Social commerce webinar


Published on, the leading social commerce platform, will discuss in this webinar the following topics:

- Explore the history of Facebook commerce, reviewing success stories and mistakes of big and small brands.

- Provide engagement tools and best practices one should use in order to manage a Facebook store wisely.

- Introduce techniques to successfully promote your Facebook store.

Published in: Technology
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Social commerce webinar

  1. 1. Social Commerce on Facebook
  2. 2. Speaker:Yariv DrorCo-Founder &
  3. 3. Agenda• Facebook-Commerce – Should I Bother?  ‘Show Me the Money!’• Too Big to Fail? – Big Brand Mistakes• Why put efforts in Facebook commerce?• Success Stories of Big and Small Brands• How to Import a Web Store to Facebook• Best Practices for social commerce• Q&A
  4. 4. Social Commerce – Money Time
  5. 5. Social Commerce – Money TimeBooz & Co. July 2011• Companies will generate 50% of web sales via social and mobile by 2015. (Gartner, Oct. 2011)• 35% of online shoppers say they would be likely to make a purchase directly from Facebook. (, April 2011).
  6. 6. Ok, so there is money in Socialcommerce, but can WE sell on Facebook?
  7. 7. Why put efforts in Facebook Commerce?• Facebook community v. Google Adwords
  8. 8. Why put efforts in Facebook Commerce?Fan = potential leader• Want = wish list• Own = Viral Recommendation
  9. 9. Why put efforts in Facebook Commerce?
  10. 10. Big Brands Success StoriesHeinz ‘Get Well’ Soup cans:• 4 weeks• 2,127 sales• 1 sale per 8 fans• 200% (32,810) increase in Facebook ‘Likes’
  11. 11. Small to Medium Size Business Case StudyNava Zahavi Jewelry Store (Link)• 6 months• $4,000 cost• 10k likes• 400% ROI
  12. 12. Group Deals Performance
  13. 13. How to Import a Web Store to Facebook.. in a click
  14. 14. How to Import a Web Store to Facebook.. in 3 clicks
  15. 15. Connect Your Store to Your Facebook Fan Page
  16. 16. Customize your store
  17. 17. Publish your Store on Facebook
  18. 18. Best Practice• Talk to the Wall! – What should you post? – How should you post? – How frequent to post? – What time of the day should you post at? – What day of the week is the best for your posts? – What keywords should you use? – What questions should you use?
  19. 19. Best Practice• Treat your fans as VIP
  20. 20. Best Practice• Use as many social elements as possible
  21. 21. Best Practice• Advertise your Store
  22. 22. Best Practice• Engage with your fans
  23. 23. Best Practice• Engage with your fans
  24. 24. Best Practice• Engage with your fans
  25. 25. Summary• Facebook-commerce is worth your time• Facebook-commerce requires less efforts than eCommerce, but some efforts are still required• Importing your store can be done in a minute• Once your Facebook store is live you should start marketing it socially
  26. 26. Q&APlease submit your questions!
  27. 27. Social Commerce on Facebook