Food and Beverages Incubator


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Can Food and Beverages have Incubators like web startups? Billion dollar acquire like Instagram and mega IPOs?

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Food and Beverages Incubator

  1. 1. Disrupting Food & Beverage “Restaurant Incubator” By: 2012/09/0112年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  2. 2. FOOD & BEVERAGES ✦ Nothing much has changed in F&B ✦ Chef > Food > Restaurant > Customers (Nothing New) ✦ Time to “Disrupt F&B” by leveraging the web...12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  3. 3. F&B INCUBATOR •A web platform which allows any Chef to showcase their skillz and test their products through online pre-orders. Incubators is a place for grooming young businesses. Young entrepreneurs gather and work on business ideas, which are then presented to potential investors. Successful businesses are then funded to commercialize their products. It is a common practice in Silicon Alley, CA. for web startups such as Dropbox and Instagram. Reimaginingbiz: “So if web startups can have web incubators, can F&B have F&B incubators?”12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  4. 4. INCUBATING 1. Any kind of Chef or F&B creator 2. Chefs submit their most confident dish for evaluation 3. Selected Chefs invited to join a DEMO-DAY 4. Chef ’s dish will be sold online through pre-orders 5. Chef ’s dish will reach customers via delivery “Process of hatching an egg”12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  5. 5. DEMO DAY ✦ Chef will prepare a dish for the DEMO ✦ Food critiques, bloggers, medias will be invited ✦ Chef will present the dish and share the story ✦ Dish tasting12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  6. 6. MARKETING 1. Chef bio, dish and pics will be uploaded on to web 2. 2 weeks time will be used to create buzz12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  7. 7. ONLINE PRE-ORDERS 1. The dish go online for pre-order at the second week for 1 week 2. Dish will appear only once (lunch/dinner) 3. Online pre-order target at 50% of in-shop price ($20 for $10) 4. Time ends and pre-order stops 5. Chef prepares dish himself or provide recipe 6. Dish only needs to be heated before enjoying Units Ordered: 32012年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  8. 8. REPEAT PROCESS ✦ Increase # of Chefs for variability ✦ One Chef/dish for each day and night to start ✦ Many Chefs but 1 dish for each meal12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  9. 9. SIMPLE MATH 1. A dish targets at in-shop $20 sells at $10 through pre-order 2. 100 dish pre-ordered for lunch = $1000 3. $2000/day and $60000/mon (only 100 units/meal) 4. At 200 units/meal => $120000/month 5. 300 units/meal => $180000/month 6. Cost at 40% for F&B = $108000 net/month12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  10. 10. WEB DESIGN 1. “Simple Minimalist” List up coming Chefs and Dishes12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  11. 11. WEB DESIGN 2. Dish info, pics, preparation, 1click check out, # units ordered, time left, nutrition content12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  12. 12. WEB DESIGN 3. Chef bio, rating, reviews12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  13. 13. WEB DESIGN 4. List of previous chefs by rankings for the next phase BD.... “The Restaurant Launch Pad”12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  14. 14. REVENUE GENERATORS Humble beginnings, Pre-ordered dishes Cashing in, 1. Restaurant Launch Pad (Lots of $$ here) 2. A restaurant with a different Chef for each meal 3. Online cooking class/Fresh produce/Delivery service etc...12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
  15. 15. Only the very surface is scratched here, if you are interested in knowing more about this business plan in regard of ✦ Go to market strategy ✦ Client acquisition strategy ✦ Scaling strategy Or maybe the extended business possibilities, please feel free to contact me at We are based in Taipei, Taiwan. I am a passionate, funny and a easy going guy, so let me know if you just wanna grab a coffee too!12年9月10⽇日星期⼀一
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