2012 Reenergize the Americas 4B: Stan Waterhouse


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Renewable Energy Generation Projects in the Region

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  • Total square feet of PGC is 55,000
  • 2012 Reenergize the Americas 4B: Stan Waterhouse

    1. 1. Renewable Energy Projects in the Region Stan Waterhouse Chief Operations Officer October 17, 2012
    2. 2. Presentation Outline• Overview of HACEP• Energy Initiatives: Past, Present and Future
    4. 4. OVERVIEW OF HACEP• Portfolio Size: – 6,500 Public Housing Units in 46 Communities – 5,400 Housing Choice Vouchers – 2,000 Affordable and Market Rate• 2nd largest Public Housing Authority in Texas, 20th largest in the United States• $80 million annual budget• 500 employees• Serves 40,000 low-income El Pasoans - 6 % of the city’s population• High Performer in both Public Housing and the Housing Choice Voucher Programs for FY2011
    5. 5. Energy Initiatives - Past
    6. 6. Energy Initiatives - Past• $12.7 Million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) for Roof, Window, and Water Line Modernizations – Reroofed 15 communities serving 8,400 residents: Energy Star “cool roof” materials with high reflectivity coefficients. – Replaced outdated windows at two public housing communities serving 1,700 residents. – Replaced outdated water lines at two public housing communities to reduce loss and improve quality for 1,400 residents.
    7. 7. Energy Initiatives - Past• Montwood Heights – 10 Energy Star single- family detached homes. – Located at corner of Zaragoza and Joe Battle. – Features include Energy Star appliances, digital thermostats, R-5 perimeter slab insulation, light colored shingles, low flow plumbing fixtures, insulated pipes, efficient windows, foam- filled steel doors.
    8. 8. Energy Initiatives - Past• Alamito HOPE VI – 317 Energy Star apartments, mid-rise, cottages, detached homes, and townhomes in Segundo Barrio. – Features include Energy Star appliances, digital thermostats, light colored shingles, low flow plumbing fixtures, insulated pipes, efficient windows, foam- filled steel doors.
    9. 9. Energy Initiatives - Past• EDF ClimateCorps Fellowship – Sponsored by the Environmental Defense Fund. – Provided $12,500 stipend for UTEP PhD student. – Performed HVAC energy audit on HACEP’s four high rise apartment buildings constructed in the 1970s. – Energy modeling report will be used to justify HVAC investments and upgrades.
    10. 10. Energy Initiatives - Present
    11. 11. Energy Initiatives - Present• Installing 7 EV charging stations in public housing properties across the city.• Combined effort with City of El Paso, El Paso County, El Paso Community College, Sun Metro, the Airport, and UTEP for a total of 40 stations.• Will be operational by end of Electric Vehicle 2012. Charging Stations
    12. 12. Energy Initiatives - Present• Residential Energy Efficiency Leaders (REEL) Working Group – Research / policy advocacy initiative coordinated by the Rocky Mountain Institute to increase the presence of super efficient affordable housing in the United States. – Membership includes Public Housing Authorities from Albany, Boston, British Columbia, Denver, Portland, Little Rock, Minneapolis, San Antonio, Seattle and Tacoma.• El Paso / Southern New Mexico Regional Clean Energy Initiative – Goal: achieve “a cohesive regional strategy to cultivate an advanced energy economy.” – Membership includes REDCo, El Paso Electric, HACEP, all branches of local military, EPWU, Texas Gas Service, UTEP, Paso del Norte Group, NMSU, chambers of commerce in El Paso and Las Cruces, the HUB of Human Innovation, EPCC, Franklin College, the Cities of El Paso and Las Cruces, NREL, and many others.
    13. 13. Energy Initiatives – Future
    14. 14. Energy Initiatives - Future• Construct Eastside Crossings at LEED Silver standards – 188 units of mixed income, mixed finance apartments built with private market standards and amenities.• Elvin Estates – 15 Energy Star senior residences in the Lower Valley• Refrigerator Recycling Program with El Paso Electric – Engage in contract with El Paso Electric to recycle 500 refrigerators per year at $30 return to HACEP. – Previously salvaged units to private market at $10 per unit. – Inefficient units removed from grid.• Low Flow Shower Head Installation – Replace 10,000 showerheads rated at 2.5 gallons per minute with 1.75 gpm showerheads, 30% increase in efficiency.• Engage in Purchase Power Agreement for Solar Rooftop
    15. 15. FUTURE• Do more with less.• Focus on bottom line.• Invest in energy efficient housing through smart design strategies augmented by renewable technology where appropriate.