The Business Show - Google Paid Search Intermediate


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Reflect Digital's Google Paid Search Workshop from The Business Show November 2012

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The Business Show - Google Paid Search Intermediate

  1. 1. Search Advertising: IntermediateBecky Campbell – MD @ReflectDigital22 nd November 2012
  2. 2. Source: International Telecommunication Union, November 2011
  3. 3. Source: International Telecommunication Union, November 2011UKOM, May 2010
  4. 4. Search Engine Market Share UK – 91% UK – 5% UK – 2% UK – 1% UK – 0.4% US – 61% US – 15% US – 17% US – 3% US – 4%Source: The E Word October 2012
  5. 5. Paid vs. Natural
  6. 6. Positioning
  7. 7. What is PPC?
  8. 8. PPC – What’s it good for?Offers/PromotionsTo compensate for low SEO trafficTo target new marketsSeasonal trends
  9. 9. TerminologyCampaign This defines the daily budget, language, geographic scope and networks where ads are displayed.Ad An individual ad within the AdGroupAdGroup A group of ads within a campaignImpressions The number of times your ad has been seenCPC Cost per clickCTR Click through rateCost/Conv Cost per conversionBroad Match Google matches ads based on any words within the phase searchedBroad Match By inseting a ‘+’ before each word in the phrase that must be includedModifier within the users search term, Google also substitutes misspellings and similar wordsPhrase Match Ad is only shown if the phrase is included within the users searchNegative Keywords Best example of this is ‘Free’
  10. 10. Setting up a campaign…Keyword Research Keyword Research is vitally important to any paid search campaign. The keyword tool allows you to research the estimated CPC’s and Volume.
  11. 11. Creating a Campaign Select the network for your campaign
  12. 12. Setting up a campaign…Devices When setting up a campaign you can choose which device your ads are displayed on. Best practice would be to set up targeted campaigns per device.
  13. 13. Setting up a campaign…Locations Google AdWords allows you to target your campaigns by location. This really important for being more specific with your targeting. This also helps control budget.
  14. 14. Good AdCopy The AdCopy for Smarsh does not include ad extensions and there is no call to action. The Egress Ad is personalised in the way it has been written, the display URL is targeted and the sitelinks offer more choice.
  15. 15. Ad Preview Tool This tool allows you to test how you ads appear depending on location and device.
  16. 16. Setting up a campaign…AdExtensions
  17. 17. Bidding You can set daily budgets and maximum CPC’s for your keywords at an AdGroup level to control your spending.
  18. 18. Setting up a campaign…AdRotation Google AdWords allows you to optimise how your ads shown to offer the best return on investment.
  19. 19. Setting up a campaign…Scheduling Google AdWords allows you to schedule your ads to show them at the most efficient times.
  20. 20. Conversion Tracking Really important to track all of your campaigns within the bigger picture of your overall analytics to compare traffic sources. Conversions can be tracked as goals in analytics.
  21. 21. Linking Analytics Really important to track all of your campaigns within the bigger picture of your overall analytics to compare traffic sources. Conversions can be tracked as goals in analytics.
  22. 22. Telephone TrackingTracking conversions is very important, but the telephonecalls must not be forgotten.We use intelligent URLs to dynamically change the phonenumber when a user comes from PPC.Google do have a paid solution for this.
  23. 23. Campaign Analysis Camapaign and AdGroup monitoring is really important: CTR Conv. Rate Av. Position Lost Rank Lost Budget
  24. 24. AdGroups Analysis Monitoring individual keywords and ad copy performance is really important to make sure you are not wasting budget.
  25. 25. Quality Score
  26. 26. AdRankQuality Score Max CPC Ad Rank High quality score accounts are rewarded by paying cheaper CPCs Paying less per click improves efficiency of search spend and increases ROI This means more traffic at a cheaper cost
  27. 27. Landing PagesSource: Social Marketing Forum, December 2010
  28. 28. Landing Pages
  29. 29. The AdWords Editor Google AdWords editor is good for experienced AdWords users that want to manage multiple campaigns offline before publishing
  30. 30. The AdWords Editor The editor makes it easy to manage keywords and to adjust bids. You can easily increase or decrease bids across multiple keywords.
  31. 31. The AdWords Editor The editor makes writing AdCopy easy to manage and edit across large campaigns. The find and replace tool is especially handy!
  32. 32. Display Network Create all types of ads - text, image, interactive and video ads. Place those ads on websites that are relevant to what you’re selling. Show those ads to the people that are likely to be most interested. Manage and track your budget, campaigns and results as you go.
  33. 33. PPC in the mobile age…Google’s mobile revenues havebeen growing year on year for PPCSmartphones occupy 6.9% ofAdwords clicksTablets occupy 2.3% of AdwordsclicksCTRs are higher on mobiles andtablet devices
  34. 34. How we can help We specialise in…
  35. 35. Who are Reflect Digital?
  36. 36. Competition! We’re giving away £3,000 worth of digital marketing to spend on SEO or a Social Campaign, to enter please let me have your business card!