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Album analysis

  1. 1. Digi pack research Artist: SLIPKNOT Album: ALL HOPE IS GONE
  2. 2. Image The front cover of this album shows the band standing in a field all together making eye contact with the audience. The sky is dark around the edges and light in the middle to make the band stand out. The use of dark clouds could suggest that this album is very dark, the connotation here could be that all hope is gone. The fields look very dry, and in similarity with the dark sky the album ‘ALL HOPE IS GONE’ could be referring to political chaos and bad solutions to make a better world. This bands genre is heavy metal so any fan will understand this album is darker then the previous studio albums, other audiences who don’t listen to the band could still assume this is a dark album from the way the conventions are shown. The faint pentagram around the cover could symbolise rebellion of the band members from society, or themes of aggression.
  3. 3. Stars/Icon The front cover of this album shows no artist name, the reason for this is because ‘Slipknot’ have a well known image to hide their identities by wearing masks. Therefore any fan who comes across this album will know the band. They also wear the same costumes, which are boiler suites, and they are numbered 0-9 to show which member they are.
  4. 4. Generic Conventions On the front cover, a parental advisory logo is shown so that buyers are aware that this may cause offence. This album has a sticker on the front cover showing the content available on this special edition, its an easier way to grab the audiences attention instead on them reading the back cover. The back cover shows the track listing for this album, and the DVD content, this is helpful for the audience as they may recognize popular singles on the album that they enjoy, therefore they may consider buying the whole album.
  5. 5. Record labels Roadrunner records is an American label that concentrates primarily on heavy metal and death metal bands. The logo for this is shown on the back of this album, so any heavy metal fan would recognize this label and know this is a heavy metal band which they may like.
  6. 6. Back cover- Text/font The production details: is in small print as this isn’t so important to the fans. It contains the necessary details and legal information such as copyright, production team, record labels etc. The bands web addresses are in bold texts, as fans may want to access these for their own interest.
  7. 7. Spine The spine has the name of the album and the artist’s name: On the shelf people will be able to see who it is. The ‘S’ on the sides is the trade mark logo that fans will recognize without needing the full band name.
  8. 8. Inside Panes Inside the CD the booklet includes pictures of the band members, the reason for this is because they change their masks on a new album release, so fans will be excited to see their new look for the future. The booklet includes the lyrics for each track on the album, along with an isolated background setting In relation to the songs meanings. The locations in this booklet are all shattered and damaged, they reflect the political theme of war, corruption and loss of hope for uniting.
  9. 9. Other Inside the CD cover there Is also an advertisement for tour dates and merchandise, the customer will get this Depending on where they purchase it from. This Is a tour in Britain so you would only find this advertisement in That area.