Refuse Specialists Overview


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For more information on Refuse Specialists and our program please review our Overview and contact Ryan Stover for any questions at or (972) 841-5642

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Refuse Specialists Overview

  1. 1. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 1
  2. 2. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 2 “Refuse Specialists’ deal structure is simple, effective and has no down side. Equity Lifestyle Properties appreciates contracts that are less than 5 pages, saves us north of 25% on our trash bills and doesn’t cost us any time/money.” -Lance Beatch, VP of Acquisitions, Equity LifeStyle Properties ““I would definitely recommend Refuse Specialists! We were concerned that enrollment could be time consuming and difficult and ongoing oversight of the program potentially onerous, but RS delivers as promised. The program is relatively painless to roll-out, requires very little oversight and involvement on our part, and best of all it saved our properties more than 30%! “” -Greg Grainger, Regional Managing Director, Colliers International “I told Refuse Specialists I could not devote much time to the subject and to my surprise it didn’t require a much time at all. Refuse Specialists provided me with a simple one page contract; we reviewed it, made some minor changes and signed it. Following we sent them a property list and had our accounts payable manager send the hauling invoices. From there, Shelly Binnette and her staff did all the work. Now the only thing to do is enjoy the savings which are detailed in periodic reports.” -Stuart Hartman, VP of Healthcare Operations, Retirement Housing Foundation
  3. 3. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 3 Deal Overview 1Savings for our clients typically range from 30%-50%. Refuse Specialists charges no fees but simply shares the savings we create for you. 2On 90%+ of the properties, the hauler and services levels don’t change at all … The only difference is the price goes down. 3Refuse Specialists does not wedge itself between you and your vendor. We simply act as your agent to right-size the pricing, audit your bills monthly and create efficiencies in the logistics that result in savings. 4Your bills are audited every month; line by line, to verify amounts, eliminate excess charges and ensure you are experiencing the highest level of service. Following the audit your bills are emailed to you within 24-48 hours after receipt by Refuse Specialists. Example of Monthly Savings $4,357.00

  4. 4. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 4 Getting Started 1Schedule a 15 minute call to review the details of the program. 2Review the one-page Agreement with a Refuse Specialists representative. 3Send Refuse Specialists a signed copy of the Letter of Authorization on your company letterhead. 4Send Refuse Specialists a list of your properties. 5Send Refuse Specialists your most recent hauling invoices. Most companies invest less than two hours to join the pro- gram and reduce their ongoing hauling costs by 30% to 50%. It’s as Easy as 123 Save You Time and Money Tailor Your Waste Services Ensure Your Rates Stay Low Slash Your Waste Hauling Expenses
  5. 5. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 5 Why can’t we do it ourselves? If you are not deeply knowledgeable about the details in the hauling industry it is impossible to know the right questions to ask to get the pricing reduced appropriately. And if you could do it, you would already have done it! Some of our current clients invested huge amounts of time in an attempt to “operate on themselves” (and you know how that turns out) and were able to negotiate some price reductions with the haulers, but nowhere near our average savings rates of 30% to 50% portfolio wide. Just like you wouldn’t use the receptionist to negotiate the purchase or sale of a portfolio just to avoid the commissions, you shouldn’t attempt to become an expert in waste hauling and recycling when we will do it for you and only share in the success of the program. If you don’t save, we don’t exist… Should I get in a direct relationship with the Hauler? We do not get in between you and your vendor; we represent you to ensure you are getting the correct pricing and services. The hauler recommending a direct relationship is similar to the IRS trying to dissuade your use of a tax attorney ... its comical! Of course they don’t want you to hire an expert to ensure you receive the correct pricing and preferential treatment. But, you do have a tax attorney, and similarly you should have an expert advocating for your waste hauling needs. Frequently Asked Questions What if we are in a contract? All of our clients are under contracts when they hire us. We can still help you without breaking your existing hauler contract and 90% or more of the time we can work with your current hauler to reduce your pricing. We do this by using a multitude of methods including, but not limited to, using our national buying power to get the current contractual pricing reduced during the current term, logistical improvements, service level optimization and more. By doing an assessment of your current relationship we can ascertain the likelihood of immediate or future savings.
  6. 6. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 6 Frequently Asked Questions Will we lose control of our waste hauling services? We offer a very unique service because you hire us as your agent to renegotiate your contracts and then monitor your invoices. You will still have a direct relationship with your waste haulers but in addition you will have the experts at RS watching your pricing and service levels. You still have complete control because you sign the new waste hauling contracts and can still call your haulers directly if a need arises. How long are the contracts with RS and the haulers? Our standard agreement length is five years. When we roll back prices 30-50%, and eliminate all administrative, fuel and landfill related fees most of our clients want to lock in those low rates for as long as possible! And 5 years is the maximum term available in the marketplace today. Is this worth my time? Most clients experience a savings rate of 30% to 50% within 45 to 60 days after entering the program. Where else can you invest less than two hours to drastically reduce a common cost? Step 1: Review the agreement with an RS representative and sign, Step 2: Complete the Letter of Authorization and place it on your letterhead, Step 3: Send RS a property list (with Prop Name, Address, PM Name, Contact #, # of Doors/Lots), and Step 4: Send RS your most recent hauling invoices for each property. 45-60 days after the four steps are done, your hauling prices are reduced by approximately 40%. That’s It!
  7. 7. 1069 Corte Barroso Camarillo, CA 93010 Office: 888.778.2233 Page 7 To Summarize... • There is NO RISK to enter into a partnership with Refuse Specialists. • There is NO COST to enter into a partnership with Refuse Specialists. • Most of our partners, which include some of the largest multi-family real estate portfolios in the United States, invested less than two hours to get our pro- gram started. • There are four steps to enter the program: Agreement, Letter of Authoriza- tion, Property List, Recent Hauling Invoices • Your hauling bills go down by 30%-50% in 60-90 days. • The savings immediately increase your NOI across your portfolio. (Not bad for an hour or two of your time!) By completing just four simple steps our team goes to work for you to reduce your costs and put your money back where it belongs. On Your Bottom Line. Ryan Stover Vice President, Business Development (972)841-5642