Thinking outside the toy box

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My presentation focused on on children and toys and how they can affect healthcare policy.

My presentation focused on on children and toys and how they can affect healthcare policy.

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  • 1. Thinking outside of theToy Box:a presentation by Regina Holliday
  • 2. If you could only take 4 toys to a desert island, what would you take?If you could only bring up 4 concernsduring your Doctor’s appointment, which would you pick?
  • 3. When is a toy more than a toy?When does our play become asymptom of a much larger problem?.
  • 4. Upfront pricing advice from a toy store:“Always put the price tagin a visible location.Most people won’t askthey just walk away.”
  • 5. AdverseChildhoodExperienceSurvey
  • 6. The Rest of the Picture.
  • 7. The Game We Play
  • 8. What was the diagnosis? What were the treatment options? Would he get a pain consult?
  • 9. The game that may not end.
  • 10. How about a report card for Hospitals?
  • 11. Why not have CDS (clinical decision support) for patients?If a child’s toy can figure any item in the world in 20 questions, why can’t we?
  • 12. Who taught you how to be a patient?
  • 13. Freddie grows beyond peering througha door crack to walking in a Gallery.
  • 14. Isaac grows up.He joins the gallery as an artist.His jacket is named “Feelings.”He is marching in a rally supportingpatient data access.
  • 15. Why can’t we ask Hallmarkto make hospice cards?Would that help us talkabout end of life?
  • 16. Why not have toys in health care?Why not think in new and child-like ways?
  • 17. You can take a negative and turnit into a POSITVE.