The Last Supper: Pills and paper


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This a lecture I am presenting before a pharmacy class at Howard University.

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The Last Supper: Pills and paper

  1. 1. The Last Supper:of Pills and Paper Regina talks to pharmacy students in a storybook format fully illustrated with large print.
  2. 2. Welcome Pharmacy Students!You are an incrediblyimportant link in the chainof communication
  3. 3. What work will effect you?The doctors ordersThe medical transcriptionThe coordination of careThe patient’s verbal historyYou may not conduct the score,but you better be willing to keep it.You will see and hear the entireorchestra of care.
  4. 4. Sometimes,care will be a travestyof poor communication.
  5. 5. This is Sutent in a Shadow box.It is a mixed media piece of pills & paper.It is priced at cost in homage of theretail price of the pills alone.17 pills $24,285.71
  6. 6. Sometimes you will attend medical conferencesand you will hear that patients are not compliant.Frederick A Holliday II, loving husband and fatheron June 17th 2009,could not open his eyes, he could not speak, he could barely breath,but he took his damn pills before he died.And they dare to say we are not medically compliant.
  7. 7. You will see a young mothergrow old and tired and neverstop caring for her son.
  8. 8. You will watch childrenwith inhalers,grow into young adults withoutmeans to pay for thislife-saving device.You will watch the dominoes fall…
  9. 9. You will try to answer questions privately, while a line of impatient onlookers wait fortheir prescriptions.
  10. 10. You will see patients try to advocatefor themselves,Without the safe checks ofCPOE, CDS and e-prescribing.
  11. 11. You will help some people to have fulland active lives.They will get medicine that will allow themto walk and open jar lids.Such people will have insurance.The other people will getWheelchairs.
  12. 12. SometimesThere will be errors.Sometimes peopleWill die.
  13. 13. Sometimes a pill becomes aprison silo, rather thana release of pain.
  14. 14. Sometimes when a patient needsit the most,Medication will not be available.A gray market darknesswill surround you,Or an institutionwill not be able to pay the bills,Or a government that once helpedits citizens finds its coffer bare.
  15. 15. You will see patients try to dance that delicate dance ofeast meets west.
  16. 16. And you will try teachpatients proper careWhen they already“self-medicating.”
  17. 17. You will see that return on investment is measured in many ways.
  18. 18. When you have seen all of this, then you will choose:Do you take the red pillor the blue?Do you go on and saythat is just the way it is?Ordo you jump into the rabbit hole?
  19. 19. And when jump into that hole,There will be a door.You can have a voice.You can change things.We look forward to seeing youin the wonderlandof health policy.