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Social recruiting
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Social recruiting


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Trends in Social Media: Job Seekers, Clients & Recruiters

Trends in Social Media: Job Seekers, Clients & Recruiters

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  • 1. Trends in Social MediaJob Seekers, Clients & Recruiters Rekha Chedalavada for Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 1 6/21/2012
  • 2. Social Recruiting Personas Job Seeker Client – Hiring Managers Recruiter 2Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 3. State of Social Recruiting Source: Jobvite 2011 3Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 4. Job Postings on SM networks Source: Bullhorn 4 Report 2012Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 5. Usage by Region Source: Bullhorn Report 2012 5Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 6. Top Industries Posting Jobs Source: Bullhorn Report 2012 6Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 7. Recruiting 3.0 the new wave  1.0 = fax machines, print advertising, Rolodexes  2.0 = move online and using technology for recruitment purposes. Job boards, online CVs  3.0 = two-way, free-conversation based transparent communities. Map key competitors and seducing cream-of-the-crop talent with your brand and in-house opportunities Source: Matthew JeffreyEveryone is a potential candidate 7 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 8. What does it mean forEmployers? Companies can recruit by spending less Companies can reach a greater audience Shorter time to hire: paperless process 8Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 9. Message to Recruiters? Build & maintain a talent community where hiring managers & recruiters can create meaningful, long-standing relationships with candidates Become intimate with industry lingo - ergo needs UGC means recruiter needs to sift through candidates 9Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 10. Case Study: Adidas  Attract top talent by delivering authentic, targeted dialogue across the web  Reach passive candidates  Increase authentic dialogue within talent networksHow? Job Boards, SEO, SEM, Deep Mining of LinkedIn 10 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 11. Case Study: Less Volume More Quality Tools: LinkedIn Company page Current jobs, career path info, current projects they are delivering, video content and featured Reduction in cost per jobs. hire and time to hire 11 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 12. LinkedIn: Connecting Job Seekers, Recruiters & Employers AIG covers multiple brands under flagship Leverage contract Multiple paths to ideal company fit Make it easy  Visual: logos, icons  Update contacts! 12 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 13. Social Media showcases SME 13Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 14. Job Seekers Strut Their StuffCaution: Every tweet gets archived at the Library ofCongress. 14 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 15. Twitter Essentials  Less than 120 characters  Always have a destination page  Keywords Count  Hashtags - best way to leverage Twitter 15Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 16. Networking – the Ultimate Job Seeking Tool  The Bad News  The Dead Mouse  Social Media Lasts Forever80% of job seekers will find a jobthrough a referral – Lee Hecht Harrison 16 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 17. What Job Seekers Need Mobility 19% of job seekers use mobile device 7% of employers have a mobile career site 3% have a mobile app  Alerts  Ease of Contact: email, phone, website Virtuality  Virtual resumes  Online portfolios Rate of Response 17Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 18. Lessons Learned  Recruiting will evolve with technology  Social media = interactive relationships  Savvy job seekers showcase their talents using social media as a vehicle  Mobility Matters  ROI is now ROE – return on engagementKnow Your KPIs 18 Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012
  • 19. Questions Rekha Chedalavada, Independent Media Professional 201.757.7558 @socialrekha 19Rekha Chedalavada IMP Corp. 6/21/2012