The Walking Gallery of Healthcare: The First Two Years

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This is a power point including the names of all the current artists, walkers and jackets in the fist two years of the Walking Gallery.

This is a power point including the names of all the current artists, walkers and jackets in the fist two years of the Walking Gallery.

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  • 1. The Walking Gallery: The First Two Years
  • 2. The Artists of The Walking Gallery:1. Regina Holliday2. Isaac Holliday3. Becca Price4. Miriam Cutelis5. Ess Lipczenko6. Ben Merrion7. Courtney Mazza8. Michele Banks9. Megan Mitchell10. Robert J. Filley11. Anita Samarth12. Mary Welch Higgins13. Richard Sachs14. Jonah Daniel15. Fred Trotter16. Leela17. Gayle Schrier Smith18.Moira Simms19. Joan Holliday
  • 3. Jen McCabe Jackets #1 Data Prison,# 2 Titanic, #3 First Responder
  • 4. Chiara Bell #4 Caregiver’s Clock, #106 Careticker
  • 5. Roni Zeiger #5 Data Cloud, #163 The Expert Patient
  • 6. Lygeia Ricciardi #6 Rosetta StoneBecca Price #7 MuertePor ErrorPainted by Becca Price
  • 7. Megan Mitchell#8 Lost in the SloughMark Scrimshire#9 Half Past Midnight#208 AEIOU
  • 8. Regina Holliday#10 Little Miss A-type Personality, #61 Oath of Office, #65 Health 2.0Welcomes You, #118 Who Taught you How to be a Patient?,#204 MIB #205 Partnership With Patients, #222 Hospice Cards
  • 9. Ted Eytan #11 Shoot the Moon, #148 Non-Compliant
  • 10. Liam Kemp#12 MRSA: Curse of the Black SpotLadd Everitt #13 The Gun
  • 11. Carolyn Capern #14 Media Matters Cindy Throop #15 Half of Me
  • 12. Ted Smith#16 Something SacredEmily Stewart#17 Teaching to Another Test
  • 13. David Hale#18 Medicine in The MatrixLaura Slayton #19 Care MomPainted by Miriam Cutelis
  • 14. Donna Scott#20 Health LiteracyPainted by EssLipczenkoValerie Barnes #23 Hospital Land
  • 15. Freddie Holliday #21 Death Note, #158 Visitor Parking
  • 16. Isaac Holliday#22 Doctor Who in Medicine,#140 Feelings painted by Isaac Holliday#243 Diabetesbusters
  • 17. Lisa Emrich #24 The Vault Liz Scherer#25 It’s a Spiral, not a Bulls-eye
  • 18. Lizzie Dunklie#26 Steampunk Health 2.0DanielleCass#27 The Forest for the Trees
  • 19. Susannah Fox #28 Data Mote Alex Drane#29 The Angel Eliza
  • 20. Christian Liu#30 Holistic MedicineKourtney Govro #31 Call Bell
  • 21. Mary Ellen Mannix#32 Never EnoughMarsha Goodman-Wood#33 Did you wash your hands?
  • 22. Richard Upton #34 String Games Trisha Torrey#35 Every Patient’s Advocate
  • 23. Chuck Denham #36 CareMomsJodi Daniel#37 The Light and the Reflection
  • 24. Howard Liebers#38 The Many Hats of Howard LiebersCourtney Mazza #39 RX DEbTPainted by Courtney Mazza
  • 25. Abigail Pritchard#40 It must be TuesdayKaren Hwang #41 The VortexPainted by Courtney Mazza
  • 26. Whitney Zatskin#42 The 20Q of MedicinePainted by Courtney Mazza and ReginaNicole Kemper #43 Keeping Covered
  • 27. Matthew Browning #44 Both of Them #121 Earth Momma
  • 28. Marilyn Langfeld#45 Women, HIV and anti-retroviraldrugs painted by Michele BanksWilliam Wolf #46 I am NegativePainted by Megan Mitchell
  • 29. Amy Romano #47 Near Miss Mom Heidi Sitcov #48 Saved
  • 30. Leroy Jones #49 Supermom Carol Torgan #50 Living WillPainted by Robert Filley
  • 31. Dave DeBronkart#51 e-Patient Dave painted by Robert Filley#75 Meeting e-Patient Dave
  • 32. Kristine Kraft #52 Stories KoreenOlbrush #53 Data MindPainted by Courtney Mazza
  • 33. Claudia William #54 Vision painted by Robert Filley#157 A Sparrow Fall
  • 34. Leah Marcotte#55 HITECH CrossroadsJohn Krueger#56 Such a Little Thing
  • 35. Maumi JC Chatterton#57 Nurse PowerElizabeth Prevou#58 The Appointment
  • 36. Painted and worn by Mary Welch Higgins#59 Heart and Mind, #162 The Last Fight
  • 37. Keith Boone #60 I think of Coding John O’Brien #62 A New Day
  • 38. Lindsey Hoggle#63 Rainbows and ButterfliesIHI #64 By Next Tuesday
  • 39. Amanda Michelle Jones#66 The Game of CareClay Patterson#67 Play Ball
  • 40. Kait B. Roe #68 Ephphatha, #95 Good Dog, #96 The Tipping Point
  • 41. David Sides#69 The “Eye” in HITJosh Seidman #71 Master of Ceremonies,Backstage at Meaningful Use
  • 42. Anita Samarth #70 The “I” in HIT, #79 C is for Connected
  • 43. Paulo Machado#72 Custom Tailored MeaningfulUseHelen Haskell#73 A Wishing Well in Never, Neverland
  • 44. Louise Schaper#74 HIT Passion,Bread and Salt 71. Cyberslate #76 The FemaleCondition#171 "Inked”
  • 45. EunitaWinkey#77 No More ClipboardsMary Anne Sterling#78 Washed Away
  • 46. Antonio Fernandez#80 Clinical LoveManny Hernandez #81 Acceptance
  • 47. Alex Fair #82 Fair Care Ann Bartlett #83 Baring my Soul
  • 48. Andre Blackman#84 SOCIAL media JUSTICECraig Lipset #85 Subjects
  • 49. Kathi Apostolidis#86 TheVictim of the GameJane Sarasohn-Kahn#87 See Jane Think
  • 50. Katerina Jackson-Suchkova #88The StreamDavid Harlow #89 Friendship Pins
  • 51. Janice McCallum#90 The Armor We WearKaren Herzog#91 Sophia’s GardenPainted by Richard Sachs
  • 52. Joleen Chambers #92 Spare Parts Gregg Masters #93 It is only an egg
  • 53. Siobhan Champ-Blackwell#94 In Case of EmergencyMatthew Listiak#97 The Whirling Dervish
  • 54. Brian Ahier #98 Living Wage John Phelan#99 Midnight in the courtyard of Zweena
  • 55. Alex Albin #100 The Sycamore Tree Tobias Gilk #101 The MRI
  • 56. Dale Ann Micalizzi#102 A Tale of Two JustinsRobert Filley #103 mHealth
  • 57. Teresa Younkin #104 Profiles David Collins#105 Minutes of Sunshine
  • 58. Kevin Ado#107 A Light Shining in the DarknessSherry Reynolds #108 Destiny
  • 59. Ben Merrion#109 Steampunk HealthMichele Behme#112 Patient Safety Day
  • 60. Ross Martin#110 Love is an ever-fixed markKym Martin #111 Knowing the Score,#248 Trinity
  • 61. Jason Bahn #113 Not Lovin It Katherine Arbanasin#114 Welcome to Change Mountain
  • 62. Trenor Williams #115 EBM Todd Park#116 All’s Well That Ends Well
  • 63. Linda Stotsky#117 Slides and LaddersTiffany Peterson#119 Tiffany and Lupus
  • 64. Robin Miles-Mclean #120 FallingSue Woods #122 It’s Hosted
  • 65. Liza Sisler#123 Your Data Should Follow YOUIleana Balcu#124 Birth of an e-Patient
  • 66. JoAnn Klinedinst #125 Out of Reach Sarah E. Kucharski#126 méridienne
  • 67. Andrea Littlefield #127 The HandWe Are DealtLisa Fields #128 Sacred Media
  • 68. Ben Miller#129 #OccupyHealthcareChris Timm #130 Health Zen
  • 69. Kathy Nicholls #131 TheScribeJenny Pettit#132 Just a Picture of Health
  • 70. Victor Montori #133 Patient John Nate Osit #134 The Connector
  • 71. Matthew Holt #135 ACES WenDombrowski#136 Dance With Us
  • 72. Richard Payne #137 Listen to Me David Lee Scher #138 Return to Sender
  • 73. Wendy Sue Swanson#139 The Sacred Duty of a Mommy BloggerGail Zahtz#141 There Was a Big Girland she had a Little Curl
  • 74. Gary Oftedahl #142 The Two PathsFred Trotter #143 7th Generation#229 Right Side Up by Richard Sachs#250 The Incredible Fred
  • 75. Karen Curtiss #144 The Circle Melinda Watman #145 Inside the Mirror
  • 76. Jonah Daniel #146 The Rainbow Spiral Sunnie Southern #147 Always Within Us
  • 77. Marianne Vennitti#149 Go Tell It on the MountainAngela Lynn#150 Greetings from Your Town, USA
  • 78. Nikolai Kirienko#151 The Stamp of GideonMichael Millenson#152 Life, Death and the Clearance Rack
  • 79. Alan Greene#153 Raising Baby Greene Abigail Boone#154 Epic Win
  • 80. Joe Ketcherside#154 War of the WordsMorgan Stanley-Kominers#155 The Truth Upon These Shores
  • 81. Alisa Hughley#159 No Small Matter Casey Quinlan#160 Cancer for Christmas
  • 82. Leela#161 Fruit is HealthyMichelle Litchman#164 "Upside Down and Backwards”
  • 83. #165 "If I only had a heart."a jacket for Dennis Wagner#166 "Breathe" a jacket for Karen E. Blair
  • 84. #167 "I am E." a jacket forGangadharSulkunte#168 "Virtual Hospice"a jacket for Colleen Young
  • 85. #169 "Folding" jacket for Don Fluckinger#17 "Independence Day"a jacket for Julia Hallisy
  • 86. #172 "Becoming"a jacket for Sam Bruinewoud173. "Access" a jacket for Sanya
  • 87. 174. "The Right Thing" a jacket for Lissa175. "Diabetes Mine" a jacket for AmyTenderich
  • 88. 176. "The White Wizard" a jacket forHeather Leslie177. "All of My Children." a jacket forMindy Schwartz-Brown
  • 89. 178. "Paper Chaos" a jacket for Michelle F.Davis179. "Invasion of the C.Diff." a jacket forPat Mastors
  • 90. 180. "The Heart of the Matter" a jacket forCarolyn DerVartanian 181. "Reaching Out" a jacket for EricaHanson Brown
  • 91. 182. "Bone Black" a jacket for CatherineFairchild 183. "On Special Days" a jacket for JoshRubin
  • 92. 185. "The Ood Among Us" a jacket for JakeMiles-McLean184. "After Hours" a jacket for StevenDavidson
  • 93. 186."NeuCare" a jacket for Ryan Neuhofel187. "Grief" a jacket for Ann Becker-Schutte
  • 94. 188. "The Signs" a jacket for Jari HollandBuck189. "Finals" a jacket for Peter Levin
  • 95. 190. "Uniting the Field of Care" a jacket forKristen Andrews191. "The Three Stages of Meaningful Use"a jacket for FarzadMostashari
  • 96. 192. "Blood and Tears" a jacket for MartineEhrenclou193. Be Ahead of All Parting/The EndAhead a jacket for Bart Windrum
  • 97. 194. "Partners" a jacket for Teresa Titus-Howard195. "Fly" a jacket for Kate Cartwright-Knodel
  • 98. 197. "The Flickering Hand" a jacket for ErinGilmer198. "Dont Make a Fuss" a jacket forCarolyn Thomas
  • 99. 199. "Metamorphosis" a jacket for LizaBernstein200. "Wind of Change" a jacket for JamieInman
  • 100. 201. "Monumental Change" a jacket forMichael Seid202. "A Prescription for Zoe" a jacket forLarry Chu
  • 101. 203. "Taken" a jacket for Kath Mazella 206. "Little Mirrors" a jacket for AmandaGreene
  • 102. 207. "Hospital for my Children" a jacketpainted and worm by Gayle Schrier Smith 209. "To Ride This Ride" a jacket for AliciaStaley
  • 103. 211. "Is she okay?" a jacket for Jess Jacobs212. "A New Refrain" a jacket for AndrewSpong
  • 104. 210. "In Search of Balance”a jacket for Deven McGraw196."Balancing Act”a jacket for Brian Carter
  • 105. 213. "Embracing Epsilon" a jacket for KarenMacDonald214. "The Sleeper" a jacket for Emily Hackel
  • 106. 215. "Hope" a jacket for Jan Oldenburg 216. "Dont tell me to zip it." a jacket forSteven Baker
  • 107. 217. "The Rising Son" a jacket for AmyBirney218. "Generations" a jacket for NatriceRese
  • 108. 219. "The Gravity of the Situation" a jacketfor Esther Dyson220. "What is a hero?" a jacket for AliceHughley
  • 109. 221. "The Kastner Rose" a jacket for KathyKastner223. "Bursting from Within" a jacket forEric Topol
  • 110. 224. "What we lose along the way." a jacketfor Amy Gleason225."Patchwork Health" a jacket for MaryGriskewicz
  • 111. 226. "Quantified Smile" a jacket for KatieMcCurdy227. "Twice Broken Heart" a jacket forShelley Cohen Konrad
  • 112. 228."Youre going to need a bigger binder."a jacket for Jon Francke230. "Hemispheres" a jacket for GonzaloBacigalupe
  • 113. 231. "Caduceus Deconstructed" a jacket forRandi Oster232. The Gamification of Healthcare ajacket for Nick Dawson
  • 114. 233. "Under Pressure" a jacket for GinaNeff234. "Stair Steps" a jacket Tom Evans
  • 115. 235. "Lean into the Sorrow" a jacket forColetta L. Dorado236. "Tally Marks" a jacket for KenCongdon
  • 116. 237. "Completing the Masterpiece" a jacketfor Vera Rulon238. "Enjoying the Ride" a jacket for LanceManning
  • 117. 239."May I have this dance." a jacket forMartin J. Hatlie240. "Walk-Ins Welcome" a jacket paintedand worn by Moira Simm
  • 118. 241. "Eyes on the Prize" a jacket forDominique Beatty242. "The Keeper of the Match" a jacket forJo Hamilton
  • 119. 244. "Hydrate" a jacket for Taylor Martin 245. "All My Boys" a jacket for JoanHolliday. Painted by Regina and JoanHolliday.
  • 120. 246. "Gleaning" a jacket for ElaineOBleness247. "Wellspring" a jacket by Susan Hull
  • 121. 249. "Vets with Pets" Frankies jacketpainted by Courtney Mazza251. "The Golden Egg" a jacket for PatSalber