalpur) 811-Napeier Town, Near Pharwarpal Garden, Jabalpur Pincode: 482001 Phone: 0761-3989000 Anant Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd. (Wright Town) Madan Mehal Station Road, Gate No.3, Jabalpur Pincode: 482002 Phone: 07612411961/2411961/4006494/4006496 J.K.Hospital (Wright Town) 2006 Wright Town, Behind Bus Stand,2nd Lane, Jabalpur Pincode: 482002 Phone: 0761-2407334/2403142/2314339
  10. 10. Marble City Hospital & Research Centre (Jabalpur) 21,North Civil Lines, Near 2nd Railway Bridge, Jabalpur Pincode: 482001 Phone: 0761-2628032 Shri Narmada Hospital (Shatabdipuram) Corporate Block D, Shatabdipuram, Jabalpur Pincode: 482001 Phone: 0761-2688513/2688532 Metro Hospital & Cancer Research Centre (Shanti Nagar) Kuchaini Parisar, Damoh Naka,Near Kshetriya Bus Stand, Jabalpur Pincode: 482002 Phone: 0761-2641661 Silver Oak Hospital (Napier Town) 1812,Napier Town, Russell Crossing, Jabalpur Pincode: 482002 Phone: 0761-2692638/2624557/2624505
  11. 11. Katni G. G. Nursing Home (Bargawan) Madan Mohan Choubey Ward, NH 07, Katni Pincode: 483501 Phone: 07622-229250 Gupta Nursing Home (Madhaunagar) A 19 New Acc Colony, Opp MES colony, Katni Pincode: 483504 Phone: 07622-227365 MGM Hospitals & Research Centre (Katni) Kachari Chowk, Katni Pincode: 483501 Phone: 07622-405040/71/72 Star Recovery Home (Baragawa) Dunn Colony, Katni Pincode: 483501 Phone: 07622-207799 SHRI Hospital (Katni) M M Choubey Ward, NH-7, Katni Pincode: 483501 Phone: 07622-224043
  12. 12. Mhow Getwell Hospital (AB Road) 147, Opp. Chena Godam, Mhow Pincode: 453441 Phone: 07324-275300 Neemuch Chaudhry Nursing Home (Neemuch) Manasa Road, Bihar Bagh,Mehnot Nagar, Neemuch Pincode: 458441 Phone: 07423-221978 Gupta Nursing Home (Neemuch) College Road, Masana Road, Neemuch Pincode: 458441 Phone: 07423-223809 Gupta Surgical & Maternity Nursing Home (College Road) Mansa Road, College Road, Neemuch Pincode: 458441 Phone: 07423-223809
  13. 13. Ratlam CHL Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (Ratlam) M.D.R.12A, Sagod Road, Ratlam Pincode: 457001 Phone: 07412-244881/4 Heartcare Institute And Reseach Centre Pvt. Ltd.-CHL Medical Centre (Nandkhera) Hari Pathak By Pass, Mahakal Road, Ujjain Pincode: 456010 Phone: 0734-2534000 Vidisha Ujjain Maa Hospital & Research Center (Shree Ram Nagar) Shree Ram Nagar, Vidisha Pincode: 464001 Phone: 07592-404252
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