Business wants stickiness - is interpretation the glue they're looking for?

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Paper presented to the Interpretation Australia National Conference, "Future Challenge", Melbourne, November 2012. …

Paper presented to the Interpretation Australia National Conference, "Future Challenge", Melbourne, November 2012.
Paper is based on the Heath Brothers' 2007 book "Made to Stick", summarising it and relating it to interpretive practice.

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  • 1. BUSINESS WANTS STICKINESSis interpretation the glue they’re looking for? Regan Forrest School of Tourism, University of Queensland –
  • 2. Stop me if you’ve heard thisone before . . .
  • 3. • Urban Legends • Conspiracy theories • Proverbs • Landmark oratoryHeath, C. and Heath, D. (2007) Made to Stick. Random House, London.What makes an idea ‘sticky’?
  • 4. • Simple• Unexpected• Concrete• Credible• Emotional• Stories• SIngredients of stickiness
  • 5. • The “curse of knowledge”• Distill to core ideas and concepts• Simple = Pithy + Profound• Power of analogy: the “high concept pitch”SIMPLE:Can I say it in one sentence?
  • 6. • Unexpected = Attention + interest + curiosity• Mysteries and cliffhangers = intellectual itches that beg to be scratched!UNEXPECTED:Where’s the twist?
  • 7. • Abstract language = stickiness solvent• Concrete language = stickiness setter• Sensory language and mental imageryCONCRETE:Can I picture it?
  • 8. • The “Sinatra test”• Facts & figures on a human scale• Testable credentials – see, hear, feel, smell, taste for yourselfCREDIBLE:Can I believe it?
  • 9. • Heart, not head• Specifics, not statistics• I‟m talking to YOUEMOTIONAL:Do I care?
  • 10. • Stories = mental dress rehearsals• Sticky storylines: • Challenge plots • Connection plots • Creativity plotsSTORIES:Can I act on it?
  • 11. 37g saturated fat < 37g saturated fat (!)Stickiness in action
  • 12. • S-U-C-C-E-S-s as an interpretive checklist • Making our messages „sticky‟ or memorable• Selling our sticky skills • New markets and applications of interpretive knowledge and skillsINTERPRETATIONThe art of the sticky?
  • 13. Are we up to the(future) challenge?