Keynote - Joseph Simonelli


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Luncheon: Keynote Speaker
Colonel Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr.
Garrison Commander, Fort Bliss, Texas

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Keynote - Joseph Simonelli

  1. 1. Wednesday KeynoteColonel Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr
  2. 2. Fort Bliss Triple Net ZeroColonel Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr.Commander, Fort Bliss Garrison Fort Bliss, Texas
  3. 3. What is the Goal and Where Have We Been? • 33,000+ Soldiers • 1.1 Million Acres Projected Net Zero Energy • 500 GW-hours/yr • 70-90MW Peak • Solar Thermal ESTCP •Hybrid Cooling ECIP • Solar PV •Building • UMCS Envelops Energy • Equipment/Mo tor Efficiency •Intelligent MicroGrid Clusters •Daylight •Lighting Efficiency •Solar PV • Solar Day- Lighting 2015 Redirecting Films • Lighting •High Gain Solar Efficiency Technology ESPC • Tent Spray-On Insulation ARRA Water Waste 2018 2018 Results ANNUAL REDUCTION OF SMALL SCALE TOTALS GREEN HOUSE GASSES RENEWABLES•Reduction of emissions •SOLAR PV •EFFECTED SQUARE• CO2 – 40,246,668 LBS •34 BUILDINGS FOOTAGE 17.8M• NOx – 26,393 LBS •1.1 MW Distributed •ANNUAL COST SAVINGS• SO2 – 20,851 LBS $2,771,320.00
  4. 4. Where Are We Going? Large Scale Renewable Energy Near-Term Push to Burn Path to Success Renewable Energy Planning & Integration Contractor Planning and Execution• Multiple 5 to 20+MW Solar Photovoltaic Plants ASA, Garrison, & Integration • IMCOM Lines of Effort• 13.2MW Rooftop Solar • “Bridge” Renewable Photovoltaic Distributed Energy Integrator Generation • Long Term Integrator ESPC Contract• Evaluation of innovative • Energy Initiatives Task Unsolicited Proposals Force (ASA IE&E) (90MW Wind)• ESPC to start Solar Photovoltaic Plant and MicroGrid at Training 20+MW Solar Ranges with >1.1MW PV PV RFP’s by• 90MW Waste-To-Energy and Concentrated Solar 1Q12 Thermal Plant
  5. 5. “20/20” Concept for Renewable Energy• Hybrid and Phased Approach to Implementation of Large Scale Renewables – Initial “20/20” Concept implements 20MW Solar Photovoltaic and 20MW Natural Gas Turbine generation – Provides inherent “back up” power for intermittent renewable energy – Concept of Operations for this system in tandem operation alleviates many of the utility scale technical concerns for interconnection of large scale intermittent renewables• Implementation Plan over time allows for build up of systems to incrementally achieve… – Energy Independence & Security – Production of as much Renewable Energy as we consumeWe can meet the 2015 Goal for Energy Net Zero!
  6. 6. Challenges and Approach• Utility/State • Find Successful Legal and Contracting Path Forward Levels of the Army Regulatory Teaming at All Environment • Army Definition and• Cost of Approval of the True Cost Renewable of Net Zero & Renewable Energy Energy for the Army• Approval Process • Consolidated Process for Hurdles Project Approval to Meet Mission Goal Timelines Fort Bliss will strive to push / pull the implementation of renewable energy and sustainable water and waste strategies to become the premier Net Zero Installation for the Army
  7. 7. Thank YouColonel Joseph A. Simonelli, Jr