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Introduction to Aperture

Introduction to Aperture



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Aperture Aperture Presentation Transcript

  • Aperture
  • What is Aperture? Every time you take a photograph, the lens of your camera opens to let in light. The APERTURE setting determines how much or how little your lens opens when you take a photograph. The bigger the aperture (f/22)the less light The smaller the aperture the more light(f/2.8)
  • Depth of field and Aperture Aperture has a big impact on depth of field. Large apertures (smaller f/stops) will decrease the depth of field:making the background out of focus Small apertures (higher apertures) will increase your depth of field:making the subject and the background be in crisp focus.
  • Why Aperture Really Matters… When your lens is open very wide, the background is typically out of focus. • Wide-open aperture is good for portrait photographs, when you don't want the background to interfere with your subject. When your lens is only open a small amount, everything from the foreground to the background is in focus. • Slightly-open aperture is used for landscape photographs, so that all of the scenery in the photo is in focus.
  • Sweet video!
  • F10. 7 F5.4 F3.9 F5. 4
  • f/22 f/2.8 ………Let me illustrate
  • The Aperture / Depth of Field Relationship When you focus your camera on an object in space, you are also focusing on everything else around the object that is the same distance away from the camera. This can also be described as focusing on a PLANE, rather than a point.The following illustrations will introduce you to two important concepts: plane of focus and depth of field.
  • FSTOP TRANSLATION f4.5 (wide open) = LARGE AMOUNT OF LIGHT f8.0 (somewhat open) = MEDIUM AMOUNT OF LIGHT f22 (almost closed) = SMALL AMOUNT OF LIGHT (Relationship between aperture and actual light)
  • What is Aperture priority? Many digital cameras can be set to aperture priority mode. “A” In this mode, you set the aperture and the camera automatically selects the shutter speed so that the photograph has the right exposure.
  • Weekend shooting assignment. • Shoot 20 depth of Field images DUE TUESDAY