Prim 6 t1u4


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Prim 6 t1u4

  1. 1. Slide 6 : Unit Question Slide 1 : Presentation Slide 7: ObjectivesSlide 2 : Teacher’s name & Title Slide : 8 -19 : Presentation Slide 3 : Content Slide20 - 21 : Evaluation Slide 4: Procedures Slide 22 -26:Teacher’s Guide Slide 5: Essential question Slide 27:Resources
  2. 2. :I will divide pupils into three groups 1.First group : will make a publisher.Second group :will make the website.Third group : will make the power point 2 3
  3. 3. ?Do you like history
  4. 4. What is the height of the ?What did the pharaohs built ?Cairo Tower ?Where is the Eiffel tower ?How high is the great pyramid ?What is fifty plus sixty?Who built gardens and temples ?Can you read 289?Is the great pyramids very high
  5. 5. :By the end of this unit pupils will be able to 1. Read and write numbers over 100. 2. Ask questions about height using “How high”. 3. Ask questions about places using ‘‘Where’’ 4. Pronounce the two sounds /p/ and /b/ correctly.
  6. 6. Lesson 1What’s the number in boy’s b’s cardWhat’s the number in boy’s a’s card What’s the number in boy’s d’s cardWhat’s the number in boy’s c’s cardWhat’s the number in boy’s f ’s card e’s card It’s three hundred and sixty-five It’s seven hundred and fifty-six It’s six hundred and ninety-eight It’s two hundred and seventy-four It’s ninehundred and fifty-one five hundred and nineteen
  7. 7. What’s four hundred and twenty plus two?What’s one hundred plus twoplus twenty –five ?What’s one?hundred and ten hundred hundred and fifty What’s two hundred and twenty plus three ?What’ssixty . and seventy -five plus seventy –five ?hundredIt’s one hundred and twenty- five .It’s three hundred and fifty .It’s six hundred and thirty .It’s one hundred and fifty .It’s five hundred and – geography ). We’re learning about the Ancient 1. Today we’ve got ( historyeighty Egyptians. 2. The pharaohs ( built – bought ) the Pyramids at Giza . 3. ( How – What ) high is the Great Pyramid, Miss Noura ? 4. It’s one hundred and thirty-seven meters (high – long ) 5. The pharaohs ( also – too ) built gardens and temples .
  8. 8. ?How is the the Eiffel Tower?How highhigh is Cairo Tower?How highhighis the CN Tower ?How highthe Galata ?How is is Big Ben It’s in Paris ..It’s in in Toronto .It’s Istanbul It’s in London ?It’s 324 metres high Where is it ?It’s 67 metres high Where is is ?It’s 553 metres high . Where it ?It’s 96 metres high . .Where is it it .It’s 187 metres high
  9. 9. Lesson 2 The Milad Tower in Tehran is four –1 . hundred and thirty-five metres high the eiffel tower is in paris ?How high is the Milad Tower. The Sphinx high is thetwenty t metres high –2 in Giza is Telecom Tower in London How …………………………..?Where .. is the Sphinx ? It’s four hundred and thirty-five .mtres high .The Eiffel Tower is in Paris It’s in Giza Tower hundred is one –3The Telecom It’s onein Londonand seventy-five. hundred and seventy-five metres high .metres high
  10. 10. Lesson 3 ?What’s one hundred plus thirty-seven ?What’s five hundred plus sixty-three What’s two hundred and thirty-seven ?plus ten It’s one hundred and thirty-seven It’s five hundred and sixty-three It’s two hundred and forty-seven ?What’s eight hundred plus eighty What’s one hundred and twenty plus ?thirty-five .It’s eight hundred and eighty It’s one hundred and fifty-five
  11. 11. b bear Big Ben bus ppear pen paper
  12. 12. pearbear penPaper bus box
  13. 13. pen boxpotatopaper
  14. 14. Pyramids Great pyramid Ancient Egyptians Pharaohs temple Eiffel The CN Tower Tower card garden trainelephant aero plane date olives melon bear pear figs animal pen s Telecom Big Ben Sphinx Tower
  15. 15. .and – oranges – Apples – are - fruits – 1.saw – monkeys – and – I - bears – the – zoo - at – 2 .ate – and – I - olives – dates – 3