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  1. 1. Midterm By: Regina Vera
  2. 2. Unit # 1 <ul><li>The most important topic we covered for Unit #1 is the Indigenous people.It’s important because Indigenous people didn’t know what the white people went to their land,they also didn’t know why the white’s where torturing them.The Indigenous people suffered when the white’s came to their land.It effects us today because a lot of people got tortured just so the white’s can take their land and them as slaves.The Indigenous people where hurt badly so why did white’s kept on torturing them if they got the land. I think it was bad that white’s tortured the indigenous people. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Unit # 2 <ul><li>The most important topic we covered for Unit # 2 is the Jim Crow Laws Segregation.It’s important because blacks(colored) and whites were separated from everything they had.The blacks got all the nasty stuff and the whites got everything nice.It effected us back then but still it effect us today because blacks(colored) got treated badly and they also didn’t get paid right when they worked.The other thing that effect us today is that the whites are racist.I think that the white’s shouldn’t think that they owned everything back then. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Unit # 3 <ul><li>The most important topic we covered for unit #3 is the Mexican-American War.This topic is important because we learn how U.S. and Mexico fought.We also learned how U.S. took over the property Mexico owned.It effect us today because we Mexicans would have Los Angeles different like the cultures and language different.I think that the U.S. should have left Mexico alone and shouldn’t have fought them in the first place just to get the land they wanted. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Most Important <ul><li>The most important topic for me was all of them from all Unit’s because they had a meaning.There meaning was that the world changed when the white’s tortured the indigenous people, it also changed when the Jim Crow Laws existed it changed every place and stuff, and the one that changed the world was the Mexican-American War it changed the world because people would have had a different life then now.If the world didn’t change stuff would of happened that no one expected. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Leadership <ul><li>The word leadership means to me that we should help other people with anything, it also means to me that we shouldn’t pretend someone where not.It’s important to be a leader because people are looking up to you.It’s also important that we are leader’s because people won’t be jugging others, I also think that people shouldn’t pretend someone their not. </li></ul>