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  • students and faculty are heavy users of the InternetOnline academic work takes a big share in the learning process of AUSstudents and faculty members are required to use the Internet. Students said that one of the obstacles they face in AUS is that transportation is not convenient for the ones not owning a car,they are most of the times busy studying and sometimes they do not have time to go out and get things done.
  • The company aims at offering unique benefits and value to its target market. It aims to creating a virtual community which act as the crucial success factors for this websiteA virtual community that is uniquely designed for AUS students and faculty membersIt also plans to direct users to the website by providing them with an easier alternative when they seek to accomplish several tasks.The company can benefit from this service by differentiating itself from other universities through the unique selling proposition that offers convenience and efficiency to its customers
  • Examining the present state of AUS’s specific market, including its size, customer demographics, purchasing characteristics, competitors and their distribution trends would help in the planning and implementation processaims to offer clicks-only service.universities such as the American University in Dubai (AUD) or University of Sharjah (UOS) do not offer what this website has to offer.The market is still not saturated and there is still a gap to be filled,
  • Connecting students and faculty, and creating a virtual community. Provide students and faculty with services that facilitate many complex processes.Explore new and innovative technologies that will improve access to information, increase efficiency and expand learning opportunities Strengthen the connection between users of the website and the university resources.Connect existing services and infrastructure.

    1. 1. presents<br />AUS e-services<br />
    2. 2. About T.E.A.M<br /><ul><li> Full service – advertising and internet marketing agency
    3. 3. Together Everyone Achieves More
    4. 4. Combine expertise marketing & visual design with best practices:
    5. 5. Usability
    6. 6. Search engine optimization
    7. 7. Web development
    8. 8. Emphasis to address local needs while reinforcing same universal brand identity</li></li></ul><li>Situation Analysis<br /><ul><li>AUS students and faculty
    9. 9. Online academic work is a big share
    10. 10. 90% of AUS community uses Internet for at least 2 hours per day
    11. 11. Most students face transport and lack of time issues</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Strengths:
    12. 12. Interactivity
    13. 13. Convenience
    14. 14. Most relvant platform used by our audience
    15. 15. Weaknesses:
    16. 16. New idea
    17. 17. Privacy (security issues)
    18. 18. Opportunities:
    19. 19. First university in UAE to provide this wide range of e-services
    20. 20. WOM on campus
    21. 21. Audience have busy lives
    22. 22. Threats:
    23. 23. New in market
    24. 24. Approval problem</li></ul>SWOT Analysis<br />
    25. 25. Company Analysis<br /><ul><li>Unique benefits & value
    26. 26. Build a virtual community
    27. 27. Provides easier alternative
    28. 28. Benefit by differentiating form other universities through USP</li></li></ul><li>Market Research<br /><ul><li>Studying AUS’s market
    29. 29. Size, customer, demographics, purchasing characteristics, competitors and their distribution trends.
    30. 30. Clicks-only service.
    31. 31. Other universities do not offer this service
    32. 32. Market gap to fill</li></li></ul><li>About the Project<br /><ul><li>Portal that allows online services for faculty and students enrolled at AUS
    33. 33. Food ordering, bank services, printing services, calling of a cab etc.
    34. 34. Exclusive to AUS only</li></li></ul><li>Problem<br /><ul><li>Time management and efficiency
    35. 35. Our services help getting things done in the most convenient way possible</li></li></ul><li>Objectives<br /><ul><li>Connection through a virtual community
    36. 36. Facilitation of complex processes
    37. 37. New and innovative technologies
    38. 38. Strengthen connection between the users of website & university resources
    39. 39. Connect existing services</li></li></ul><li>Competitors<br /><ul><li>We are innovators
    40. 40. No direct competition
    41. 41. Only secondary competition</li></ul>t<br />
    42. 42. Target Market<br /><ul><li>Primary Audience
    43. 43. Secondary Audience
    44. 44. Target audience profile</li></ul>Extremely busy<br />Seek shortcuts<br />Access to Internet<br /><ul><li>Incentives</li></li></ul><li>Functionality<br /><ul><li>Online platform for existing services
    45. 45. Administration that will maintain tools by constantly updating the website
    46. 46. Security Issues
    47. 47. PayPal</li></li></ul><li>Web Strategy<br /><ul><li>Where?
    48. 48. Assets
    49. 49. Strategy,
    50. 50. Performance
    51. 51. Search engines
    52. 52. Stages:
    53. 53. Content
    54. 54. Usability/Design
    55. 55. Social media</li></li></ul><li>Marketing Strategy<br />Market & Product development<br />Business model strategy<br />Target market strategy<br />Positioning strategy<br />Marketing mix<br />Online communication mix<br />
    56. 56. Website Development<br /><ul><li>Simple and straightforward
    57. 57. Red, black and white colors
    58. 58. Interactive
    59. 59. 3-clicks</li></li></ul><li>Any Questions?<br />THANK<br /> YOU<br />