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"Reel" Video Search Engine Optimization Webinar by ReelSEO
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"Reel" Video Search Engine Optimization Webinar by ReelSEO


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This presentation is from Ooyala's webinar on Video SEO. I presented along with Pete Kocks of Truveo, the video search engine. We provided background with regard to video search engines and video …

This presentation is from Ooyala's webinar on Video SEO. I presented along with Pete Kocks of Truveo, the video search engine. We provided background with regard to video search engines and video optimization and also gave some key tips on how best to optimize videos for search engines. I hope that you enjoy. You can watch a recording of the webinar for free here -

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  • 1. “Reel” Video SEO Strategies & Best Practices Presenters: Mark Robertson, ReelSEO Peter Kocks, Truveo Sean Knapp, Ooyala Alex Holub, Ooyala Audio Portion: US: 1-866-853-0972 International: 1-857-350-1619 Passcode: 93062172#
  • 2. Agenda • What is Video SEO? • Overview of Video Search • Guidelines/Best Practices • Examples • Video Search vs. Web Search • Special Tips • Ooyala Video SEO SDK • Q/A Audio Portion: US: 1-866-853-0972 International: 1-857-350-1619 Passcode: 93062172#
  • 3. Mark Robertson, Founder, Audio Portion: US: 1-866-853-0972 International: 1-857-350-1619 Passcode: 93062172#
  • 4. What is Video SEO & Who Cares?
  • 5. What is Video SEO The application of SEO best practices with video content to ensure maximum discoverability across search engines & ultimately, visibility amongst the target audience • Video SEO is NOT – Smoke & mirrors – About “fooling” search engines • Video SEO IS – Helping search engines “understand” video content – An extension of SEO – A method to drive valuable traffic to your video content – Something that plays an important role in an overall video strategy
  • 6. Why Video SEO? - People Search for Video Searches for Video – 38% of all US online users report using search engine results to discover video 1 – vs. from portal (19%) vs. other video destination sites (11%) YouTube Searching – 54% of online consumers reported using the site to discover video 1 – Dec 2008 – 2nd largest search engine in US2 – Dec 2009 – 3.9B queries = 28% of all Google queries2 Search Engine Referral Traffic – Share of video referral traffic from search engines 4 • 11.81% - general & video search engines (YouTube excluded) – 23% of traffic to YouTube originates from Google 3 Sources: 1JupiterResearch/NPD Group Individual User Survey (6/08) | 2 Comscore Search Rankings (6/09) | | 4Tubemogul (2/09)
  • 7. Why So Much Focus on Google? Videos Dominate Universal Search • 38% of users who searched Google were served video in Universal search engine results pages (‘08) Google Video = 21.5M Unique/Month Source – “Google Universal Search Results Searcher Penetration by Result Type” – ComScore – Jan 2008
  • 8. Universal Search = Opportunity to Stand Out
  • 9. Best Practices for Video SEO
  • 10. Video Search – The Players Video Search Engines / Aggregators – Truveo, Blinkx, Videosurf, Veoh, etc… General Search Engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing – Universal search, federated, blended, etc… Video Destination Sites – YouTube, Metacafe, blip TV, and many many more… *** Commonality 1. All searches begin with keywords 2. Dependent on textual metadata & community factors
  • 11. Hosted Video SEO vs. Distributed “Hosted” or Website Video SEO • Good for monetization and traffic to website Benefits: – Control: analytics & monetization, UI and branding – Exposure to related videos “Posted” or Distributed Video SEO • Good for branding purposes & generating views • YouTube optimization is key = 85% traffic Benefits: – Leverage authority – Leverage community/audience – Works without website video Commonality – General principles for on-page & off-page SEO apply
  • 12. “Hosted” Website Video SEO
  • 13. Create Optimized Video Landing Pages Create Unique Landing Pages – Unique URL for each video Video Landing Page Anatomy Use Embedded Players – No pop-ups or JavaScript (lightbox,tabs – OK) Optimize the Landing Page – SEO principles for titles, URLs, metadata, H1, etc… – Inbound linking (PR) matters • Keyword anchor text – include keywords – “watch video” vs. “watch Climbing Everest part 1” Provide Context to Surround Video – Contextually related links (products, videos, articles) – Related on-page text (tags, transcripts, comments) – Leverage dynamically generated textual content • On-page and/or • Alternative text
  • 14. Don’t Forget the User Experience Create Positive User Experience – Help users find videos • Prominently link to video section • Incorporate video results in site search – Page load times are important Create Compelling Thumbnails – High quality & eye-catching – Relevant & appropriate *** Video search = browsing Enable Interaction & Sharing – Let visitors share your videos – Enable commenting – provides additional text *** Sharing increases inbound links
  • 15. Hardest Part - Getting Video into Search Engines Don’t Make them Look for You (crawls) MRSS feeds and XML Sitemaps – AOL Video/Truveo, blinkx & most others = MRSS – Google = both MRSS & XML video sitemaps • XML sitemaps (better) – Specify player & thumbnail Tips for MRSS/Sitemaps – Indicate landing page URLs for each video – Publish both video sitemap and regular xml sitemap – Titles are given disproportionate weighting for rankings – The more data, the better
  • 16. YouTube SEO Strategy & Tips
  • 17. Success = Quality, Value & Community YouTube Ranking Factors • Title • Description • Tags • Views • Ratings • Playlist additions • Flagging • Shares • Comments • Age of video • Channel views • Subscribers • Embeds & inbound links
  • 18. Tips for Uploading to YouTube Titles are important – Include keywords/phrases in titles – Trade-off = Search keywords vs. enticing titles Maximize descriptive text – Leverage descriptions “more info” field liberally (5000 characters) – Leverage tags – optimize & de-optimize *** Put most important keywords first in titles, descriptions and tags Enable interaction – Embedding and sharing – Commenting and rating Consider manually uploading or API – More characters available for titles, descriptions, tags vs. uploading tools – Must be active community member
  • 19. Engage the Audience & Drive Interaction Add URLs to descriptions – Track with tiny URLs Consider paid placement – Allows off-site overlay ads Leverage annotations – Drive viewers to other videos Leverage closed captions – Indexing & placement – Accessibility – Global reach Engage the community – Subscribe to relevant users – Add video responses when appropriate – Encourage linking and embedding
  • 20. Website Video SEO Examples
  • 21. The New York Post - Video Pages The Good • Prominent link to section • Available in site search • Sharing enabled The Bad • Video quality • No commenting/rating • Clunky UI The Ugly • Slow page load • No text (all flash) • Duplicate meta-tags • No sitemap
  • 22. The New York Post – Search Engine Results
  • 23. Fox Sports – Video Pages The Good • Loads fast • Prominent links to section • Available in site search • Sharing enabled • Full text transcripts • Proper H1, titles, descriptions, etc… • Related videos, topics, etc… The Bad • No commenting • ?
  • 24. Fox Sports - Search Engine Results
  • 25. “Reel” Example – Universal Search Rankings Sony HDR-XR500V Good: • Traffic directly to ReelSEO • Beats Bad: • What was I thinking with this thumbnail?
  • 26. Bookmark ReelSEO = Video Marketing News, Trends, Tips… Thank You Mark R. Robertson, Founder @reelseo