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Looking for budget-friendly resources to support your students, teachers, and administrators? Flip through our new Region 4 Solutions Catalog. Titles, covers, and product IDs will direct you to the corresponding pages online!

Visit to download a copy of the catalog and access a full listing of Region 4 contacts by department.

Explore products and services in the following areas:
- STAAR™ Resources—available in Math, Science, and Reading/Language Arts
- Curriculum/Assessment and Intervention
- Bilingual/ESL/ELL
- Special Education
- Professional Development
- Campus Leadership
- Accountability & Compliance
- Staffing/Personnel, Career Advancement

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Region 4 Solutions Catalog, 2013

  1. 1. ABOUT REGION 4 ABOUT REGION 4 As the largest education service center (ESC) in Texas, Region 4 provides research-based products, services, and professional development to 51 districts, 48 state-approved charter schools, and 1,417 campuses, representing more than 1 million students (almost one-fourth of all students in Texas) and more than 83,000 educators in the upper Texas Gulf Coast area. Certified educators and administrators prepare materials and training that align to state and federal standards and test the effectiveness of these products and services in education environments to ensure high quality and consistency across learning platforms. To illustrate our commitment to students, we have developed the following center-wide strategic plan framework to which we adhere each day. Core Purpose Revolutionizing education to inspire and advance future generations® Vision Creating solutions that are the worldwide standard for educational excellence® Strategic Goals/Quality Objectives Make Every Customer a Raving Fan Be Financially Self-Sufficient Increase Employee and Organizational Capacity Core Values Excellence in Service for Children TABLE OF CONTENTS Academic Support................................................................. 6 General Instruction.................................................................. 6 Curriculum/Assessment and Intervention...............................10 Bilingual/ESL/ELL Resources.................................................12 Administrator Resources........................................................13 Special Education.................................................................14 Professional Development...................................................18 Campus Leadership...............................................................19 Principal Resources.................................................................19 Accountability and Compliance................................................21 Ancillary Resources..................................................................23 Staffing/Personnel, Career Advancement................................242 | Contact
  2. 2. PRODUCT | 3
  3. 3. SERVICE Highlights Braille Solutions Videoconferencing Online Training Texas Virtual School Print Center @ Region 4 Innovative Transportation Solutions www.iTransSolutions.org4 |
  4. 4. Region 4 ConferencesStay up to date on the latest trends and practices.Staff development can be a great expense for districts and campuses—not tomention the quality instructional time lost when educators step away from theclassroom. Region 4’s annual conferences provide districts and campuses witha budget-friendly and local option for participation in educational conferences.Region 4 brings to the education community recognized experts in the field,creating a forum for illuminating emerging knowledge and skills in a diverseselection of topics. Held in the state-of-the-art McKinney Conference Center,Region 4’s annual conference series addresses all areas of education, whetherthe focus is on curriculum and instruction, school operations, or administratorsupport.CONFERENCES IN 2013- Social Studies Conference January 26, 2013- Science Conference February 2, 2013- Mathematics Conference February 9, 2013- Leadership Fusion Summit February 13, 2013- International Teacher Conference February 26–27, 2013- Institute for Advanced Issues in Educating Students with Disabilities June 3–4, 2013- Summer Evaluation Institute June 4–6, 2013- Texas Assistive Technology Network (TATN) Statewide Conference June 11–13, 2013- The Texas Behavior Support State Conference June 25–26, 2013- Preschool Summer Institute July 16–18, 2013- Access to the General Curriculum Institute July 23–25, 2013 | 5
  5. 5. Academic SupportGeneral Instruction Gateways to Science Teacher-friendly, student-focused 5E instruction New! The Gateways to Science instructional program uses the research-proven 5E instructional model—Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate— in which students actively participate in learning science and integrate that knowledge into real-world understanding. The program creates an interactive environment for students through engaging experiences such as • hands-on lab investigations; • cooperative reading strategies; • use of science notebooks; • problem-solving activities; • questioning that promotes inquiry-based discussion; and • curriculum-based assessments that measure student mastery of concepts and processes. Gateways to Science includes detailed instructions to guide teachers through the 5E lesson model, annotated answers to questions and activities, strategies for helping students organize information, materials lists, and reproducible masters. Contact for full details, or visit to view sample sections and order online. Grade 1 Grade 4, STAAR™ Edition Teacher Edition/Student Edition Grade 8, STAAR™ Edition Teacher Edition Set (1 each) Teacher Edition/Student Edition 460-1371/$100 460-1692/$300 Set (1 each) Student Edition Student Edition 460-1698/$300 460-1372/$50 460-1326S/$50 each Student Edition Class Set 460-1020S/$50 each Grade 2 Class Set Teacher Edition (1 Teacher Edition, 20 Student Editions) 460-1693/$1,100 (1 Teacher Edition, 20 Student 460-1369/$100 Editions) Student Edition Grade 5, STAAR™ Edition 460-1699/$1,100 460-1370/$50 Teacher Edition/Student Edition Set (1 each) 460-1680/$300 Student Edition Grade 3, STAAR™ 460-1021S/$50 each Edition Class Set Teacher Edition/ (1 Teacher Edition, 20 Student Editions) Student Edition 460-1681/$1,100 (1 each) Gateways to Biology 460-1690/$300 Teacher Edition Grade 6, STAAR™ Edition Student Edition 460-1505/$200 Teacher Edition/Student Edition Set 460-1324S/$50 each Student Edition (1 each) Class Set 460-1506/$80 460-1694/$300 (1 Teacher Edition, 20 Student Edition Student Editions) 460-1016S/$50 each 460-1691/$1,100 Class Set (1 Teacher Edition, 20 Student Editions) 460-1695/$1,1006 |
  6. 6. Academic Support General InstructionShow Me HowReading and writing enrichment New!for critical testing yearsShow Me How is a series of instructional units containing sequential lessonsthat connect the interrelated roles of reading and writing across multiplegenres and modes. The lessons follow the gradual release of responsibilityframework in the context of a reading and writing workshop environment.Lessons are divided into units by genre that teachers can use as astarting point or a complete unit of study.Elementary (Grades 3–5): 501-1665/$350 eachMiddle School (Grades 6–7): 501-1664/$350 eachTEKS and ELPS Charts The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) Charts provide quick and portable access to state standards. Available for English language arts/reading, social studies, and science, each TEKS chart is organized by grade and contains the complete TEKS standards listings. These durable resources are ideal for assisting educators in curriculum and lesson planning—vertical and horizontal—across all content areas, guiding professional development, and ensuring that instructional activities align to state standards. $20 (set of 10) To Kill a Mockingbird: 501-1095Novel Series: A Balanced Approach to A Separate Peace: 501-1096Academic Rigor and Cognitive Development The Outsiders: 501-1097 The Giver: 501-1100Support the implementation of the College and Career Readiness Standards Night: 501-1256(CCRS) in secondary English language arts/reading by equipping teachersto use literary novels as agents for reinforcing the balanced literacy strands.Each edition is a comprehensive teaching unit strategically structuredto empower teachers in targeting, teaching, and assessing higher levelreading, thinking, and writing skills with seamless, thematic, andhistorical/cultural contextual supports. $50 | 7
  7. 7. Academic Support General Instruction Engaging Mathematics Best Seller Requiring only 10–15 minutes each to complete, the activities included in Engaging Mathematics can be easily incorporated into a teacher’s current instructional plans. Activities, such as writing prompts, are ideal to use as warm-ups, short-cycle assessments, follow-up lessons, or retention support. $50 each Grade 2: 407-1648 Grade 7: 407-1531 Grade 3: 407-1467 Grade 8: 407-1602 Grade 4: 407-1468 Algebra I: 407-1469 Grade 5: 407-1381 Geometry: 407-1604 Grade 6: 407-1601 Algebra II: 407-1603 “ I absolutely LOVE the Engaging Mathematics Series! Here’s why: • The activities are organized by student expectation and are tactile, making it easy for the „ students to manipulate and ‘see’ the concepts being addressed. • The facilitation questions are included to help the students (and the teacher) think and have productive discussion. • The activities are appropriate for the learners at all levels. • Perfect for intervention, supplement, or the lesson itself! —Math Coach Warm Up to Science Features over 100 brief, classroom-ready activities aimed at state assessment mastery. Designed for immediate student involvement in multiple science concepts, this series contains proven strategies, such as setting high expectations, activating prior knowledge, providing feedback, and allowing recognition for efforts. Grade 7: 460-1586/$50 Differentiation Strategies for Gifted/Advanced Students in Social Studies Add depth and complexity to the gifted and advanced social studies classroom with this teacher resource for grades 4–8. Includes practical content examples and provides a framework from which teachers can create their own differentiated activities and lessons. 460-1327/$408 |
  8. 8. Academic Support General InstructionEarly Literacy ResourcesPut your young readers on the path to readingsuccess and STAAR™ readinessEmergent Reader Series (also available in Spanish)• Vocabulary Series—Each book and accompanying activity is designed to expand the vocabulary of young children by making connections to known words. 501-1571/$40• Concept of Print Series—The kit engages the earliest readers with patterned text, appealing graphics, and colorful photographs. Each book is designed to teach one specific concept of print, including concept of a word, left-to-right directionality, speech-to-print matching, and more. 501-1555/$30• Informational Text Series—Features of informational text, such as table of contents, headings, labels, tables, and diagrams, are covered in each of the six included books. Includes 23 guided-practice cards and 23 reproducible take-home mini books. 501-1573/$50Thinking Pads—Designed to support teachers in scaffolding students’ reading, this primary grade resource provides lessons for student engagement in both whole- and small-group settings while promoting independent student thinking and a transition to independent reading. Kit includes eight teacher modeling cards, 40 thinking pads, and a teacher’s manual. 501-1541/$150 For more information about our earlyInteractive Nonfiction Kit—Designed to encourage young readers to learn literacy products and how nonfiction books are structured. Each book, written at the second-grade customized professional reading level, spotlights several examples of nonfiction writing, such as headings, development, contact captions, comparisons, maps, and bold print. Kit includes six packs of eight nonfiction titles (48 books), a teacher’s manual, and interactive CD for review. 501-1534/$350Big Activities for Small-Group LiteracyInstruction: Level 1This cross-curricular collection equips teachers with tools to revivesmall-group reading instruction through engaging multisensory literacyactivities, authentic reading materials, and support for the high-stakes areasof science, social studies, and mathematics. The kit includes six nonfictionbook titles, comprehension game boards, interactive work boards, vocabularydevelopment sorts, and a teacher’s guide with reproducible extensionactivities for independent practice.501-1512/$ | 9
  9. 9. Academic Support Curriculum/Assessment and Intervention STAAR™ Achievement—Mathematics Campus-wide student success starts New! with readiness Designed to give educators a set of tools to prepare students for the rigor of STAAR™, Region 4’s Supporting STAAR™ Achievement in Mathematics is the resource to help your students succeed. Focusing on the readiness standards, these materials provide classroom-ready lessons utilizing the research-based 5E instructional model. The materials include differentiated activities, ELPS supports, and selected-response assessments. $50 each Grade 3: 407-1666 Grade 8: 407-1673 Grade 4: 407-1671 Algebra I: 407-1668 Grade 5: 407-1669 Geometry: 407-1667 Grade 6: 407-1672 Algebra II: 407-1677 Grade 7: 407-1670 STELLAR Solution for high school STAAR™ ELAR New! preparation STELLAR modules incorporate multigenre pieces, thematically linked to seamlessly align to the TEKS and creatively crafted to inspire inquiry, discussion, and ongoing reflection. Each module also offers added-value enrichments through technology, research, listening and speaking, and study skills, while providing relevant scaffolding options for diverse learners and gifted and talented students. Modules include summative and formative assessment options and suggestions for extensions through reading, writing, listening, and speaking, in order to support authentic literacy experiences. $50 each English I: 501-1663 English II: 501-166210 |
  10. 10. Academic Support Curriculum/Assessment and InterventionScope and Sequence with Assessments:English Language Arts/ReadingThe English Language Arts/Reading Scope and Sequence is a comprehensive,conceptual framework aligned to the recently revised TEKS standards. Eachgrade-level document contains the following:• Six flexible and adaptable units of study accompanied by assessments aligned to state assessment objectives, College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), and the English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS)• Comprehensive Kindergarten–English IV vertical alignment document• CD of all materialsPrice: $1,000 per grade levelBiology End-of-Course Assessment SimulationThis assessment contains 54 multiple-choice questions that assess conceptswithin the strands of structure and function, genetics and evolution, processesand energy transfer, and interactions within ecosystems. Packaged in bundles of30 tabbed booklets to model a secure testing environment.460-1576/$150Accelerated CurriculumProviding the extra support needed for struggling students as well asincreasing retention for all learners, the Accelerated Curriculum interventionprogram is designed to accelerate learning for students who demonstrategaps in learning. Each lesson includes detailed notes, facilitation questions toguide in-class discussion, performance assessments, and selected-responseitems. Student comprehension is measured with unit assessments and twocurriculum-based assessments that simulate state assessments.Price varies by subject and grade.Available in—• Mathematics: 11 Exit• English Language Arts/Reading: - Grades 3, 5, and 8 - Middle School, Volumes I–III• Science: Grade 11 Exit• Social Studies: Grade 11 Exit | 11
  11. 11. Academic Support Bilingual/ESL/ELL Resources Finding the Writer in Your Secondary English Language Learners Effectively measure the writing progress of secondary English language learners. This resource provides instruction and strategies for developing English writing skills so that student writing moves along the continuum from beginner to advanced-level English language learner. 501-1261/$25 Teaching Your Secondary English Language Learners the Academic Language of Tests Move secondary English language learners to the next level of success with research-based strategies created to help students acquire the academic English skills necessary for achievement on tests. This highly effective resource addresses academic English vocabulary and common academic English structures found on tests, including academic word lists for each grade level. $25 • English Language Arts: 501-1259 • Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies: 501-1109 Vocabulary Instruction for Intermediate English Language Learners: Teaching Students in English, ESOL, and ESL Classrooms This teacher resource offers lesson plans that address both implicit and explicit learning strategies, vocabulary instruction management, and ideas for providing repeated exposure to vocabulary, with practical techniques for vocabulary instruction. 501-1110/$20 Bilingual Education Training Our online bilingual education training includes the history of bilingual education, student eligibility and exit criteria, and current issues in the education of bilingual students. View training opportunities at |
  12. 12. Academic SupportAdministrator ResourcesProgram Evaluations &Curriculum ReviewsThe purpose of the program evaluation is to review thecurrent program design, structure, and implementationand to identify the optimum method(s) of serving thedistrict’s students in the program being evaluated.Curriculum review is focused on identifying strengthsand areas that need increased attention within a district’sscope and sequence in one or more content areas. Thank you so much for the advice and support provided to us during and after the program evaluation conducted for our Special Services department . . . The program evaluation document itself was very well organized and well presented to our Board. The charts have been particularly helpful to us in analyzing longitudinal data and in planning personnel allocation and staff development. —Director of Special Services, midsize metropolitan districtInstructional CoachingRegion 4’s instructional coaching model provides aframework for collaboration between the classroomteacher and our dedicated education specialists. Thismodel delivers highly qualified coaches and includescampus and/or district administrators in determining For more information,and implementing a customized instructional coaching contact I really appreciate your assistance and guidance, and know that it has made me a better teacher. In addition, your training and guidance with ESL helped me to work with bilingual students last year who were struggling with reading in English. —Teacher, large metropolitan | 13
  13. 13. Special Education For more information on these products and services, visit or e-mail Access to the General Curriculum • Co-Teaching and In-Class Support Quick Reference Guide New! 741-1702/$50 • Inclusive Strategies for Diverse Learners (Second Edition) 741-1524/$20 (set of 3) Assistive Technology • Assistive Technology Workbook 741-1276/$25 Behavior • Special Education Discipline Quick Reference Guide New! 741-1704/$50 (set of 10) • Pocket Guide to Behavior Strategies New! 741-1687/$20 (set of 3) • Tune-Up Behavior and Discipline: Tools for the Teacher’s Desk 741-1286/$50 • Discipline Flowchart—Desktop Version 741-1334/$2514 |
  14. 14. Special Education For more information on these products and services, visit or e-mail and IEP Support • Special Education Quick Reference Guide App for iPad® New! The information referenced in the guide is based on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 2004 (IDEA), Texas State Board of Education rules, Texas Commissioner’s rules, and Texas state laws. Search options include 12 separate categories, including ARDs, disagreements, eligibility, timelines, parents, and rights, which hold detailed information related to current laws and legal compliance. • Special Education Quick Reference Guide—Printed Version Best Seller 741-1609/$50 (set of 10) • Timeline Tracker Best Seller This handy, color-coded circular calendar highlights 30-, 60-, and 90-day timelines to reduce the occurrence of calculating errors. Perfect for IEP meetings and meeting state performance plan timelines. - 741-1644/$25 (set of 5) - 741-1642/$110 (set of 25) - 741-1643/$400 (set of 100) • Functional Educational Evaluation: Look at All We Can Do! 741-1297/$85 • Reevaluation Flowchart 741-1424/$18 (set of 3) | 15
  15. 15. Special Education For more information on these products and services, visit or e-mail Preschool • “I Can Take Care of Me!”: Rules for Success in the Preschool Classroom 741-1403/$60 Speech-Language Pathology • Identification of Bilingual Phenomena during Response to Intervention: A Tutorial for Early Intervening Services 741-1311/$50 • Bilingual Phenomena: Determining a Communication Difference vs. a Communication Disorder 741-0493/$25 • Bilingual Issues and the Speech-Language Pathologist 741-1503/$180 • Quick Reference Card: The 15 Bilingual Phenomena 741-1312/$20 (set of 15)16 |
  16. 16. Special Education For more information on these products and services, visit or e-mail Services Support• Special Education Quick Reference Guide for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing New! 741-1679/$50 (set of 10)• Section 504 Quick Reference Guide for Schools New! 741-1703/$50 (set of 10)• IDEA and Private School Children with Disabilities: Private School Support Manual for Districts New! 741-1700/$30• Are We There Yet? Transition Tools for Monitoring and Compliance New! 741-1686/$50• Transition Tracker: Independent Living—Parent Supplement 741-1402/$20• Section 504 in Schools: A Training-of-Trainers Manual 741-1518/$150• Practice Makes Perfect: A Family Program in Orientation and Mobility 741-1217/$25Visual Impairments• Literature-Based Activities: Buzzy’s Flower Adventure 741-1684/$50• Assessment of Braille Literacy Skills (ABLS) 741-0810/$15• Braille Requisite Skills Inventory: Assessment and Planning Tool 741-0811/$25• Ben Buzzy’s Busy Days 741-1338/$20• Psychoeducational Assessment of Students Who Are Visually Impaired or Blind: Infancy through High School (Third Edition) 741-1422/$50• InFocus with Low Vision Kit This unique resource assists teachers in training young children with visual impairments to use magnifiers and monoculars. The materials and storyline act as a bridge between children with normally developing sight and children with low vision. The kit includes two storybooks, three activity books, one set of near- and distance-training charts, and a teacher’s guide. 741-1394/$180 | 17
  17. 17. Professional Development Face-to-Face Training Sessions Looking for the latest in professional development from Region 4? Visit to see our latest calendar of events and register. Online Trainings Small Cost, Big Reward Stay up to date on the latest offerings at • Coaching Student Teachers—Assists cooperative teachers in understanding the role and responsibilities of being a mentor to ensure student teachers are fully prepared • Paraprofessional Training—Provides a fundamental understanding of the roles and responsibilities of working with a certified classroom teacher and with an overview of reading, math, and writing skills • Online Substitute Training—Gives substitute teachers the tools they need to prepare for the classroom • Texas Educator Code of Ethics—Cuts through the intricacies of the state standards; students work through practical application scenarios so that they are prepared for the brief assessment delivered at the end of training • Foundation of Literature, Behavior Management, Multicultural Education, Pupil Transportation, and More! Growth Opportunities • TExES Preparation Sessions and Content-Area Practice Exams If you are planning to take a TExES certification exam, Region 4 offers year-round preparation sessions and content-area practice exams via our online training site, All training completion certificates will be kept in your Region 4 account for your future use. • Guide on the Side: Teacher Leadership Network Designed to develop teacher-leaders’ capacity to initiate change and promote exemplary practices, course topics include team building, problem solving, peer motivation, and instructional coaching. E-mail for more information.18 |
  18. 18. Campus Leadership Principal ResourcesLeadership and Communication at theSecondary Level: A Collection of Ideasfor What to Say and When to Say ItAre you looking for administrator-tested insight when speaking at schoolevents or communicating in writing? The sample memos and speechescontained in this resource will take you from opening week to graduation andhelp build your credibility and success as a school leader. A CD with templatesis included.410-1351/$40STAAR™-Aligned Training for Your Staffat No CostGain access to online professional development in science, math, Englishlanguage arts, and social studies as well as several face-to-face opportunitiesthrough Project Share™. Visit us online at or e-mail for more information.The Successful Classroom: TrainingTeachers to SucceedWhen teachers need help effectively managing the classroom, TheSuccessful Classroom can be used as a guide to get the classroomback on track.923-1631/$50 On-site training is available for an additional fee. Visit for | 19
  19. 19. Campus Leadership Principal Resources Spanish for School Leaders Region 4 Global Education Solutions has designed an online course for educators who want to acquire basic Spanish vocabulary to communicate in a school setting. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required. The language used in this interactive course can be immediately applied when working with Spanish-speaking students and parents. Emphasis is placed on applying Spanish-language skills that are applicable and relevant to administrators, with terminology that is used daily when interacting with Spanish speakers in an educational setting. To register or for more information about this course, visit Hallways and Blackboards: A Practical Approach to Rtl Gain a practical approach for implementing a campus- or district-based Response to Intervention (RtI) model. Tools such as a three-tiered intervention process flowchart and a step-by-step implementation plan assist educators in identifying and allocating appropriate resources and in developing a multiyear plan for continuous improvement. 741-1380/$100 Customized Leadership Services • Executive Coaching for Educational Leaders • New Principal Online Academy • Leadership Institute: Focused Preparation for the Principalship • Principal Induction Program for First-Year Assistant Principals • Aspiring Superintendents and Educational Leaders Academy • “Guide on the Side” Teacher-Leader Cohort For more information about these services, e-mail |
  20. 20. Campus LeadershipAccountability and ComplianceTitle I, Part A Documentation Folders forCampusesImprove regulatory compliance with this unique set of preprinted foldersthat identify federal requirements for Title I, Part A funds. These folderswill help to ensure that proper documentation is collected and organizedthroughout the school year.601-1368/$75Tools for Success . . . An Administrator’sGuide to Bilingual/ESL and Title IIIThis user-friendly spiral handbook contains easy-to-find information aboutTitle III program management and implementation, including NCLB, McREL,and ISLA (Institute for Second Language Acquisition from Texas AM, CorpusChristi).601-1540/$25Planning and Decision-MakingAssessment Tool (PDAT)Use this tool to aid in the assessment of the site-based decision-makingprocess at any level of the district. This tool examines compliance withstate statutes for planning and decision making, level of implementation ofthe planning and decision-making process, and quality and effectiveness.Organizations can use results to identify strengths and areas in need ofimprovement to develop aligned district and comprehensive improvementplans.601-1509/$75Comprehensive District/Campus PlanningChecklist/CDRequirements addressed in this must-have checklist include TEC-district/campus plans, TAC-gifted/talented programs, state compensatoryeducation, and special education as well as many federal title programs.601-1511/$100Parental Involvement SurveySurvey parents, staff members, and stakeholders about parental involvementin your LEA or on your campus. This user-friendly survey can be completed ina computer lab or via e-mail. The survey data entered is sent back to Region 4,where it is compiled into easy-to-read visual charts. Available in English andSpanish.601-1605/$ | 21
  21. 21. Campus Leadership Accountability and Compliance Career and Technical Education (CTE) Survey The CTE Survey offers a fast, easy, and efficient way to gather important data from 10 to 1,000 program participants and to document annual evaluations, providing the data needed to make informed decisions. 601-1674/$75 Customized Accountability and Compliance Services To learn more about these services, e-mail or call 713.744.6344. • Program/Compliance Reports on eGrants Receive customized preparation and submission of program compliance reports for federal title programs. • SAS Application Support for Federal Funding Design systems to track implementation of required program activities such as establishing formative and summative review of activities, aligning and tracking activities and program compliance, and ensuring that required activities are linked to campus plans and program compliance reports. • State and Federal Program Evaluations These comprehensive evaluations ensure a district is receiving maximum funding, is in compliance with federal and state requirements, and is offering effective programs and services to students.22 |
  22. 22. Campus LeadershipAncillary ResourcesChild Nutrition ServicesRegion 4 provides a comprehensive range of services designed to assistin meeting federal, state, and local program requirements of the UnitedStates Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch Program.E-mail to learn more.FastTrack to PEIMSThis manual provides an overview of Public Education InformationManagement System (PEIMS) that emphasizes accountability and fundingand includes information on the processes of PEIMS, the data submitted,and the most important uses of PEIMS. This manual is written for bothschool districts and charter schools. Unless otherwise noted, references toschool districts also refer to charter schools.826-1545/$35Texas Virtual™ SchoolNeed course options for students? Texas Virtual™ School ESC Collaborativeoffers over 50 web-based courses taught by Texas-certified teachers.Coursework includes foreign language, advanced placement, coreinstruction, and electives. To learn more, visit Audit SolutionsRegion 4’s Innovative Transportation Solutions (ITS) has worked with 100school districts to find more than $5 million by performing TransAudits, aservice that reviews and analyzes district route service reports to ensure thatthe maximum amount of transportation funding is uncovered. For moreinformation, e-mail | 23
  23. 23. Campus Leadership Staffing/Personnel, Career Advancement Region 4 Educator Certification The Region 4 Alternative Certification Program (Region 4 ACP), recognized by school district administrators as the premier alternative certification program in the state of Texas, prepares future educators for the demands and challenges of 21st-century schools. “ „ Region 4 ACP candidates have gone through an exceptional preparation program. The ongoing support . . . gives the novice teacher a good repertoire of skills. The Region 4 ACP candidates we have hired all developed into very capable teachers—ones we are proud to have [in our district]. —Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Our administrator, teacher, and counselor programs equip educators with the knowledge and critical-thinking skills necessary to ensure the best outcome for Texas students. Superintendent Certification Program The Superintendent Certification Program is available in two optional program tracks: online or blended (online and face-to-face sessions at Region 4). Both program tracks include district planning, board relations, legal issues, school finance, and preparation for the TExES exam. Principal Certification Program Delivered through online courses, candidates can complete this program anywhere in the state of Texas. The course work and internship activities provide the rigor necessary to facilitate success on the TExES exam. Four cycles are available each year. Teacher Certification Program In as little as one year, individuals can become fully certified to teach in Texas through Region 4’s Teacher Certification Program. Designed for college graduates, this program is considered an alternative route because it accomplishes teacher certification outside the traditional university setting. Program cycles are available throughout the year.24 |
  24. 24. Campus LeadershipStaffing/Personnel, Career AdvancementCounselor Certification Program New!Starting in 2012, Region 4 ACP unveiled its newest educator certificationprogram for aspiring school counselors. All courses are led by experiencedcounselors. Delivered entirely online, this 12-month program can becompleted anywhere in Texas. Two cycles are available each year.Aspiring Superintendents and EducationLeadership AcademyConsisting of six full-day sessions, this program is designed to prepareeducators who are interested in either the superintendency or a senior-leveladministrative position. The academy focuses on key issues instrumental toa superintendent’s success and features distinguished speakers withstatewide recognition, discussion panels with prominent practicingsuperintendents, and opportunities for networking. For more information,e-mail Alternative CertificationProgramBreaking ground into new territory, the Region 4 International ACP in LatinAmerica has provided districts with the opportunity to employ bilingualalternative certification interns from several countries for the last 18 years.Candidates are eligible to teach in the areas of EC–6 Bilingual Education,4–8 Bilingual Education, and EC–12 Spanish. Visit formore details.International Master’s DegreeRegion 4 ACP, in conjunction with Universidad Regiomontana, now offers amaster’s degree in education administration, with courses provided entirelyonline. Visit for more information. Region 4 ACPparticipants can receive up to a 50% discount on each university course.International Bachelor’s DegreeIn conjunction with Universidad Regiomontana, Region 4 ACP now offers aninternational bachelor of business administration degree. This degree preparesprofessionals to manage companies in local and international markets.Visit for more information.Accelerated English CoursesThese intensive English courses are tailored to different levels of Englishproficiency, at both the beginner and advanced levels.Visit for more information.For more information about these and other services, e-mail | 25
  25. 25. THE PRINT CENTER @ Region 4Professional printing at prices you can afford Implementing cost-effective THE PRINT THE strategies to save districts money CENTER PRINT @ Region 4 CENTER Learn more at @ Region 4 713.744.6888 The Print Center @ Region 4 7145 West Tidwell Road COMMITTEES Houston, Texas 77092Region 4 Online StoreQuality educational products and services at your fingertips. Start saving time today The Region 4 Online Store provides educators with a wide array of innovative products and services in one convenient with our online training solutions. location.www.region Professional Development. Online. On Your Time. and more! | 713.744.6300 support@learningis4me.comVisit Us Today!Fast. Easy. Secure . . . 24/7.
  26. 26. Region 4 Educator Certification Developing Leaders in Texas Education y Superintendent Certification y Principal Certification y Counselor Certification y Teacher CertificationOnline Courses for Educators . . .Available Anywhere in Texas. 713.744.6323 770717
  27. 27. 7145 West Tidwell RoadHouston, Texas 77092-2096 Contacts Accountability Solutions ESL/Bilingual/Title III: Science Solutions 713.744.6344 Accountability 713.744.6577 713.744.6344 Twitter: @Region4Science Advanced Academics 713.744.6824 Global Education School Personnel Solutions Solutions 713.744.6856 Twitter: @R4gifted 713.744.6867 Braille Solutions Shipping/Warehouse 713.744.8144 Innovative Transportation 713.744.6302 Solutions 713.744.4495 Business and Operations Social Studies Solutions Solutions 713.744.4457 713.744.6848 Leadership Solutions 713.744.6595 Twitter: @R4SocialStudies Child Nutrition Twitter: @R4Leadership Special Education 713.744.8162 Solutions 713.744.6365 713.744.8150 Twitter: @R4SpecialEd Dyslexia 713.744.6355 Mathematics Solutions STAAR™ Resources 713.744.8136 Educator Certification Programs Twitter: @R4Math Texas Virtual School 713.744.6323 The Print Center @ Region 4 1.800.992.9397 713.744.6888 Twitter: @Region4ACP TxEIS escWorks® 713.744.4400 713.744.6834 Reading/Language Arts Solutions 713.744.4457 Twitter: @R4RLA