Using Web Video throughout the Ecommerce Purchase Funnel


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This is my presentation from the 2011 Video Commerce Summit in San Francisco. I walked the audience through strategies for leveraging online video across the consumer purchase life-cycle/funnel. You can learn more about e-commerce video at ReelSEO -

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Using Web Video throughout the Ecommerce Purchase Funnel

  1. 1. WELCOME TO THE “REEL” WEBThe Evolution of Video Marketing
  2. 2. Agenda1 •Search Evolves - 2010 & 2011 Trends2 •The New SEO Paradigm3 •The State of V-Commerce4 •The V-Commerce Marketing Funnel5 •Creative V-Commerce Examples6 •Q&A
  3. 3. Who’s That Handsome Dude?Mark Robertson - ME• | CEO, Founder, Webmaster, Customer Service Rep, Author, etc…• Internet marketing consultant - focus on video, search, & social media marketing.• Expertise – Search engine optimization – Web video publishing & marketing – Procrastination• Not so much – Dynamic speaking – Baseball
  4. 4. 2010/2011 TRENDSSearch, Social, Mobile, etc… 00:09
  5. 5. Search Engine Evolution
  6. 6. Search Engines Rapidly MatureGoogle• “Caffeine” index – 6/2010• Instant Search – 9/2010• Google Places (local, mobile) – 4/2010• Panda/Farmer algorithm update (quality, uniqueness) – 4/2011• Google confirms social signals – 4/2010• Google Plus – 6/2011Yahoo & Bing• Yah-Bing-o! – 4/2010• Bing confirms social signals matter – 12/2010• Bing + Yahoo + Google team up for web tag standards – 6/2/2011
  7. 7. Search Looks Beyond Search & Gets Social
  8. 8. Search Looks Beyond Search & Gets Social
  9. 9. Universal Search Gets More DynamicTransactional keywords• Words like “buy,” “cheap,” “free,” or “sale”Informational keywords• Comparative (this versus that)• Instructional (“how to” or “learn”)• Educational (“what is” or “history of”)Navigational• website addresses, brand names, brand descriptions, etc… Source: aimClear Video SEO Whitepaper, April 2011
  10. 10. Universal Video Results – What’s The Intent?
  11. 11. Even YouTube’s Search Looks Outside Influencers Social Paid Media & Promotion Buzz YouTube Rankings Frequency Inbound Freshness linking
  12. 12. Search Needs Social? It Makes Perfect Sense• When consumers were exposed to both search and social media influenced by a brand that overall search CTR went  94%.• 40% of consumers who use search in their path to purchase are motivated to use social media to further their decision making process. Source: GroupM & comScore – “The Virtuous Circle: The Role Of Search And Social Media In The Purchase Pathway“ - 2/2011
  13. 13. THE NEW VIDEO SEO PARADIGM Good SEO = Outside the Box 00:21
  14. 14. SEO = Moving Outside of Direct Control
  15. 15. Social = More Important Now Than Ever
  16. 16. What Are The Implications?• Search is a moving target, and moving faster than ever.• Universal video search is becoming less effective for e-commerce transactional queries.• Social media engagement now enhances SEO rankings, a lot.• Marketers’ must embrace social video & produce video that lends itself to social
  17. 17. THE STATE OF V-COMMERCE Product Videos Galore 00:36
  18. 18. The State Of Retail Web Video Retailers Have Embraced Product Video• 73% of US retailers feature video on product pages in Q4 2010.  vs. 55% 2009.• # retailers > 1,000 videos on their websites  10% from Q4 2010 to Q1 2011.•  37% YOY growth in video views for LiveClicker retail sites live with video >1 year.Source: eMarketers "Video for Ecommerce" report | Sunday Sky’s “State of Video in Ecommerce Q1 2011” | MediaPost, Justin Foster 7/2011
  19. 19. Time To Invest Beyond Product Videos Alone• Myopic approach with focus on product videos (my observation) – They’re a must for e-commerce websites. – There is a Hard R.O.I. and it’s measurable. – They’re cost effective and a great starting point.• However – Product videos don’t typically work well for social. – Product video SEO may be a less effective approach moving forward.• PLUS – There are many more things that can be done with video.
  21. 21. CONVERS IONS
  23. 23. V-COMMERCE MARKETING FUNNEL Going Beyond Product Video 00:40
  24. 24. Video = Swiss Army Knife Of Web Marketing
  25. 25. The Video Marketing Purchase Funnel Strategies Video Types Video Commercials, Branded Video Advertising, Video SEO, Video, Instructional (How-to) Live Video Events, Social Video, Videos, UGC Videos, Lifestyle Video Distribution Content Company profiles, Product Video SEO, Social Video, Video Demos, Video Case Studies, Video Chat Testimonials, Video Comparisons, Website Video, Video Chat Product Videos Training Videos, User Generated Videos, Video FAQs, Corporate Website Video Image/Culture, Customer Support, Thank you/rewards videos Video Sharing/Social Video/UGC Product Video MAKE ALL VIDEOS SHAREABLE Reviews/Testimonials
  26. 26. Reach Throughout The Customer Life CycleProduct Demonstrations Customer Testimonials Customer Support Company Introductions
  27. 27. CREATIVE V-COMMERCE MARKETINGExample Video Commerce Marketing Strategies 00:54
  28. 28. Providing Community Value w/ Lifestyle Series"In challenging socio-economic times, people are searching for authenticity, even in the brands they buy. Consumers want to be given something more than forced advertising. They want community and trust. Producing original branded video content is one way to provide value back to the community and grow brand awareness and loyalty at the same time." - Stacy Bellew, ThinkProducts, Inc.
  29. 29. Go Inside the thinkKitchen
  30. 30. Branded Video Distribution StrategiesProminent Website VisibilityUnique Social Channels• YouTube channel• Facebook page• Twitter profileOutreach Partnerships• Featured on relevant YouTube channels (• Syndication to niche target sites like
  31. 31. How & Tying Back to Product SalesHow it is executed• In-house production• Produces 8 episodes over course of day, every other month• 1 episode released /week• Simultaneous release across all channelsHow does it tie back into sales? ???• Carefully - Viewers want value• Indirectly – Brand awareness, Loyalty = soft ROI• “Download the recipe” – takes viewers to product website. – ASK: for email information, Facebook likes, etc… – Incentive: 20% coupon
  32. 32. Hyper-Targeting with Existing Communities“We reached out to the top 50 people on YouTube who were making videos and created a network of video bloggers. …92% of our traffic is organic and most comes from YouTube,” said Jordan Blum, President -” views in < 2 years WARNING: Excellent strategy, but don’t just rely upon others. Control your brand reputation!
  33. 33. Supporting Customers & Teaching Potentials “Our goal with our videos is to really try to clarify things with our customers and our potential customers. We do things with our videos that will show our customers the best features of a product, or explain exactly how a product works,or just answer any general questions they may have about consumer electronics...” - Jon Schroeder, Crutchfield
  34. 34. Supporting Customers w/ Video – CrutchfieldDistribution Strategy:• Website - 400 videos – Relevant product pages – Video learning center• YouTube – 250 most popular videos• Facebook – 115 videos• Twitter – Tweets for each new video
  35. 35. Gets Fitted With Video Like It’s Going Out Of Style 01:00
  36. 36. Zappos – Broad Video Marketing StrategiesZappos Video Initiatives• 2009 – Initial testing• 2010 – Goal = 50K videos – 57,509• 2011 – Goal = 100K videosZappos Video Strategy• Product videos• How-to videos• Brand marketing• Internal communications• Corporate culture• User-generated product reviews (planned)
  37. 37. Video Results - PowerfulZappos Video Results•  Product page conversion•  Returns•  Customer satisfactionZappos Keys To Success• Honest, personal, informative• Diffusion everywhere – Website, YouTube – Facebook - 2011 “What works the best is the fact that our videos are very real. There is value in being candid. Theres an emotional connection that can’t be captured via photograph or text” – Laurie Williams, Video Product Manager
  38. 38. Please Love Us & Get Reel With Video!ReelSEO = The Online Video Marketer’s GuideOur focus is to help businesses andmarketers to best leverage the power ofonline video. Video Marketing Video Advertising Video SEO Video Technology Video Search Video Production Research & Trends E-Commerce Video Mobile Video Tools and Software
  39. 39. QUESTIONS?