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Buzzworthy Events for Central Alabama Housing Fund
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Buzzworthy Events for Central Alabama Housing Fund


A quick example based presentation about using social media to make events "buzzworthy".

A quick example based presentation about using social media to make events "buzzworthy".

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  • Good morning! We were delighted when Chanda asked us to be a part of today’s seminar. We’re going to talk about events and how to incorporate social media into your promotional efforts. But we really want this to be a conversation. We know how workshops go. You’ve gotten a lot of great information today. And, more than likely you’ve gotten a lot of paper and a lot of tips. We can talk about events for days, but today we want to know what you really want. We are going to give you a couple of handouts that outline the basics of planning an event but what we really want to do is have a conversation about great events and the role that social media can play So we’ll give you our thoughts about events and social media but we want to hear from you with your thoughts as well. We’ll kick things off by giving you a little background about us…..
  • Say a blurb about our company. AMC – manage nonprofit associations like the Birmingham Venture Club and the Association of Fundraising Professionals. We also manage special projects like events, public relations and strategic planning for groups like BSHRM, CEI, Mission Birmingham and others. B4 we started our company, I worked for 2 of Bham’s top advertising and PR agencies – Lewis Communications out in Meadowbrook and O2 Ideas. That’s where I developed a love for PR. Ed worked at the Chamber overseeing small business development Now we’re entrepreneurs, working together A significant part of our work is event planning – Diversity Summit, Mission Birmingham Prayer Breakfast, AFP’s National Philanthropy Day and more….. I have a question for you?
  • Can you relate to this? I’m sure you can! Some of you are board members working diligently to volunteer your time to a cause that you love OR you are the head of one of the housing organizations that’s here today, rolling up your sleeves to do great work for your organiziations and the constituents you serve…with a very lean staff and minimal resources. You may be stressed out, overworked and sometimes you may feel like the last thing you have time for is coordinate event. But, guess what, events are necessary…and when done strategically they can really help you meet your goals
  • Read question & Wait for Responses I love DVR – tape my guilty pleasures (like the Real Housewives – I love all of them OC, New York, ATL – there could be a Real Housewives of Clanton and I would love it! Ask for volunteers to answer this question If someone says GPS say – I don’t have a GPS but I know people who are addicted to. People who don’t even travel outside of the city. “Let’s see going to Mamas house” But, from an event and PR perspective, the one we can’t live without (or shouldn’t live without) is Social Media!
  • Elements of a successful event
  • Elements of a successful event
  • One of the first questions you need to ask yourself when planning an event is “Who’s going to do it?” Staff Volunteers Outsourced Assistance We’ll give you some real life examples of great events that were done in each category
  • Look at this (read the cartoon) – this is how people communicate these days How many are on: Facebook LinkedIn You’ve heard about the value of social media. I am a big advocate for LinkedIn, Facebook and others tools. Why? Because they allow you to create and promote your brand. If you want to be relevant. If you want to be top of mind, you have to be on top of social media. When you establish a profile on social networking sites, you pave the way to make connections and build relationships that could lead to new business. Your social media networks are likely ore diverse than your in person networks. Think about who you can reach!
  • Camp BRIDGES 300% increase in its Facebook Fan Page membership in ninety days thanks to a handful of great ideas and a strong working relationship between PUI and key Camp BRIDGES board members.  After an enlightening May meeting with Camp BRIDGES board member and camper mom, Linda Gunter, Cherie walked away with several terrific ideas for raising the interest and awareness of the organization through their Facebook Fan Page: Post pre-camp status updates, polls and video to build excitement about camp participation. At camp, use the Fan Page as a virtual letter home from camp by allowing campers and key volunteers to post comments to the page.  At camp, post all pictures and video twice per day At camp, incorporate the Facebook Fan Page into camp activities After camp, post all final photos, videos and quirky camp-related status updates to prompt camp participants to reply or post their own comments.
  • Used to do big membership drives Decided to have smaller events Secret Networking Reception – promoted only on FB and Linked (not the website, not to members) Got a great venue like Jennifer Hunt Gallery to provide her space AND wine AND cheese (she wanted the exposure) Sepnt $10K on one big event These new smaller events $4,500K for FOUR events – spent much less and got more members!
  • She had a vision for what she wanted her launch to be. Hired us to help with the PR and community outreach
  • Facebook - Went from 43 to close to 800 in one month Strategic invites to sneak previews Rent Barnstormer Bloggers and Social Media gurus / people with huge followings Partnerships – Café de Paris (she had to get her license in Paris) / Access to venue, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, drink specials
  • Bobby / Haiti & Members promoting general body meetings Status swarm Same profile pics Consistent
  • FACEBOOK: More users than Russia! So if Facebook were a sovereign nation, it would be bigger than Russia A lot of folks say “I’m too old for FB, that’s for the kids” Did you know that the fastest growing demographic is women 55yo, We have pushed the kiddies out of the way. In absolute numbers there are now even slightly more members between the ages of 45 and 65 than there are 13-to 17-year-olds.” Wired Magazine, March. Yes, FB is fun but if you are strategic and intentional, you can reap biz benefits Our CB Facebook story -- found out that a Fan Page is better than a cause page Client groups My personal FB statuses to reflect my brand: business owner, actress active in the community – what I do with my work, my acting, my causes LINKEDIN: BVC Group Very professional; No foolin around Join our LinkedIn page MYSPACE: Losing popularity due to FB but still great for entertainers, musicians actors Tyler Perry Story
  • TWITTER BLOGS Mention the Terminal and Wade on Birmingham Through MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn, we have been able to stay top of mind with current and potential clients. There has been no better place to tie our personal brands (as professionals) to our company brand. We showcase the work we do among existing and prospective clients. These tools provide a free platform to not only build relationships that might lead to sales, but also promote the events of the nonprofits we work with. WARNING: You will be well advised to consider social media etiquette before twittering yourself into oblivion or uploaded pictures that may or may not reflect your brand.  
  • As far as personal pics go, have fun with your photo and show your personality.
  • Top 6 ways to generate buzz: Events and Social Media is right there in the mix We’ve given you handouts: Event Planning Checklist Sample Budget Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Ning Constant Contact


  • 1.
      • “ Relax, It’s Handled”
    Buzzworthy Events Tips on How to Plan an Event & Get Buzz through Social Media Housing Fund of Central Alabama February 4, 2010 Ed and Cherie Fields Projects Unlimited
  • 2. Agenda
    • About Us
    • Objectives
    • Event Tools
    • Buzz Worthy Events
    • Social Media Tips
    • Q&A
  • 3. Objectives
    • Our objectives this afternoon are to:
    • Keep you wide awake
    • Inform or remind you of key Event Planning elements
    • Provide you with top notch, useful and completely doable ideas for integrating social media into your event promotions
    • Share success stories between agency leaders
    • Have some fun
  • 4. About Us
    • “ We provide operational support for association and nonprofit leaders who want to outsource special projects or aspects of their operations on an ongoing basis.”
    • Core Competencies: Communications, Event Planning, Board Development
    • Meeting and event planning
    • Bookkeeping and financial management
    • Strategic planning
    • Membership management and development
    • Marketing and communications projects
    • Education and professional development
    • Technology and web support
    • Board management and administration
  • 5. Can You Relate to This?
  • 6. Buzzworthy Events
    • What product, service or organization that didn’t exist 10 years ago is so relevant to you today that it would impact your total routine to not have it?
  • 7. Buzzworthy Events What event do you LOVE to attend each year?
  • 8. Buzzworthy Events
    • Strategic
    • Interactive
    • Imaginative
    • Allow you to Speak Directly to Your Audience
    • Reinforce Key Messages
    • Partnerships
    • Events that Work
  • 9. Buzzworthy Events
    • Timeline with accountability
    • Budget
    • Volunteer Structure
    • Marketing Plan
    • Program for the day
    • Vendor List
    • Contact Ed Fields at for examples of any of these documents.
    • Your Event Planning Toolkit Should Include
  • 10. Buzzworthy Events
    • Who Will Coordinate Your Event?
    • Staff
    • Volunteers
    • Outsourced Assistance
    How Will You Promote It and Build Excitement for It?
  • 11. Buzzworthy Events
  • 12. Buzzworthy Events
    • Outsourced Assistance: Camp BRIDGES
    "Camp Bridges' families and volunteers live across several Southeastern states, and Facebook has enabled us to bring them together in an online community where parents and children already meet with their friends. With the help of Projects Unlimited's professional staff, we were very quickly able to launch a new Facebook page and other social networking sites to build enthusiasm in the weeks before the camps. Afterward, campers were able to post and see photos. Facebook's own rating for the "quality of interactions" on our new page is five stars“ Camp BRIDGES Board Member
  • 13. Buzzworthy Events
    • Outsourced Assistance: Birmingham Venture Club
    Kudos on all that you are doing with Birmingham Venture Club.  The “secret networking event”, and then publicizing it on Facebook is ingenious.  Definitely made me think, “I want to be a part of this!” Great job! Katrina Marshall UAB Department of Medicine
  • 14. Buzzworthy Events
    • Staff Driven Event
    • Community Entrepreneurship Institute
    Outsourced Birmingham Urban League
  • 15. Buzzworthy Events
    • Volunteer Driven Efforts
    • Facebook
    • Sneak Preview Nights
    • Twitter
    • Partnerships
  • 16. Buzzworthy Events
    • Volunteer Driven Events
    • Love Haiti
    • Monthly Membership Meetings
  • 17. Buzzworthy Social Media Stats
    • Facebook
      • More than 200 million active users
        • Bigger than Russia – 9 th largest country
      • The fastest growing demographic is women over 55 years old!
      • In the last 60 days alone, the number of people over 35 has nearly doubled.
      • More than 3.5 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide)
    • LinkedIn
      • 35 million registered users , spanning 170 industries
      • California – largest state
      • Nearly 60% of the users - $93,000 + income
      • 28% executives - $104,000 average income
    • MySpace
      • 76 million members
  • 18. Buzzworthy Events Social Media Stats
    • Twitter
      • Approximately 7 million users (as of April 2009, source: eMarketer)
      • Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters
      • Google loves twitter
    • Blogs
      • 112 million blogs
      • Bigger than Mexico – 11 th largest country
      • You have full control
      • Google loves blogs
      • Tout your expertise, goods
      • Need to keep it updated
  • 19. Buzzworthy Events Show a little personality
  • 20. Buzzworthy Events
    • Six Critical Elements of Your Marketing Plan
  • 21. Questions? Thank You! Ed and Cherie Fields or 1500 1 ST Avenue North, Unit 4 Birmingham, AL 35203 P: (205) 588-1565 F: (888) 805-2507