Arturo's holidays


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Arturo's holidays

  1. 1. Arturo’s Summer Holidays • Holidays are going to start, It isn’t a dream, is it?!!!
  2. 2. Oh, my dear Arturo, I’m so happy! I’ll miss our school, but it’s time to say goodbye to the stress now! Holy words, my wise headmaster!
  3. 3. Just a funny way to leave the school and to be ready to other summer adventures!!!!!
  4. 4. After a year of hard work at school, it’s really a pleausure to move our body in the garden !!
  5. 5. And now here we are. How lovely and peaceful our country is!
  6. 6. It’s time to relax and to be in contact with our nature in the open air, waiting for the sun and the beach.
  7. 7. A fresh bath in our big swimming-pool near the school, it’s the best way to welcome our summer. We love sunbathing and swimming!!!!
  8. 8. There is also time for sport during our local summer competitions. Another occasion to meet new friends and to train our muscles .
  9. 9. But after some days of total relax, we absolutely need to wonder visiting our local attractions. How to leave for the seaside without wishing “a good summer” to Pinocchio in Collodi?
  10. 10. It’s always amazing and exciting to take a tour in Pinocchio’s whale mouth, but we have to pay attention: she can be hungry!!!
  11. 11. Not less interesting it’s to have a tour In Populonia located in the south of Livorno, the only ancient Etruscan city situatd on the sea. To understand who we are and where we come from, we have just to walk around the Etruscan ruins. Our ancestors can teach us lots of things!!! Within the walls of medievalorigins there is a quaint little village with some elegant shops. From the top of the fortress there is a magnificent view of the Tuscan Archipelago and in particular of the Island of Elba.
  12. 12. The Island of Ellba, in the Mediterranean sea, is really charming and offer wonderful unusual landscapes. That’s why we spend there at least a week in July or in August when it’s so hot!!! I’m looking forward to arrive in my favourite Island. Just an hour of ferry-boat and I’ll meet all my friends and we’ll have a lot of fun.
  13. 13. What a wonderful view!!!
  14. 14. All together on the beach ready to swim, to sunbathe and to have fun!
  15. 15. How lovely is to play with the sand, we need only a little bit of imagination and a good deal of patience!
  16. 16. Surf-riding in the hot water is like a dream…….
  17. 17. It’s time now to go for a walk on our mountains. How relaxing is to let our thougths wander in the greenery of the woods.
  18. 18. A thrill of pleasure before coming back to school !!
  19. 19. Summer is over!! Are you ready for the new School year?? Yes, we are!!!!