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Do social media sites do more harm than benefit in the business world
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Do social media sites do more harm than benefit in the business world


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. Photo  Credit:  Jason  A.  Howie  (flickr)  
  • 2. Currently, more than one-fifth of all jobs in the U.S. are posted to Social Networking sites… Photo  Credit:  photologue_np  (flickr)  
  • 3. …With the top three sites being: LinkedIn 77% Twitter 54% Facebook 25% Photo  Credit:  TheSeafarer  (fliker)  
  • 4. According to Software & Information Industry Association……98 percent of companies are now using social mediaPhoto  Credit:  vagawi    (flickr)  
  • 5. over the last fewYears……Social Mediasites have beenlinked to manyproblems thatoccur in abusiness.Photo  Credit:  pasukaru76  (flickr)  
  • 6. Photo  Credit:  Robert  S.  Donovan  (flickr)  
  • 7. This  amounts  to    almost  5%  of  a    businesses  annual  salaries  expense  Photo  Credit:  twodolla  (flickr)  
  • 8. In 2012 study conducted by Norton, it was revealed thatcybercrime was estimated at about $110 Billion annually…Photo  Credit:  elhombredenegro  (flickr)  
  • 9. … this meanscompanies have towatch and be aware 24/7of threats and hackson their socialmedia sitesHackers areattracted to socialnetworking sites becausethey see the potential tocommit fraud…Photo  Credit:  steve  p2008  (flickr)  
  • 10. There have been manyinstances wheresocial media hascausedcompaniespublicrelationnightmaresPhoto  Credit:  HarshLight  (flickr)  
  • 11. In January 2012, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign using thehashtag #McDStories. It was hoping that the hashtag would inspireheart-warming stories about Happy Meals The campaign was pulled2 hours later after the hashtag turned into a bashtag. A few ofthe tweets included:-One time I walked into McDonalds and I could smell Type 2diabetes floating in the air and I threw up. #McDStories-These #McDStories never get old, kinda like a box of McDonald’s10 piece Chicken McNuggets left in the sun for a week-#McDStories I lost 50lbs in 6 months after I quit working andeating at McDonald’s Photo  Credit:  björn  hornemann  (flickr)  
  • 12. Or  even  this  photo  taken  at  a  Burger  King  in  Mayfield  Heights,  Ohio  in  July  2012  which  damaged  the  companies  brand  and  image  Photo  Credit:  hZp://  
  • 13. However, Social Media does have a good side...Photo  Credit:  kennyma]c  (flickr)  
  • 14. According to a recent survey, you are 51% morelikely……to purchase a companies product after liking it on Facebook ...  Photo  Credit:  Tall  Chris  (flickr)  
  • 15. ... and 60% more likely torecommend it to a friendPhoto  Credit:  NJ..  (flickr)  
  • 16. Social media provides access toaudiences your business mightnot otherwise have access to,only through expensive methods,or perhaps not even at allPhoto  Credit:  Compujeramey  (flickr)  
  • 17. This  not  only  saves  money,  but  allows  for  free    adver]sements  and  promo]ons  on  these  sites    Photo  Credit:  leateds  (flickr)  
  • 18. Social networks help build relationships as they !have fans, followers and friends who participate !in discussions…! Photo  Credit:  GoodNCrazy  (flickr)  
  • 19. …they become more attached, leading to stronger and deeper !commitments and relationships with the business. !Photo  Credit:  Yandle  (flickr)  
  • 20. Social  media  can  assist    in  a  businesses  effort  of    providing  to  the  community    and  its  own  social  good…    Photo  Credit:  ivanatman  (flickr)  
  • 21. …In February2013, BellCanada raisedover $4.8million formental healthprograms afterthey promisedto donate 5cents for eachtext, tweet andfacebook sharePhoto  Credit:  Ryan  Tir  (flickr)  
  • 22. But what does this all mean!Photo  Credit:  Eleaf  (flickr)  
  • 23. Believe it or not, there are stillhuge opportunities that businesseswith social media platforms aremissing out on.Photo  Credit:  Ben  Husmann  (flickr)  
  • 24. With 80% of consumers preferring to connect with brandsthrough social media sites like Facebook and 56% of customer tweets to companies being ignored…Photo  Credit:  misnyoT  (flickr)  
  • 25. …Small to mid-sized businesses plan to increasePhoto  Credit:  Gudlyf  (flickr)  
  • 26. With social media presencestill on the rise, harm orbenefit, it is clear-Greg Grusby  Photo  Credit:  Counse  (flickr)  
  • 27. All  images  are  licensed  under  the  Crea]ve  Commons    Non-­‐Commercial  Share-­‐Alike    3.0  agreement,  and  sourced    from  flickr  
  • 28. Sources  •  "Social  Media  And  Jobs."  Computerworld  46.15  (2012):  28.  Canadian  Reference  Centre.  Web.  15  May  2013.  •  "  Consumers  Engaged  Via  Social  Media  Are  More  Likely  To  Buy,  Recommend."  The  CMB  Research  Blog.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  15  May  2013.  <hZp://­‐center-­‐content/bid/46920/Consumers-­‐Engaged-­‐Via-­‐Social-­‐Media-­‐Are-­‐More-­‐Likely-­‐To-­‐Buy-­‐Recommend>.  •  Altman,  Randi.  "Are  you  being  social:  if  you  arent,  you  need  to  be  ...  for  the  health  of  your  business."  Post  Feb.  2013:  22+.  Academic  OneFile.  Web.  16  May  2013.  •  "Businesses  Lose  An  Average  Of  $65,000  Per  Year  To  Workers  Using  Social  Media  Reveals  Spam]tans  Social  Media  Calculator;  Almost  5%  Of  Salaries  Bill  Is  Spent  On  Personal  Social  Media  Ac]vity."  M2  Presswire  (n.d.):  NA.  Gale:  InfoTrac  OneFile  (HITS).  Web.  16  May  2013.  •  Dugan,  Lauren.  "Only  44%  Of  Customer  Ques]ons  On  TwiZer  Are  Answered  Within  24  Hours  [STUDY]  -­‐  AllTwiZer."  jobs,  classes,  community  and  news  for  media  professionals.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  13  May  2013.  <hZp://­‐service-­‐twiZer-­‐top-­‐retailers_b23362>.  
  • 29. …Sources  con]nued…  •  Hill,  Kashmir.  "#McDStories:  When  A  Hashtag  Becomes  A  Bashtag  -­‐  Forbes."  InformaDon  for  the  Worlds  Business  Leaders  -­‐  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  16  May  2013.  <hZp://­‐when-­‐a-­‐hashtag-­‐becomes-­‐a-­‐bashtag/>.  •  Symantec.  "2012  Norton  Study:  Consumer  Cybercrime  Es]mated  at  $110  Billion  Annually."  Endpoint,  Cloud,  Mobile  &  Virtual  Security  SoluDons  |  Symantec.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  12  May  2013.  <hZp://]cle.jsp?prid=20120905_02>.  •  Kelleher,  David.  "5  Problems  with  Social  Networking  in  the  Workplace  -­‐  Informa]on  Management  Special  Reports  Ar]cle."  InformaDon  Management  |  IT  Business  News.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  15  May  2013.  <hZp://www.informa]on-­‐­‐10016208-­‐1.html?pg=1>.  •  REH,  ROBERT.  "Social  Media  Risks  And  Rewards."  Credit  Union  Magazine  76.12  (2010):  60.  MasterFILE  Complete.  Web.  15  May  2013.  
  • 30. …Sources  con]nued  •  Marke]ngCharts.  "SMBs  to  Increase  Marke]ng  Efforts  on  Mobile,  Social  Media."  MarkeDngCharts:  charts  &  data  for  marketers  in  online,  Excel  and  PowerPoint  formats.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  13  May  2013.  <hZp://www.marke]]ve/smbs-­‐to-­‐increase-­‐marke]ng-­‐efforts-­‐on-­‐mobile-­‐social-­‐media-­‐23561/>.  •  CTVNews.  "More  than  $4.8M  raised  for  mental  health  during  Bell  Lets  Talk  Day  |  CTV  News  ."  CTV  News  |  Top  Stories  -­‐  Breaking  News  -­‐  Top  News  Headlines.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  17  May  2013.  <hZp://­‐than-­‐4-­‐8m-­‐raised-­‐for-­‐mental-­‐health-­‐during-­‐bell-­‐let-­‐s-­‐talk-­‐day-­‐1.1154801>.  •  StaZ,  Nick.  "Businesses  Think  They  Get  Social  Media.  Do  You?  –  ReadWrite."  Web  Apps,  Web  Technology  Trends,  Social  Networking  and  Social  Media  –  ReadWrite.  N.p.,  n.d.  Web.  17  May  2013.  <hZp://­‐finally-­‐get-­‐social-­‐media>.