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Satish Kanwar - Entrepreneur Versus Employee
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Satish Kanwar - Entrepreneur Versus Employee


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Published in: Business, Education
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  • StayFresh is a series of monthly gatherings for those that work in the interactive community
  • Many of you have already made your first decision, but this is especially if you’re at a cross roads thinking about your next oneWho’s tried both? Who’s considering?
  • Need to define success to succeed – what makes you happy right nowI have a 1 year plan and 10 year vision, the rest is blurry – use that as a guideline
  • A lever is a way of achieving somethingYou have to evaluate the buttons and doodads you have to reach your defined success. Each lever ties closely to one of the success measures too.
  • Trade time for money (cycle) vs. spending time building strategies to bring money (whether or not you keep spending time) – most valuable commodityNo commitments, house payments, or kids to tie you down = best time to screw up, and best time to build upScrew the “tough economic climate” – you ARE the exception. If you do care, then think about a) hard to find job, b) settling for less than your worth
  • Rules of being a ruthless go-getter…Remember, as an entrepreneur though: there is SO MUCH uncertainty that it could drive an insecure, unmotivated person insane – nobody watching
  • Don’t suck and keep moving up ladder vs. can’t suck (as an entrepreneur: if you don’t do it, noone will)Resource-oriented vs. opportunity-oriented (Harvard)Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you are: access to important resources, education, and information is hugely facilitated by corporate environments
  • Bubbles burst, clouds just move
  • Where will I be able to reach my full potential? Where will I really be able to reach what I defined as success?Is reaching that measure of success (in the timeframe that is my current stage in life) worth any and all risk? Well yes, it should be.
  • Don’t believe things happen for a reasonJust because your good at it doesn’t mean you should do itDetermined path vs. variable path
  • Everyone starts off with the same plan: “I’m going to work for a few years and once I get enough experience, I’ll start my own company.”  This is the entrepreneurial black hole that people fall into and never get out of.There are always tradeoffs. People don’t make changes unless they are unsatisfied with the current situation.  To make job and career changes in your life requires an adjustment and modification of many other actions.   It’s never all good, and it’s never all bad.
  • Intrapreneurship (startup life)90% of the world don’t consider the question
  • Tomorrow, who knows.
  • Dedicate yourself to 1 thing for a long period of time? I know I have.
  • Are you just day dreaming and caught ina “grass is always greener” scenario?Could you achieve or move closer to your goals in your situation today?Everyone is able to accept success, but are you willing to accept failure?
  • Lame, but true. Be rationale, make your own diagram, think in tag clouds, write tweets on paper.Best thing is to go out there and try both – or you’ll never really know.Thanks!
  • Transcript

    • 1. Dear#StayFresh08, Entrepreneur versus employee Why I do what I do today and why you shouldn’t Love, @skanwar
    • 2. Prologue My name is Satish Kanwar and I’m a technology marketer in Scarborough Toronto, Canada. • Part marketer, part geek • Ruthless go-getter, your friend • Evangelist, listener
    • 3. Today I work with reseller communities at Microsoft Canada • BBA atU of T Scarborough • Partner at Vdot Media • Co-op at HP Canada • Co-op at Microsoft Canada
    • 4. Show of hands Entrepreneurs? Employees? Hybrids?
    • 5. Defining success is a good start Financial? Career? Relationship?
    • 6. One isn’t better than the other, it just depends on where you’re at right now. Stage in life? Personality? Latest crush?
    • 7. Evaluating variables 1. Income 2. Lifestyle 3. People
    • 8. 1. Income Money moneymoney • Time is your most valuable commodity • No commitments or kids • Economy schmaconomy
    • 9. 2. Lifestyle How the days go down • Work hard, no matter what • Never get comfortable, no matter what • Look for structure (not stability), no matter what
    • 10. 3. People Zombies are people too • Don’t suck and move up vs. sucking is not an option • Resource-oriented vs. opportunity-oriented • Surround yourself with smarter people
    • 11. Diagramming Because I bought a Moleskin
    • 12. #FTW Success> $1M? +10 +5 Clarity > Now Decision > -1 Confusion > #FAIL
    • 13. #FTW Success> $1M? +10 +5 Clarity > Now Decision > -1 Confusion > #FAIL
    • 14. Straight up This is what I think • Determined vs. variable path • Things don’t happen for a reason • Just because your good at something
    • 15. Choosing Entrepreneurial black hole
    • 16. Not choosing “90% of the world doesn’t even consider the question.” – @drupeek
    • 17. Today I fill my craving in other ways • Events like this one • Free help for coffee • #GeekMeet • #TwestivalTO and #pibTO
    • 18. It’s okay to fail. Everyone waits for “the” moment. The more you fail, the more epic that will be. It will rain awesomesauce, I swear.
    • 19. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.quot; Mark Twain