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Tom Purves: Designing for An Augmented Reality World


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1.  
  • 2. What is Augmented Reality?
  • 3. It’s really an old idea Think “Terminator vision”
  • 4. Once thought to require silly hats Call this “head’s up” augmented reality.
  • 5. But, for now, this will do fine
  • 6. Bringing down all the resources of the internet out of cyberspace and into ubiquitous reality Flickr: c@rljones Mobile phones are like the billion roofing nails that tie the cloud down to earth.
  • 7. Just like ordinary reality Flickr: wvs
  • 8. Only more so Flickr: wvs
  • 9. Why is this important
  • 10. Augmented reality finishes what the internet started
  • 11. Internet 1.0 (1995-1999) was all about the great disruptive promise of the “cyberspace” and “online shopping” Internet 2.0 (2005-2009) was the 10 years it took to really figure out what to do with it: USG, rich web apps, social media Augmented Reality (2008…) is where mobile technology and wireless broadband make the internet finaly ubiquitous. And inescapable.
  • 12. By this measure you could say there are many “augmented reality” apps already The other day, my dad googled a small duck. This augmented his reality. Call this “head’s down” AR
  • 13. Broadly, what are the effects of Augmented Reality?
    • Increased transparency
    • Reduced privacy
    • Timely access to information
    • Constant access to entertainment
    • Marketers can’t keep using the same old tricks
    • In theory, anyone can easily know everything there is to know anything or anyone anywhere they are.
  • 14. Design implications
    • Assume connectivity is always on
    • Except when there are glitches
    • Except for caching, storing anything locally is dumb
    • The cloud is the computer
  • 15. Flickr: Jamais Cascio But back to terminator vision
  • 16. Senkai Camera Cool app. Maybe this will be the “apple newton” of pure AR
  • 17. Kweekies 3D game projected into realspace through your phone screen
  • 18. Terminator Vision +
  • 19. + Ordinary Reality
  • 20. = Augmented Reality
  • 21.  
  • 22. Shopsavvy
  • 23. “ Amazon declares war on retailers” Shop savvy, Amazon mobile app etc: these are a Retailers worst nightmare
  • 24. Idee Inc., image recognition search on an iPhone
  • 25.  
  • 26. Social Augmented reality
  • 27. Social Augmented Reality
    • The knowledge of joining a crowd and knowing:
    • Who do I know here?
    • Where do I know them from?
    • Who should I get to know?
    • Who here is single?
    • Are there any naked pictures of them on the internet?
  • 28. There will be many layers of reality Not everyone wants to live in the Youtube comment section of reality
  • 29. Marketing gimmicks
  • 30. Choose your context, choose your data sets
  • 31. Good realities / Bad realities Who are we to judge?
  • 32. Marshal McLuhan
  • 33.  
  • 34. Mobile phone
    • Enhances: Voice, conversation
    • Retrieves: Spoken word, direct conversation
    • Reverses: Video, picture, text messaging, Augmented reality
    • Obsolesces: Public payphones, wrist watches, land lines, leaving notes, advance planning
  • 35. Mobile + Augmented Reality
    • Enhances: Awareness, tacit knowledge, wisdom
    • Retrieves: Written word, gestures, lore, gossip
    • Reverses: “batman vision”
    • Obsolesces: Desktop web, Newspapers, ipods, departments stores, guidebooks, paper maps, paperbacks, magazines, local storage, phone numbers, MSWindows
  • 36. What is still holding us back? Mobile Processing power Some of these apps running <10fps Screen size Are small relative to the world Human limitations: eyesight, thumb width Serious interaction problem for many demographics GPS locating speed Waiting…. Waiting… ah fuck it Network bandwidth/latency 400ms pings are not so responsive Tools/APIs Just emerging Battery Power This stuff devours batteries Installed base Smartphones not ubiquitous yet Fragmented mobile platforms Going to be with us a while M-commerce & monetization Buying real stuff is hard
  • 37. What is getting better? Mobile Processing power Moore’s inexorable law Screen size Tablets, new tech foldable/rollable? Human limitations: eyesight, thumb width Better touch interfaces, natural gestures GPS locating speed AGPS, other cues e.g. wifi Network bandwidth/latency 4G/LTE brings better speed/latency Tools/APIs Will come Battery Power Moore’s law brings efficiencies Installed base >50% by 2012 Fragmented mobile platforms Ultimately the browser may displace native apps M-commerce & monetization We’re working on it
  • 38. Near Future Tipping points
    • iPhone 3.0 expected capabilities:
      • Faster processor (the current one is unchanged from 2007)
      • Video capabilities
      • Where the iPhone goes the interactive design geeks follow
    • Androids everywhere
      • More mobile brands launching android soon
      • Waiting for the deluge of Chinese off-brand
    • Future blackberries (go Canada)
      • May bring corporate/enterprise killer apps
  • 39. Who really becomes empowered?
  • 40. Who also becomes empowered?
  • 41. Who benefits from augmented reality? Brands Consumers State Control Opposition Police Criminals Developed world Developing world The center The edges Extroverts Introverts The old The young E-government E-anarchy
  • 42. As a designer, you can choose sides If you are a mobile designer, there’s no shortage of paying work ahead
  • 43. When augmented reality fails (PROTIP #71: Don’t drop Augmented reality)
  • 44. The more sophisticated a technology, the more fragile it can be
    • Don’t drop augmented reality
    • I ran out of batteries so I can’t buy a coffee
    • I ran out of batteries and I can’t find my way home
    • I am meeting my blind date but she went indoors where LBS doesn’t work
    • When a government rounds up opposition based on mobile records
  • 45. Discuss
    • @tpurves