Stem cell timeline


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Stem cell timeline

  1. 1. Stem cell discovery timeline First bone marrow transplant Scientists at Stanford University First stem cells derived from a performed in US First embryonic stem cell line derived directly reprogram fibroblasts to cloned embryo in a mouse from a non-human primate neurons without needing to return Image © PhotoGraphics, University Health Network the cells to pluripotency first. Thomson, Yamanaka and others publish the creation of iPS cells from humans James Thomson publishes the first paper in Science describing hESCs James Till and Ernest McCulloch Geron (US) receives clearance to prove the existence of stem cells First embryonic stem cells are begin world’s first human clinical trial in the bone marrow derived from a mouse blastocyst of hESC based therapy for acute spinal cord injury Harvard researchers publish first disease specific iPS lines for diseases including Parkinson’s and juvenile diabetes Osiris Therapeutics (US), began their First cord blood transplant performed 1st trial using mesenchymal stem cells Advanced Cell Technology (US) in a patient with Fanconi anemia (MSCs) in bone marrow transplants Yamanaka and colleagues at Kyoto Stem cells are discovered in granted approval to proceed with University create the first iPS cells clinical trials with hESC derived human cord blood created from mouse somatic cells. treatment for a rare type of blindness.1956 1961 1978 1981 1988 1995 1998 2000 2006 2007 2008 2010 1996 2003 2009 2011 Key Scottish contributions First in man study: ReNeuron’s Nanog, which helps keep cells neural stem cells in clinical study at Image © The Roslin Institute pluripotent was discovered by Ian Southern General Hospital, Glasgow Chambers, University of EdinburghCreated by SSCN: First mammal cloned from an adult Virus free induction of iPS cells by (somatic) cell - Dolly the sheep is SSCN launched at event addressed Keisuke Kaji (Edinburgh) and born at the Roslin Institute by Geron Corp’s CEO, Tom Okarma Andras Nagy (Toronoto) Scottish Centre for Regenerativebased on original work done by the Medicine opens in Edinburgh at theAustralian Stem Cell Centre at bioQuarter (near RIE)
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