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Lf l 130521 final

  1. 1. 6/1/20131The Latest from LYRASISMay 2013Presenters: Timothy CherubiniRegan HarperWho Are We?Directors for Regional ServicesTimothy CherubiniSenior Director of Engagement and ProgramsRegional Director - EastWilliamstown, MARegan HarperDirector for Member ProgramsRegional Director – WestBoulder, CO
  2. 2. 6/1/20132Who Are You?Why Are We Here?• Update on LYRASIS programs• Introduce new services• Point out trends and new directions• Share experiences• Ask questions of us and each other
  3. 3. 6/1/20133LYRASIS EventsMember Engagement ProgramsMay & June FREE Member Engagement Sessions:• Digital Collection Road Trip (5/23, 6/12)• 2nd Friday Series (6/14)• Going Digital (6/17)• LYRASIS Member Showcase (tbd)May & June FREE LYRASIS Informational Sessions:• Digitization Collaborative Information Session (5/23, 6/6, 6/18)• Making a Difference: Introduction to LYRASIS Membership for Non-Members (6/12)LYRASIS EventsMember Engagement ProgramsLYRASIS Member ShowcaseHosted by Regan HarperDate: JuneLYRASIS Polite Debate SocietyHosted by Russell PalmerDate: JulyLatest from LYRASISPresented by Timothy Cherubini and Regan HarperDate: Today!For more information about LYRASIS services,please email regan.harper@lyrasis.org.
  4. 4. 6/1/20134LYRASIS EventsNew Member Engagement Programs• Digital Collections Road Trip (Offered Monthly)Hosted by Regan HarperDate: May 23, 2013• Representing Reference (Offered Quarterly)Hosted by Eric ZinoDate: July• Technology Field Guide (Offered Quarterly)Hosted by Russell PalmerDate: AugustFor more information about LYRASIS services,please email regan.harper@lyrasis.org.LYRASIS Events2nd Friday Series (FREE for Members )June 14, 2013Your Hidden Treasures: Looking to your Records,Artifacts and Collections to Uncover those RareGems in your Institution$0 member/ $25 non-member pricing12:30pm-2pm ESTFor more information about LYRASIS services,please email regan.harper@lyrasis.org
  5. 5. 6/1/20135LYRASIS Member Portal• Member news• Upcoming LYRASIS member events• Member library interviews• Member library demos• Ongoing discussions & sharing• Links to archive recordings of previous membereventshttp://lyrasisvides.blogspot.com/#uds-search-resultsLYRASIS Member Portal
  6. 6. 6/1/20136The Future of LYRASISA Planning Initiative ofthe LYRASIS Membershipand Board of TrusteesBoard of Trustees 2012 - 2013OFFICERS•Chair, Siobhan Reardon, Free Library of Philadelphia•Vice-Chair, M.J. Tooey, University of Maryland•Treasurer, Jay Schafer, University of Massachusetts-Amherst•Secretary, John Arnold, Linkage Systems Corporation (Non-Member Trustee)MEMBER TRUSTEES•Greg Cotton, Cornell College•Lorraine Haricombe, University of Kansas•Cynthia Henderson Howard University•Kathlin Ray, University of Nevada•Cynthia Roberts, Community College ofBaltimore County•John Szabo, Los Angeles Public Library•Ann Watson, Shepherd University•Sandra Treadway, Library of Virginia•Kendall Wiggin, Connecticut Stage Library•Julia Zimmerman, Florida State UniversityLibrariesON-MEMBER TRUSTEESJim Pierce, Georgia Institute ofTechnologyBonnie Lawlor, NFAISEX OFFICIOElizabeth Hammond,Mercer University,Immediate Past Board ChairKate Nevins, LYRASIS,Executive Director
  7. 7. 6/1/20137New InitiativeWhy LYRASIS Digital?• eResource expenditures, academic libs: 56%• eBooks in academic library collections: 13%• eCollections in public libraries: 12%• Percent of academic libraries digitizing: 41%• Of state libraries: 60%• LYRASIS members:– 58% plan increased digitization– 31% plan digital repositories– 51% create metadata for local digital materials
  8. 8. 6/1/20138The Digital ContinuumAcquireCreateAccessManageShareLYRASIS Digital
  9. 9. 6/1/20139Expanding our extensive e-resources catalog through:• General licensing• eBook Collaborative• ARL Licensing Initiative• Consortial Licensing Program• Inter-Consortial Licensing and Community Building• Leadership in Licensing Practice• Leadership, support & education for Open AccessElectronic ResourcesTom SanvilleSenior Director404.892.0943 x4873Ada DingLicensing404.892.0943 x4964Celeste FeatherLicensing404.892.0943 x2954
  10. 10. 6/1/201310Making the most of collection content through:• LYRASIS Digital Collaborative• Metadata Services• Repository Services• Data Loading and Delivery• Preservation Services• Evergreen ILS Hosting• Training and ConsultingContent Creation & ManagementRobin DaleSenior Director404.892.0943 x4816Laurie Gemmil ArpDigitization ProgramManager404.892.0943 x2908Alix BentrudPreservation Services404.892.0943 x4875Jennifer BielewskiEvergreen ILS Services404.892.0943 x3848Tom ClaresonDigital and PreservationConsulting404.892.0943 x2911Leigh GrinsteadDigital Services Consulting404.892.0943 x2950Alicia JohnsonDigital Services Coordinator404.892.0943 x4912Peter MurrayRepository Services404.892.0943 x2955
  11. 11. 6/1/201311Electronic Resources: New and SpecialYear End Opportunities• Full listing at http://tinyurl.com/o4eggyl• Streaming video resources from• Alexander Street Press• Ambrose Video• Books 24x7• INTELECOMElectronic Resources: New and SpecialYear End Opportunities• Bridgeman Education• image library• Privco• business and financial data on major, non-publiclytraded corporations• Statista• Statistics portal categorized across 20 marketsegments• McGraw-Hill• AccessEngineering and science ebooks
  12. 12. 6/1/201312Electronic Resources: New and SpecialYear End OpportunitiesLYRASIS ExclusiveNational Geographic Virtual Library(academic libraries only)48% off!Member RepresentativesHilary FoxWestEric ZinoMid-AtlanticSherry SullivanNortheastCarola BlackwoodSoutheastNancy HarrisSouth
  13. 13. 6/1/201313My LYRASIS• Management portal• Shopping cart for purchases• Update account info, including contacts atyour library• Manage financial accounts• Enhancement: View and manage quotesContact membersupport@lyrasis.org for moreinformation and assistance.Look for LYRASIS• New Jersey Library Association 2013 (6/4-6/5) Look for Timothy Cherubini and Eric Zinoat the LYRASIS Booth.• North America Serials Interest Group (NASIG) 2013 Conference (6/6-6/9) Sherry Sullivanattending.• ALA Annual 2013 (6/27-7/2)Look for LYRASIS staff at the LYRASIS Booth #441 while attending ALA Annual in Chicago,IL.
  14. 14. 6/1/201314Staying in Touch“LYROFFERS” = New and Featured OffersOpt-in listserv is now available to membershttp://tinyurl.com/7gps82uAlso, subscribe to the semi-monthly email “LYRASIS News” athttp://tinyurl.com/75xdtwuWhat About You?•Questions?•Thoughts?•Comments?
  15. 15. 6/1/201315To Do List: Attend the Going Digital webinar Register for some of the member engagement programs Sign up for a Digitization Collaborative Webinar - http://tinyurl.com/6sg6nkh Sign up for LYROFFERS - http://tinyurl.com/7smyjdq Check out the member blog at: http://lyrasisvides.blogspot.com/ Explore the new enhanced My LYRASIS - or make an account if you don’t haveone. Contact your Member Representative for more information - 1.800.999.8558• Carola Blackwood – x.2928• Eric Zino – x.2913• Hilary Fox – x.4817• Nancy Harris – x.4866• Sherry Sullivan – x.2927Visit www.lyrasis.org to review all of the benefits availablethrough your membership!What is Next?• What we will send to you-– Handouts– Link to recording of session• What will you do?– Let us know what you think of this webinar– Complete the evaluation form•http://www.lyrasis.org/Classes-and-Events/Class-Evaluation.aspx– Let us know what you think in general– Keep the dialog going!
  16. 16. 6/1/201316Contact Information• Timothy Cherubini– 800-999-8558 x 4992– timothy.cherubini@lyrasis.org• Regan Harper– 800-999-8558 x 2953– regan.harper@lyrasis.orgThank You!
  17. 17. 6/1/201317Advancing Knowledge