2012 Reenergize the Americas 1A: Reinhard Peter


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2012 Reenergize the Americas 1A: Reinhard Peter

  1. 1. Innovational Renewable Solutions Prepared for Presented by Solarzentrum North America―Moving with confidence into a clean future‖
  2. 2. High energy costs; scarce resources; climate change; many new challenges need answers. Protecting the global climate is one of the greatest challenges facing modern society. Climate change knows no boundaries and is sure to have a huge impact on future generations.This forces us to look for innovative new solutions – and to implement them systematically and consistently. One word in particular shapes this debate: SUSTAINABILITY.Our Mission is to provide a wide range of products and services which deliver tailored solutions to our customers.
  4. 4. WIOSUN – Headquarter GERMANYInformation-and Training-center WIOCADEMY Productionline and Information Solarzentrum Warehouse and Allgäu, Europe Training Center Administration
  5. 5. WIOSUN – Productionline
  6. 6. A new era of creative possibilities!The integration of photovoltaic into laminated safety glass technologyfacilitates development of a unique, multi functional energy symbiosis: • Electricity production • Shading • Light control • Thermal insulation and • Façade design interwoven in an ingenious union!
  7. 7. New Headquarter Building of Solarzentrum Allgäu, Germany a 12.2 kW Solar System Building Integrated Photovoltaic System (BIPV)using tempered glass with integrated Solar Cells for outside wall construction. Another future innovation of Solarzentrum Allgäu, Germany.
  9. 9. Perfect for any Business and Institute with Hot Water Requirement • Water Parks and Amusement Parks • Hotels, Restaurants and Dining Facilities • Correctional Facilities and Aquatic Centers • Schools and Dormitories • Corporate Offices and Apartment Complexes • Laundries and Car Washes • Fitness Centers and Exercise Facilities • Boiler preheating for Power Generation (e.g. Adsorption Chiller)
  10. 10. PV-Module + Solar Thermal Collector = WIOSUN-PVT + =Clean Power & Natural Heat provided by one single Module „The WIOSUN-PVT, a unique combination of a PV-Module and a Solar Thermal Collector“
  11. 11. TÜV RHEINLAND PTL, PHOENIX, AZ CERTIFIES THE INNOVATIVE PV-THERM HYBRIDMODULE TO US AND INTERNATIONAL STANDARDSTempe, AZ. — November 8, 2011TÜV Rheinland PTL (TÜV PTL), Phoenix, AZ - North America’slargest solar and photovoltaic (PV) testing company, announcesthat WIOSUN™ PV-Therm (PVT) Combined Heat and PowerModule has earned all TÜV PTL’s certificates, confirming that theproduct complies with all US and International safety and qualitycodes required for thermal solar collectors and PV modules. The PV-Therm module is engineered and currently manufactured by Solarzentrum Allgäu, Germany and distributed by Solarzentrum North America, Inc. the USA
  12. 12. TÜV RHEINLAND PTL, PHOENIX, AZ CERTIFIES INNOVATIVE PV-THERM HYBRID MODULE (cont’d)WIOSUN PV-Therm, the world’s only certified HYBRIDcombination module to have passed TÜV PTL’s testingaccording to required standards: ANSI/UL 1703 (US) SRCC-OG 100 (US) IEC 61215:2005 (International) IEC 61730-1:2004 (International) IEC 61730-2:2004 (International)
  13. 13. Functional DescriptionThe thermal water circulation on the backside of the solar cells ensures maximumphotovoltaic current yieldsEnables a comprehensive applicationspectrum within the field of potablewater treatment and heating supportIn conjunction with the extremely resistantpolyurethane frame, the combination modulePV-Therm fulfills the requirements of aneffective and durable product
  14. 14. Schematic Connecting Scheme
  15. 15. Advantages of our Hybrid Combination Module WIOSUN PV-THERMThe only UL certified HYBRID Module globally availableUp to 70% total efficiency (15% PV + 55% Thermal)Maximized kWh output by coolingIncreased life cycleElectric and thermal output provided by one unit480 kW installed in Germany since 201052 kW installed in USA since 2011
  16. 16. Advantages of the WIOSUN PV - Therm COMBINATION HEAT and POWER (CHP) MODULEInnovative and exceptional technologySets new standards in the Solar Module TechnologyIncorporates a thermic solar panel and aphotovoltaic module into one deviceProvides a combination of electric and thermalpowerProvides naturally heated water supply and cleanelectrical power PV – Therm the perfect combination to use the power of the sun to its max
  17. 17. Characteristics of our HYBRID Module PV-Therm Standard PV loses efficiency due to laminate temperature increase; dropping 0.5%/ C over 25 C ( 77 F) - STC* The PV-Therm module counteracts that loss by cooling the PV laminate*Standard Test Conditions
  18. 18. Combined module PV-Therm Efficency
  19. 19. Project Name: National Guard, AZ Motel 20 Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA Installation Date : 08/2011 Project Size: 8.6 kWLive Access to:Platinum Solar Portal
  20. 20. Another advantage for Climate Zone I and II: “Rapid Snow Melt”
  21. 21. Thermal Characteristics
  22. 22. Module Characteristics
  23. 23. Combination Module PV-Therm Awards: District of Allgäu: Innovation Award 2007 Frankfurt on the Main: EuroMold Award 2007 Munich: Federal Innovation Prize 2008 of the Ministry of Economics and Technology
  24. 24. Diehl Controls POSSIBLE APPLICATIONSInverterTechnology HAASE DHW Energy Tank Heat-loss 0.8K in 24 hours Energy Storage with Fuel Cell Technology ECO-MAX Adsorption Chiller Cooling and Heating HYBRID TurboMill Windstream Technology Serious Energy Platform Greenhouse powered by the Gateway sun with an additional high performance under floor heating system to increase the drying performance with hot water provided by the PV-Therm Serious Energy Confidential 7 Heatpump Energy Efficiency Platform
  25. 25. Waste Water Treatment Plant PV-Part provides electrical power for WWTP Raw or additional Thermal Heat Source Indifident Primary Sewage Sedimentation Greenhouse powered by the sun with an additional high performance under floor heating system additional Thermal Heat Source to increase the drying The hot water provided by the PV-Therm performance with hot Support the optimum mesophilic water provided temperature for best performance by the PV-Therm of the anaerobic digestion Biological Treatment Sewage Sludge turned intoPV-Part provides Dollar and Energyelectrical power for WWTP Solar dried Odorless granule
  26. 26. Adsorption versus conventional mechanical / absorption chillersAdsorption chillers eliminate noisy compressors, high-pressure refrigerant systems, high amperageelectrical connections, refrigerant monitoring and alarm systems, and high maintenance costs. Adsorptionchillers, specifically ECO-MAX™ chillers, will provide up to 90% reduction in the chiller’s electrical usage.Attribute Adsorption Chiller Absorption Chiller Mechanical ChillerInitial Cost Similar Similar Less ExpensiveMaintenance Replace vacuum pump oil as Needs continuous monitoring and maintenance incl.: Seasonal maintenance needed (recommended every 5 1.Liquid analysis (replacement indication) required ~ $10,000 per year years) 2. Pumps or greater Annual oil analysis Annual cleaning of condenser 3. Controls Replace oil every 5 years tubes. 4. Back Up Boiler Periodic teardown and Approximately $5,000/year 5. Air Leakage rebuild required (or less depending on labor costs) 6. Li-Br exchange Annual cleaning of 7. Heat exchanger replacement (corrosion) condenser tubes Full maintenance contracts are approximately Replacement of bearings $20,000-$30,000 per year every 15 yearsChemistry Municipal water and silica gel Distilled water and lithium bromide HFC and HCFC refrigerant with synthetic oilsEnd-of-life No special disposal Hazardous materials Certified technician requirements concerns and disposal required to reclaim all procedures required refrigerant at risk of $25,000 fine (and 5 years imprisonment) for release to the atmosphere
  27. 27. Adsorption Chillers – Advantages• Long Life (> 20 years)• Minimal maintenance• Use waste heat (or solar thermal)• Ultra-low electricity consumption (90% reduction vs mechanical chiller) of 0.8 kW (total)• Low carbon footprint• ―Green‖ refrigerant (water) & desiccant (silica gel)• Wide hot water temperature range, from 125 to 200F• Negligible noise and vibration• Continuous operation• No replacement of adsorbent
  28. 28. Works well at low hot water temp’s!
  29. 29. SOLAR HEATING AND COOLING Business examples: Solar Array Commercial Light industrial Multi-Family Housing Current/Future installation(s): Sustainable Technologies Center – SFCC • Solar application, 30TR @ 45 F chilled water Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot • Solar application, 80TR @ 45 F chilled water driven w/ 160 F hot water Ed W. Clark High School – Las Vegas, NV • Solar application 105 TR, HVAC Modernization Project, Factory Testing November 6, 2011
  30. 30. SolarArray SOLAR HEATING AND COOLING WITH HAASE ENERGY TANK AND ECO-MAX ADSORPTION CHILLER Business examples: Military Facilities Commercial Light industrial Multi-Family Housing GENERAL FEATURES-Model A-3: Ultra low electricity consumption Zero ozone depletion potential No dangerous chemicals Very few moving parts Ease of maintenance Advanced microprocessor control Designed for outdoor installation Rated Capacity (Tons) 2.8 Wide temperature ranges allowed
  31. 31. Energy Tank• easy trough every door• no extra transportation cost• on site installation• customized Tank sizes• unique fiberglass construction• superior heat insulation over steel tanks• 0.8K heat loss in 24 hours• increased efficiency• wide range of tank sizes 200 - 20000 gal.• pressure free construction
  32. 32. Energy TankInstallation throughout USApartment complex San Diego Adroit Solar installed two 940 gal.(T417-37) and one 1200 gal. (T419-45) Haase Energy Tanks for the the Hill’N Dale Apt. Complex in San Diego,CA. The 1200 gal. tank will supply 32 units with 1480 gal of DWH per day, and the two 940 gal. tanks will supply a 26 unit and a 24 unit building with 910 gal and 840 gal of DWH per day, respectively. The annual natural gas savings is estimated to be 11,400 therms, which amounts to $15,162 per year at their current natural gas rate of $1.33 per therm.
  33. 33. Energy Tank Installation throughout US Housing complex 2 X 3500 gal. Tank 15’ x 7.2’ heated by 2200sq.feet of solar support DHW and Heating15200 GAL. 21.3’h. X 12.5’w.gets loaded by 8600sq. feet ofSolar supports heating systemand DHW system
  34. 34. Energy TankInstallation throughout US Data CenterThe Thermal Energy stored in the 8000 galtank provides the DHW for shower of 400People. A Heat Pump on top of theServer Room provides the energy
  35. 35. Energy TankInstallation throughout USNational GuardMotel 20 – Phoenix Arizona Solarzentrum North America installed one 540 gal.(T417-37) Haase Energy Tank for the Motel 20 Project in Phoenix, AZ. The 540 gal. tank will supply 20 units with 540 gal of DWH per day. The annual natural gas savings is estimated to be 2500 terms/year, which amounts to +/- $3,300 per year at a natural gas rate of $1.33 per therm.
  36. 36. Scalable Wind Energy – TurboMill® • 3 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines coupled to 3 permanent magnet Generators • On-Board ―Smart‖ Electronics include dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and connectivity • Multiple Unit Interconnects • Easy Connection On or Off Grid • No complicated masts, guy wires, or towers • Environmentally friendly, virtually Silent • 230 kWh/Year (@5m/sec average yearly wind speed) Property of WindStream Technologies. Proprietary and Confidential
  37. 37. Historical Annual Resources Jamaica http://en.openei.org/apps/SWERA/
  38. 38. Hybrid Energy Solution – SolarMill™• Hybrid wind and solar energy system• Optimizes 24 hour power production• Maximizes power output per square foot• Scalable power generation• Appropriate for on or off grid applications• Offsets peak energy pricing for grid-tied systems• Minimizes backup battery storage requirements• 576 kWh/ Year (@ 6kWh/m2/day and 5m/sec average yearly wind speed) Property of WindStream Technologies. Proprietary and Confidential
  39. 39. TowerMill®- Communication Tower Solution Enables TELCO’s and Operators to dramatically lower their OPEX, increase coverage areas (rural, off-grid) and improve network reliability and up-time 100,000’s of towers worldwide are subject to unstable grid connections or are powered by fossil fuels• Leverages current technology for communication tower back-up• Uninterrupted connectivity during black-outs, fuel shortages, and other failures• Vertically mounted turbines easily retrofit to existing tower structure Property of WindStream Technologies. Proprietary and Confidential
  40. 40. TurboMill® - Highway Solution TurboMills represent an additional stream of revenue for Highway Operators while reducing dependency on Utility provided energy.• Energy generation expected to exceed 300 kW per mile• Turbines are made of a soft, rubberized material• Solid tubular construction designed to prevent vandalism • Safe to oncoming vehicles • Electricity designed to shut off • Little or NO cost of transmission Property of WindStream Technologies. Proprietary and Confidential
  41. 41. Commercial Applications
  42. 42. U.S. Embassy - Helsinki, FinlandTurboMills® have been installed on the roof of the U.S. Embassy, Helsinki as apart of the formal launch of the League of Green Embassies. More than 110embassies in the League share the objective of promoting energy efficiency andtackling issues of climate change. March 2011 Property of WindStream Technologies. Proprietary and Confidential