Prim 6 t 1 u 1


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الوحدة الاولى انجليزى صف سادس

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Prim 6 t 1 u 1

  1. 1. Slide 6 : Unit Question Slide 1 : Presentation Slide 7: ObjectivesSlide 2 : Teacher’s name & Title Slide : 8 -19 : Presentation Slide 3 : Content Slide20 - 23 : Evaluation Slide 4: Procedures Slide 24 -28:Teacher’s Guide Slide 5: Essential question Slide 29:Resources
  2. 2. :I will divide pupils into three groups 1.First group : will make a publisher.Second group :will make the website.Third group : will make the power point 2 3
  3. 3. ?Where did you go on holiday
  4. 4. ?Did Sara go to Alexandria ?Where is she from?Where did you go on holiday ?What did you do?When did you buy this bag
  5. 5. :By the end of this unit pupils will be able to 1. Read & say the name of their towns 2. Ask & answer questions in “the past simple tense“ using (Wh - questions) 3. Read words correctly
  6. 6. Lesson 1Back to the Valley of the kingsSchool familyHello nearNew TantaFriend Qena Alexandria wentLuxor sendAswan liveAssiut lookPostcardPhoto Amazing
  7. 7. ? Where’s Bashir from- 1 .He’s from Aswan? Where’s Zeina from- 2 .She’s from Tanta? Where’s Hussein from- 3 .He’s from Qena? Where’s yasser from- 4
  8. 8. 1. photos2. postcard3. amazing4. family1. He is from Aswan2. No, he isn’t.3. He’s from Luxor
  9. 9. Lesson 2?Where did you go on holiday .I went to Alexandria?What did you do .I sent Faten a post card
  10. 10. :Answer the questions ?Where did the crocodile go-1 .It went to the river ?What did it do .d- It ate a big fish ?Where did they go-3 ?Wheredid he go-2 .They went to the zoo.He went to the farm ?What did they do ?What did he do . b- They saw a lion. c- He took a photograph .Wheredid she go ? She went to Aswan-1 What did she do ? a- She bought a postcard
  11. 11. d1 d2 c c3 b b4 a a
  12. 12. went-1 sent-2 went-1 took-3 ate-2 bought-3 saw-4 saw-4. My family lives in Luxor
  13. 13. Lesson 3?What did Farah do in AlFayoum-1 . She visited Wady El Rayyan ?What did Zeina do in Giza-2 . She visited the pyramids?What did Seif do in Aswan-3. He visited the Aswan High Dam?What did Hussein do in Alexandria-4. He visited Alexandria Library
  14. 14. ?What did you do yesterday- 1.I visited my friend?where did you go last Friday-2.I went to Rass Elbar?When did you go to port Said- 3.I went to Port Said last year
  15. 15. photo postcard Valley of the temple kingscrocodile lion river photograph fish farm zoo Dam High
  16. 16. inside chair baby Wady El Rayyanpyramids library in under on near school friends
  17. 17. 1. I went to Alexandria ( in – on - to ) holiday.2. I bought a camera to take ( photos – paintings – postcard ).3. I ( went – sent – did ) you a postcard .
  18. 18. These – He ) is my new friend– ( This - 4.soha(?Where’s she (for – from – four - 5(.amazing – It’s ( amaze – amazed - 6
  19. 19. :Read the table and answer the questions- 1Salwa Cairo ?Where did Salwa go-1Sara LuxorFatin Qena She went to CairoHuda Assiut ?Where did Sara go-2Mona TantaYou Damietta .She went to Luxor Where did Fatin-3 ?Where did Huda go-4 ?go .She went to Qena .She went to Assiut ?Where did Mona go-5 ?Where did you go-6 .She went to Tanta .I went to Damietta
  20. 20. :Read the table and answer the questions- 1 ?Where did Salwa go-1 Salwa Cairo ?Where did Mona go-5 Sara Luxor She went to Cairo Fatin Qena .She went to Tanta Huda Assiut?Where did Sara go-2 Mona Tanta ?Where did you go-6 You Damietta .She went to Luxor .I went to Damietta Where did Fatin-3 ?Where did Huda go-4 ?go .She went to Qena .She went to Assiut