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Hovering tips for a remote control helicopter
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Hovering tips for a remote control helicopter


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Hovering Tips For ARemote Control Helicopter
  • 2. So you have already your brand new remote control helicopter and excited to take it on its maiden voyage. Like the other, you have the feeling that you want to fly it the way you want it. But if you are completely new to flying a remotecontrol helicopter, it is important that you learn one skill in particular which is hovering for new here will really take a lot of work. You will be able tocontrol it better and therefore fly it better and avoid crashing it once you can make your helicopter hover. Below are some tips that can help you learn how to hover.
  • 3. Once your RC helicopter has been setup according to the instruction manual, attach the training gear if you have andstand behind the helicopter for about five meters. Standingbehind is better than to stand in front to avoid disorientation.
  • 4. Tip 1 - Start With Hopping By pushing the throttle stick slowly forward the engine will start winding and the rotors will startturning. As you keep pushing it, your helicopter will start to leave the ground. Your first mini-flights is a chance to make you feel your helicopter. For instance it veers to the right, turn it to the left andvice versa, just try getting it off the ground a little bit and try to correct any of its sway. You are just practicing controlling it so it doesn’t matter if you land further away from the point you took off. You are now ready to move on once you can keep it within a two meter radius.
  • 5. 2 - Try Controlling Tail In Hover The idea is to try and keep the remote control helicopter in one direction. Correct the positioning like before but try to get to thestage where you hover then return down on the same place. Just practice until you do it perfectly.
  • 6. Tip 3 - Start Moving The Helicopter AroundSince you are now able to hover it, time to keep moving. This is when the fun really begins. Once you havealready your chosen spot to fly and land your helicopter, instead of just hovering, nudge your directional controlstick in the direction of your landing spot. What you need is a small, gentle nudge then you can now leave the control alone, and once it moves on the right direction, you may now start moving the control stick on the opposite direction to land the helicopter slowly. Once it slowed, it now safe to lower the remote control helicopter onto the landing spot. Continue practice this until you can confidently take off, fly and land your RC helicopter in a different spot.
  • 7. The above tips willsurely let you express how to hover and control your remote control helicopter.
  • 8. Hovering Tips For ARemote Control Helicopter