How to successfully incorporate video into your sales, marketing, and social media

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  • 1. How  to  successfully  incorporate  video  into   your  sales,  marke7ng,  and  social  media   Vipe  Inc   Adam  Peterson     CEO   Regalix  Inc.   Jonathan  Cur3s     VP  Business  Development     June  15,  2010  
  • 2. Adam  Peterson   •  President  and  CEO,  Vipe   •  B.S.  in  Product  Design  Engineering  from  Stanford  University,  a  varsity  Diver   and  captain  of  the  team   •  Visionary  speaker  and  has  addressed  the  NaMonal  AssociaMon  of   Professional  Staffing,  California  Staffing  Professionals  Statewide   Conference,  Stanford's  School  of  Business  as  a  featured  eCommerce   entrepreneur,  San  Jose  State  University's  School  of  Business,  SDA  Bocconi   School  of  Management  (University  of  Milan),  and  numerous  Web  2.0   webinars.     © 2006 Confidential | intelligent marketing & technology solutions
  • 3. Jonathan  CurMs     jcurMs@regalix-­‐ •  VP  Business  Development  at  Regalix   •  Over  20  yrs  experience  in  technology  sales,  sales  management  and   account  management   •  Extensive  hands-­‐on  experience  in  markeMng  strategy,  new  product  and   technology  introducMon,  organizaMonal  leadership,  and  customer   relaMonship  management   3
  • 4. Online Video Business Goals •  Communica7ons   –  Quickly  deliver  messages  to  customers,  employees,  prospects   •  Sales   –  Highlight  Views   –  Demo  products   •  Leads   –  Items  that  do  not  have  online  transacMons  (cars,  financial  transacMons)   •  Support   –  Self  Service  
  • 5. BP Video Campaign © 2006 Confidential | intelligent marketing & technology solutions
  • 6. Intercontinental Hotels © 2006 Confidential | intelligent marketing & technology solutions
  • 7. Merrill Lynch © 2006 Confidential | intelligent marketing & technology solutions
  • 8. Dell © 2006 Confidential | intelligent marketing & technology solutions
  • 9. Case Study- LA County Arts Council Holiday Celebration Background Since 1964, the LA County Arts Council has produced a Holiday Celebration Program on December 24th, every year. This 6 hour program honours the spirit of many cultures and holiday traditions through music, song and dance. The entire 6 hour program is broadcast live throughout Southern and Central California on KCET. 2009 marked the 50th anniversary of this music and dance extravaganza To take advantage of this unique opportunity to introduce Holiday Celebration to a worldwide audience, Regalix developed, implemented, and executed a Social Media Campaign for LACAC that relied heavily on video to promote this event and showcase Arts Council programs. © 2010 Think Innovation 9
  • 10. Case Study- LA County Arts Council Holiday Celebration Integrated Social Media Campaign - Set up and managed Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube accounts for LACAC - Set up live event feed for pre event activities - Captured video footage from rehearsals; producing 25 edited clips - Captured 3,800+ photos from photo shoots - Developed a Social Media Landing Page on LACAC website - Covered the event with social media team onsite - Promoted live stream on Results - 3.5x Increase in traffic to LACAC Website - 15,000+ additional visits to social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube) - Ticket sales increased 3x - Subscriptions doubled over previous year Issues - Inappropriate Ads placed next to videos © 2010 Think Innovation 10
  • 11. Overview   Items  to  address  when  incorpora7ng  video  into  your     sales,  marke7ng,  and  social  media   1.  Why  is  video  proving  so  valuable?   2.  What  are  the  consideraMons  regarding  the   quality  of  the  video?   3.  How  can  you  control  your  message  while   also  enabling  your  salespeople?  
  • 12. The  Value  of  Video  in  a  Web  2.0  World   Face-­‐to-­‐face  is  the  most  effec7ve  form  of  communica7on,   however,  it’s  not  always  possible.   Components  of  Effec7ve   Communica7on   EffecMveness   Sacrifice      7%  -­‐  Words      38%  -­‐  Tone  of  Voice      55%  -­‐  Body  Language    
  • 13. Addi7onal  Sta7s7cs   Video  adop7on  is  growing  at  a  meteoric  rate     YouTube  took  4.5  years  to  reach  a  billion  views  a  day,  and  then   doubled  it  in  the  next  eight  months  to  two  billion.     Pepsi  Co  opted  out  of  a  super  bowl  commercial  for  an  online   video  campaign.     Two  studies  evaluaMng  website  conversion  rates  (CVR)  found   that  CVR  increased  between  27%  -­‐  46%  when  a  video  was  on   the  webpage  whether  or  not  the  video  was  actually  viewed     "video  obeys  the  same  fundamental  rules  governing  the   performance  of  all  mediums  –  quality  maNers!"   Source:  
  • 14. Quality  Considera7ons   Online  video  is  a  rela7vely  new  form  of  communica7on  and   it  is  also  somewhat  of  a  complex  technology     There  are  more  effecMve  and  less   effecMve  ways  to  use  video  for  sales   and  markeMng     There  are  many  technology  issues   to  consider  
  • 15. How  will  you  use  video  effec7vely?   Will  you  learn  as  you  go  or  learn  from  someone  else?     Videos  on  your  website  (passive  marke7ng)       More  general  and  explanatory  in  nature     Videos  on  social  networks  (passive  &  ac7ve  marke7ng)     Generate  awareness     PosiMon  yourself  as  an  industry  expert     Make  an  announcement  Med  to  an  acMon  item     Videos  in  individual  emails  or  campaigns  (ac7ve  marke7ng)     More  directed  to  your  finite  audience     Provide  content  of  value     Bring  passive  markeMng  assets  to  specific  audience  
  • 16. Technical  Considera7ons   When  you  incorporate  video  into  your  business  certain   issues  need  to  be  addressed     Will  you  viewers  be  able  to  watch  your  videos?     What  acMon  will  the  viewer  be  expected  to  take?       As  you  develop  a  library  of  videos,  how  will  you  manage  them?     Will  you  be  able  to  track  analyMcs  about  your  videos?   Video  Messaging  PlaYorm   Solve  the  complexiMes  of  delivering,  converMng,  managing,   and  tracking  video  messages  to  your  customers  and   prospects.  
  • 17. Moving  Beyond  Marke7ng  and  Into  Sales   The  next  step  is  to  roll  out  video  messaging  to  all  of  your   salespeople,  maintaining  control  of  the  quality     CreaMng  a  framework  (technical  and  policies)     Minimizing  change  impact,  maximizing  ROI  
  • 18. The  Framework   Sales  people  are  driven  by  quotas,  will  you  drive     them  rogue  or  enable  them?   Policies     Define  acceptable  categories  and  use-­‐cases  for  video     Determine  the  needs  for  a  professional  looking  video     Delegate  accountability   Technology     Address  technical  needs  to  remove  them  from  your   infrastructure     Easy  to  use  applicaMon     Use  applicaMon  that  allows  for  an  observatory  view  into   video  acMvity  
  • 19. Minimizing  Change  Impact,  Maximizing  ROI   Decentralize  the  responsibility  of  implemen7ng  video,     while  maintaining  control  of  the  message     Consider  how  video  use-­‐case  scenarios  integrate  into  your   exisMng  processes  (e.g.  CRM,  proposals,  email  markeMng   processes,  lead  management)     Use  an  applicaMon  designed  for  your  business     Execute  your  framework  
  • 20. Thank  You   Adam Peterson Jonathan Curtis CEO, VP Business Development, Vipe Inc Regalix Inc. (650) 352-1270 650-331-1167